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THE WATCHISMO TIMES WATCH BLOG A reliquary of obscure timepieces from bygone eras as well as the cutting-edge watch designs of today.

Gerald Genta's Arena Chrono Quattro Retro Watch

Gerald Genta creates amazing 'Wristboards' (dashboards for the wrist). This multiplex of a watch is the Arena Chrono Quattro Retro, featuring four retrograde dials and a jump hour display. Priced around $25,000 (Genta price ranges from 5k - 250k), you might like to add the vintage Chevy featured below with similarly situated dash.

Sport Bi Retro

1960's Seth Thomas 'Sethosphere' Mystery Clock

Good thing my wife loves timepieces as much as I do. She agreed this space-age-deco globule of a clock would be an anniversary gift to ourselves. When I first showed her the Seth Thomas 'Sethosphere' mystery clock - movement hidden in brass base & mechanics leading through tube to center sphere - she belted out "We must have this!" Don't twist my arm lady. Fine. It's here, it's queer, get used to it.

Sethosphere Front View 

Paul Smith Pistols - Horology In The UK

Paul Smith Pistols - Horology In The UK
Paul Smith Pistols - Horology In The UK
Paul Smith Pistols - Horology In The UK
Paul Smith Pistols - Horology In The UK

Limited Edition (500) watch by Paul Smith circa 1998

A fascinating blend of vintage and modern by the influential British designer - Especially the sideview analog (pictured) with Op-Art engraved design on top (always mistaken for a Dick Tracy style speaker watch), the hand engraved edition number and Paul Smith signature, angular case design reminiscent of early LEDs like the Synchronar Solar and Bulova Computron.

The rest of the collection was also very impressed with influences like the 1960's Heuer Monaco, asymmetric Bulova by Dior, 1970's Lip Mach 2000 & Pierre Cardin Espace series. See photos

But sadly, the current Paul Smith watches have tamed down quite a bit. I assume it's to please a wider marketplace. Strange how that works...

Examples from the original line;
1. Early Catalog of original Line
2. Automatic Model
3. Dashboard Model

Current Models from UK - link

catalog of the original Paul Smith watch line
Paul Smith Pistols - Horology In The UK

Paul Smith Pistols - Horology In The UK

Odyssey for the Hamilton Odyssey X-01

Odyssey for the Hamilton Odyssey X-01
Odyssey for the Hamilton Odyssey X-011966, Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke commission a variety of companies to imagine & design futuristic products for the year 2001. Oh, yeah, and to be featured in the film, "2001 A Space Odyssey."

Hamilton is hired and John Bergey creates a digital clock and analog/digital wristwatch (movie prop watch seen here). At the same time, it inspires his work inventing the Pulsar Time Computer LED digital watch in 1970.

1968, the movie is released and Hamilton release an entirely different but beautiful watch to the public, the "Odyssee 2001," spelled differently for apparent copyright issues.

Today, forty years later, Hamilton is issuing the "X-01" a limited edition reinterpretation of the original movie watch for $1195. Only 2001 will be made, cast from Titanium, Quartz movements, sapphire crystal and three sideview registers for Home Time, Dream Time, and GMT. Unfortunately they are now analog unlike the digital display from the original. But that is remedied by an old school trick, the small registers are set using a magnet that's hidden in the clasp - A feature of the first Pulsar LEDs.

An odyssey worth taking in my opinion.

Get one HERE.

Click for photos of X-01

Odyssey for the Hamilton Odyssey X-01

Clockwise 02 - Longines Nixie Tube Clock

Clockwise 02 - Longines Nixie Tube ClockNixie Tubes were state of the art in electronic numeric displays in early digital voltmeters, multimeters, frequency counters and many other types of technical equipment. They also appeared in costly digital time displays used in research and military establishments, and in many early electronic desktop calculators, including the first: the vacuum tube-based Sumlock-Comptometer Anita Mk VII of 1961. Later alphanumeric versions in fourteen segment display format found use in airport arrival/departure signs and stock ticker displays. Some elevators and pinball machines also used nixies for displays.

By the 1970’s they were almost completely supplanted by the cheap, long lived, low power-consuming seven segment LED’s. The nixie is a neon tube, typically with 10 stacked cathodes, one for each arabic digit.

Clockwise 02 - Longines Nixie Tube Clock
Many folks are building their own clocks and wristwatches with vintage old stock tubes (watch examples #1, #2, #3), mostly uninspired designs but a few select people are creating interesting one-offs (Finkbuilt) and limited edition do-it-yourself kits (Klok).

Clock above was built by Longines, another amazing find Pieter Doensen showed me and wouldn't sell...

Totally Tubular!

Clockwise 02 - Longines Nixie Tube Clock

Clockwise 01 - The Talking Voxclock

Clockwise 01 - The Talking Voxclock
No hands, no digits, just a little two inch box with faux wood panelling, a button and a creepy 1981 voice announcing the time in that ever so globalthermonuclearwar-ish way.

Listen for yourself. Hell, it even has a feature for countdown... He says, "A-LEV-IN OW-ERS FOR-TEE TOO MEN-UTS TAH-GOH."

My first installment of cool vintage clocks I've found. More to come...

Clockwise 01 - The Talking Voxclock
Gerald Genta's Arena Chrono Quattro Retro Watch1960's Seth Thomas 'Sethosphere' Mystery Clock

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