Vivid Vintage Vulcain
Vulcain, a Swiss brand in existence since 1858 with their claim to fame with the 'Cricket' alarm watches created 90 years later. A relatively traditional brand with conservative styles that extend to today. But along came the sixties and seventies, the magic decades of originality and a playground of strange and wonderful designs from unexpected playmates.

Therefore, I've compiled an exhibit of rare vintage Vulcains of that time.

Vivid Vintage VulcainA 1970s Vulcain Cricket Alarm from the original 1947 mechanical invention inspired by the tiny insect with a big sound. When activated, the alarm ratchet vibrates on your wrist and is surprisingly loud.

Vivid Vintage VulcainAn automatic winding vertical jump hour with integral cloth band as part of the watch case itself.

Vivid Vintage VulcainTwo models (jump hour digital and analog) with case concealing bands.

Vivid Vintage VulcainA parking meter style jump hour from the 60s

Vivid Vintage VulcainAn obscure Vulcain 'Cobra', a hard plastic case curving around the wrist like a snakehead. The top band is soft leather that fits into the solid band on the bottom. Really unusual!

Vivid Vintage VulcainThe very strange Vulcain 'Eye'

Vivid Vintage VulcainOne of my favorites, an asymmetric model with gradation turquoise/silver dial, a grooved steel case and unusual band that attaches over the top of the case and under at the bottom. Has a very 1960s concept car appearance.

Vivid Vintage VulcainAnother variation of the asymmetric style above.

Vivid Vintage VulcainA mod curvex style metal block model

Vivid Vintage VulcainMystery watch with floating dial/movement

Vivid Vintage VulcainSkeletonized Vulcain

Vivid Vintage Vulcain1960s Vulcain Nautical Cricket Diver

Vivid Vintage VulcainAnd Vulcain today, with (from clockwise), the The Tourbillon Imperial Gong (Link), Golden Voice Classic (Link), Vulcanographe (Link), and the revival 1961 Cricket Nautical (Link).

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