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Joseph "Joey Bananas" Bonanno and Mahatma Gandhi Watch Auctions

Joseph The cast for the next Hollywood buddy film? I wish. Actually, these two polar opposites are being tied together with an upcoming auction of their timepieces.

On the left, everyone's favorite non-violent resistor Mohatma Gandhi - To his right, the original gangster and supreme leader of the New York crime family, Joseph "Joey Bananas" Bonanno.

Impress your family and friends with the ultimate Yin and Yang of time. After making a killing with Albert Einstein's wristwatch, Antiquorum will be auctioning this "Godfather Clock" and "Pocket Peace" in early March, 2009.

Giuseppe Bonanno Watch

A yellow gold Patek Philippe, Ref. 1516, that belonged to the late Giuseppe Bonanno, Sr. (the “Godfather” of the Bonanno crime family) is also included in Antiquorum’s upcoming auction. It is a fine, extremely rare and important, 18K yellow gold wristwatch, which is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from his daughter, Catherine Bonanno.

Mr. Bonanno was an original member of the “Commission,” founded in 1931, whose purpose was to establish rule by consensus among the crime families. Other members included the leaders of the Five New York Families: Charlie Luciano , Joseph Profaci , Gaetano Gagliano and Vincent Mangano. It is thought that the character of “Vito Corleone” in Mario Puzo’s novel, “The Godfather” was inspired by Bonanno. The watch was given to him by Charlie “Lucky” Luciano in 1957 in Sicily.

Estimate: $ 5,000-$ 8,000.

Gandhi Pocket Watch

In addition, Mahatma Gandhi’s silver Zenith pocket watch (circa 1910-1915) is expected to attract significant interest. The pocket watch belonged to Gandhi, who later gave it to his grandniece, Abha Gandhi, his assistant of six years, and in whose arms he died. Also offered as part of the same lot are Gandhi’s sandals, glasses, bowl, plate, and letters of authenticity.

A beloved leader of India’s independence movement and one of history’s most widely-recognized and revered civil rights leaders, Gandhi pioneered non-violent civil disobedience and pacifism in response to tyranny.

Estimate: $20,000 - $30,000.


Also included is the "Kennedy Onassis" Watch, a waterproof Nastrix wristwatch owned by both President John Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis. Oh Jackie, that's so not cool...

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Basel Previews - $500,000 Zenith El Primero Zero-G Multi-Dimensional Tourbillon

Basel Previews - $500,000 Zenith El Primero Zero-G Multi-Dimensional Tourbillon
New top-of-the line Zenith debuting at Baselworld 2008 in April. This limited edition all-black PVD coated El Primero Zenith Zero-G Multi-Dimensional Tourbillon will start around 350,000 Euros ($500,000+).

And you may ask yourself, who would wear a watch like that? Well, below is Thierry Nataf, not only the president and CEO of Zenith, but also a member of the Zero-G Multi-Dimensional club for men.

Basel Previews - $500,000 Zenith El Primero Zero-G Multi-Dimensional TourbillonThe giant feathered and beaked watch on his other hand is Toodles the Hawk. He doesn't go anywhere without Toodles. Can somebody have a talk with Thierry?

Photos via Timezone
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Zenith Defy Xtreme Open Stealth Chronograph

Black is the new black with the solid black titanium limited edition (100 models) Zenith Defy Xtreme Open Stealth Chronographs. An El Primero, the latest caliber 4021SX automatic movement from their brand-defining engines. Appearing to have high-speed fan blades for chronograph registers, the Stealth version ends up more dangerous looking than the original Defy Xtreme Citius, Altius and Fortius

Rectangular Grande Port-Royal Tourbillon Chronograph with El Primero 4007. Inspired by martial arts and New York City bridges according to Thierry Nataf, CEO and Artistic Director of Zenith.

See the evolution with some of the original Vintage Zenith El Primero Chronographs --> Link

Vintage Zenith El Primero Chronographs

The El Primero by Zenith, a famously advanced automatic movement developed in the 1969 and later used to power the Rolex Daytona. 

And the tonneau cased vintage Zenith El Primero below with burgundy-to-red gradation dial & overlapping registers.

1976 Zenith 'Time Command' Analog-digital LED Hybrid Watch

1976 Zenith 'Time Command' Analog-digital LED Hybrid Watch

1976 Zenith 'Time Command' Analog-digital LED Hybrid Watch

1976 Advertisement

Very few Swiss watch companies truly ventured into the digital age but Zenith found a happy medium with their 'Time Command' or 'Futur' and 'Defy Quartz' ana-digi wristwatches. The latest Quartz analog display with the only watch of it's kind to diplay am/pm, date and/or seconds with a tiny LED window. But the most spectacular angle of this design is the curved crystal cascading over the top of the case allowing an uncommon three-dimensional view of the dial and hands.

Interesting to note the 1956 Zenith Space Command remote control directly above the Hamilton Pulsar of 1972 in the PC World 50 Greatest Gadgets of the past 50 years article.

Joseph "Joey Bananas" Bonanno and Mahatma Gandhi Watch AuctionsBasel Previews - $500,000 Zenith El Primero Zero-G Multi-Dimensional TourbillonZenith Defy Xtreme Open Stealth ChronographVintage Zenith El Primero Chronographs

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