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Old Melodies ...

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The Lewis & Clarke Expedition - The Lewis & Clarke Expedition Earth, Air, Fire & Water (Expanded Edition)


The Lewis & Clarke Expedition - The Lewis & Clarke Expedition Earth, Air, Fire & Water (Expanded Edition)

Formed in 1967, this short-lived act featured Michael Martin Murphey (b. 13 March 1945, Dallas, Texas, USA; guitar/vocals) and Owen Castleman (b. Farm Branch, Texas, USA; guitar/vocals), who had already performed together as the Texas Twosome. Having adopted the respective roles of Travis Lewis and Boomer Clarke, they were augmented by Ken Bloom (guitar), John London (bass) and John Raines (bass). The quintet was signed by Colgems, the label which launched the Monkees, in part because London was a friend and ex-colleague of the latter group’s Michael Nesmith. The Lewis And Clarke Expedition was a promising pop/country collection but although it contained a minor hit single, ‘I Feel Good (I Feel Bad)’, sales were far from encouraging and the band split up in 1968. Murphey remained signed to Screen Gems as a contract songwriter, penning ‘What Am I Doing Hanging ’Round?’ for the Monkees, and ‘Calico Silver’ for Kenny Rogers And The First Edition. He returned to Texas in the early 70s and subsequently forged a highly successful solo career.


The Lewis & Clarke Expedition - The Lewis & Clarke Expedition Earth, Air, Fire & Water (Expanded Edition)

The Lewis & Clarke Expedition's sole, obscure LP is remembered mostly for its strong connections to the Monkees (particularly Mike Nesmith), and for including Michael Martin Murphey (going by name of Travis Lewis here) in their lineup before he'd started his solo career. Actually, however, it's not too similar musically either to the Monkees or to the cowboy music for which Murphey would become most known. Instead, it's a very mixed bag of 1967 pop/rock, some of it fairly good, but more often dated and jumbled in conception and execution. There's really not a whole lot of folk-rock or country-rock here, and though "Destination Unknown" sounds a little like a Buffalo Springfield outtake, if you want something that sounds like a cross between the Springfield and the Monkees, you'd be much better off with the Penny Arkade (another band with strong Nesmith connections). Often the group plumb for a happy, good-time pop/rock sound, but their material in that vein isn't so strong; the production is cluttered with too many gimmicky period flourishes, most disagreeably when vaudevillian touches are used, and the attempts at wry, humorous social observation (especially in "Chain Around the Flowers") are almost painfully strained. Other more impressive, ambitious tracks almost sound like a completely different band, with "House of My Sorrow" opting for earnest psychedelic raga-rock, and the seven-minute suite "Memorial to the American" attempting, nobly but not wholly successfully, to lament the struggle of the Native American. In yet entirely different bags, the party tune "I Feel Good (I Feel Bad)" sounds like a Tremeloes hit that never was. The gorgeous folk-psych rocker "Blue Revelation," with its enchanting reverbed guitar and harmonies, is easily the album's highlight, and had even some of the rest of the LP lived up to that cut's promise, it would make for a much more interesting and consistent listen

Various Artists - The Perfumed Garden


Various Artists - The Perfumed Garden

Rare British singles of the psychedelic and mod eras contains cuts that are so hard to find that some music historians of the era have never seen or heard them.  No, it's not Children of Nuggets, nor is it Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks, but there is some great stuff here -- all of it is at least worth hearing: Vamp's "Floatin'," Open Mind's "Magic Potion," and Nimrod's "The Bird" are just three examples of a slew of psychedelic and mod tunes to be found here.

The second of the Perfumed Garden series contains some better-known (in terms of obscurities, anyway) psych, mod, hard rock, and garage rock singles from the period. For starters, there's the first Deviants A-side, "I'm Coming Home," Les Goths' "Turn Over," and the Eyes masterpiece "When the Night Falls." Other, lesser-known cuts, such as Les Fleur de Lys' "Mud in Your Eye," Drag Set's "Day & Night," and Gary Leeds & Rain's "Francis" are also here, making this perhaps the most satisfying volume in the series.

Collectors of rare British psychedelic, hard rock, and mod pop had been looking for many of these singles for ages. Included among the many obscurities are the Groundhogs' "Sad Go Round," Barry Mason's "Over the Hills," and the Longboatmen's "Take Her Anytime." The rest is up to par with the first two volumes, rounding out a collection of rare '60s tunes that is essential for those who consider themselves connoisseurs of the era.

by Thom Jurek



Disc 1:


1. Factory - Try A Little Sunshine - 3:43

2. Eyes - You're Too Much - 3:24 

3. Syn - Grounded - 2:24 

4. Nimrod - The Bird - 3:15 

5. Smoke - Sydney Gill - 3:32 

6. Birds - No Good Without You Baby - 2:42 

7. Shy Limbs - Reputation - 3:34 

8. Game - It's Shocking What They Call Me - 2:42 

9. Frame - Doctor Doctor - 2:45 

10.Mandrake Paddle Steamer - Strange Walking Man - 3:11 

11.French Revolution - Nine Til Five - 2:31 

12.Vamp - Floatin' - 2:35 

13.Syndicates - Crawdaddy Simone - 3:12 

14.Sands - Listen To The Sky - 3:46 

15.Tintern Abbey - Vacuum Cleaner - 3:06 

16.The Craig - I Must Be Mad - 2:49 

17.Open Mind - Magic Potion - 3:33



Disc 2:


1. Kult - No Home Today - 2:46 

2. Eyes - When The Night Falls - 2:34 

3. Poets - Baby Don't You Do It - 2:27 

4. Ace Kefford Stand - For Your Love - 5:42 

5. Ruperts People - Reflections Of Charles Brown - 4:15 

6. Thane Russal And Three - Security - 2:42 

7. Deviants - I'm Coming Home - 5:57 

8. Fleur De Lys - Liar - 3:20 

9. Kult - Mister Number One - 3:28 

10.In Be Tweens - You Better Run - 2:37 

11.Uglies - I See The Light - 3:37 

12.Glen Athens And The Trojans - Let Me Show You How - 4:29 

13.Gary Leeds And Rain - Francis - 3:01 

14.Les Goths - Turn Over - 3:46 

15.Drag Set - Day And Night - 2:16 

16.Fleur De Lys - Mud In Your Eye - 3:00 

17.Accent - Red Sky At Night - 3:16 


Disc 3:


1. Longboatmen - Take Her Anytime - 2:54 

2. Miller - Baby I Got News For You (Oak Version) - 2:58 

3. Les Goths - Out Of The Sun - 2:47 

4. Shyster - Tick Tock - 2:45 

5. Majority One - Get Back Home - 2:46 

6. Groundhogs - Sad Go Round - 3:06 

7. Herbal Mixture - Please Leave My Mind - 2:38 

8. Pete Sully And The Orchard - Evil Woman - 2:42 

9. Adams Recital - No Place For The Lonely People - 2:48 

10.Cedars - For Your Information - 2:39 

11.Wolves - Lust For Life - 3:00 

12.Actress - It's What You Give - 2:31 

13.Reign - Line Of Least Resistance - 3:01 

14.Barry Mason - Over The Hills - 3:02 

15.Boeing Duveen And The Beautiful Soup - Which Dreamed It - 2:30 

16.Andwella's Dream - Felix - 4:17 

17.Serendipity - Through With You - 3:50 

18.Rupert's People - Hold On - 3:30


Disc 4:


1. Flies - Magic Train (Demo Version) - 2:53 

2. Joint - Dinosaur - 2:53 

3. Blonde On Blonde - Spinning Wheel - 2:46 

4. Magic Mixture - When I Was Young - 2:51 

5. Tucky Buzzard - Time Will Be Your Doctor - 3:46 

6. Timebox - Barnabus Swain - 2:49 

7. Simon's Secret - I Know What Her Name Is - 2:08 

8. Please - The Road - 5:30 

9. Orang Utan - Magic Playground - 3:25 

10.Arcadium - Poor Lady - 3:59 

11.Flaming Youth - Pulsar - 3:07 

12.Monument - Give Me Life - 3:50 

13.Five Day Week Straw People - Does It Rain - 3:17 

14.John McLaughlin - Siren - 5:40 

15.Animals - Gratefully Dead - 3:58 

16.Arzachel - Leg - 5:39 

17.Deviants - Jamie's Song - 3:33


Disc 5:


1. July - The Way (Long Version) - 4:17 

2. Pacific Drift - Feelin' Free - 2:31 

3. Camel - Where Is My Mind - 3:35 

4. Bulldog Breed - I Flew - 2:46 

5. Wynder K Frog - Eddie's Tune - 5:26 

6. Aynsley Dunbar - Warning - 3:24 

7. Wil Malone - Love In The Afternoon - 2:36 

8. Dear Mr Time - Your Country Needs You? - 3:41

9. Complex - Self Declaration - 6:05 

10.Twink - Fluid - 4:03 

11.Eyes Of Blue - Crossroads Of Time - 4:55 

12.Dogfeet - Mr Sunshine - 11:08 

13.Bram Stoker - Extensive Corrosion - 4:18

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Various Artists - Electric Sound Show


Various Artists - Electric Sound Show

Electric Sound Show is the official off-shoot CD compilation series that follows the long-deleted, vinyl-only compilation LP series, Incredible Sound Show Stories originally issued back in 1995 by Dig The Fuzz records. Particles presents for the first time ever, all five volumes as originally intended, providing a colorful voyage through the handsome and flamboyant heavens of psychedelia. Numbered limited edition of 1,000 copies only. This exclusive box-set provides complete and professional mastering with expansive and analytical liner notes from Psychomaniac, promising a wealth of archival material housed in a 56-page color booklet.  Collectors will be pleased to hear these 121 rare popsike tracks on CD.

In the last few years there have been a flurry of CD box set releases of old psych vinyl collections. More than any other though, this compiles global psych, mostly from Europe and Australia, with the UK and US contributions, and a great selection the compilers have made. If you never had the LPs  you will be amazed at the quality of the international material, some really trippy dreamy tracks that sum up psychedelia perfectly. I'd compare this to the Perfumed Garden in musical quality, just that as I said, it doesn't focus only on the British psych scene but extends to the globe, and with surprisingly good results. (Amazon)


CD 1 - WE ALL LIVE ON CANDY GREEN (British Psychedelic Rarities)

CD 2 - IN KING SOLOMON'S MINDS (Mind-blowing Nuggets From Around The World)

CD 3 - APRICOT HASH IN THE HOURGLASS (Psychedelic rarities from the USA)

CD 4 - PAPER THOUGHTS OF POLLY PAN (Global Pop-Psych Heaven)

CD 5 - GREEN EYED GODS OF SMOKE (Heavy Psychedelic Stoners from Around the World)




CD1    We All Live On Candy Green (British Psychedelic Rarities)


01.Who Wants Happiness - Tapestry

02.Neweastle Broup - High Street East

03.Find The Lady - Shakane

04.Run Muah Faster - Matchbox

05.I Can't Do It All By Myself - C.M.J.

06.It Wants Be The Same - Gavin Hamilton

07.Thread Of Time - The Scenery

08.I Am... I Think - Grobbert

09.Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire - Clevedonaires

10.Attempted Contact - Gentry

11.My Kind Of Loving - The Motowns

12.God Save Our Gracious Cream - The Motives

13.I Bring The Sun - John Bryant

14.Meter Maid - Rodney Bewes

15.Firday Man - Majority One

16.Ice Woman - The Motives

17.Mind - Eill

18.Pictures Framed In My Mind - Ken Saul

19.Low Toby - Empty Vessels

20.A Hard Day's Night - Majority

21.I Can Hear Colours - The Motives

22.It's A Long Time - The News

23.Baby Of The May - The Motives

24.Na, Na, Na, Na - Izzy Pound

25.Melinda Marie - Blue


CD2     In King Solomon's Mind (Mind-blowing Nuggets From Around The World)


01.Lovin - Closed

02.Fire - Cellophane

03.Man - Pauls Collection

04.Green Chewing Gum Machine - The Motions

05.Places Of Afterlife - Colored Rain

06.Quite Unexpectedly - Leather Sandwich

07.See The Light - The Flame

08.Listen, Listen - Avengers

09.Dr. Sipher - Ro-D-Ys

10.Rainy Sunday - Ramjam Big Band

11.Music Is My Life - Pauls Collection

12.Mind Magician - Procession

13.Question Of Childhood - Adam & Dee

14.Mind Patterns - Cellophane

15.Ode To An Undertaker - The Drifters

16.Snakers - Blue Effect

17.Indian Girl - Aros

18.Silver Ship - Abdullah's Regime

19.Summer Hill Road - The Executives

20.Ballad Of The Light Brigade - Music Convention

21.(You're My Cake) Amamnda Blake - Mantis

22.Blue Taxi - Blue Effect

23.Winds Of Change - Colored Rain

24.Flower Of Love - Baris Manco

25.The Time Is Nigh - After Tea


CD3     Apricot Hash In The Hour Glass (Psychedelic rarities from the USA)


01.Daily Remember - Ark

02.World, 2000 - Gary Knight

03.Sightseer - Malcolm Mitchell

04.Panecake Trees - Jefferson Lee

05.Ange, With Love - Childe Haroid

06.Doomsday Plus One - Paisley Patterns

07.In A Dream World - Zimmos Thanatopsis

08.The Sky Is Falling - Amerika

09.Peaceful Man - Kindred Spirit

10.Sho' Need Love - Dickens

11.15 Going On 20 - Five By Five

12.Gunfighter - Unsettled Society

13.I Am Afraid - Gasllte Village

14.I'm Dreaming - Wildweeds

15.Phrenologie Insult - Freudian Complex

16.Message To Seymour - Billy Shears & The Allamricans

17.Queen Alice - The Trilllum

18.Ryan 5 - Calliope

19.Flying Upside Down - Amerika

20.Feather - Mitchell, Malcolm

21.Cate Is Dead - Owl Aunt

22.I Come From The Andromeda Galaxy - Me Myself & Eye

23.Brink Of Death - Childe Haroid

24.Opus # 1 - American Revolution

25.Diagnosis (One Way Empty And Down) - Oxford Watchband


CD4     Paper Thoughts Of Polly Pan (Global Pop-Psych Heaven)


01.Girl - Simon & De Sade

02.Midway Down - John Wondering

03.Bye Bye Mrs. Purple - Rob De Neys

04.Poor Bobby - Sir Henry

05.Make It Legal - The Motions

06.A Wristwateh Band - Bill Wendry & The Boss Tweeds

07.Sherry Cherie - Sweet Feelin

08.Rainbows And Butterflies - The Petards

09.Now - Wishfulthinking

10.Visions Of Molly - Blair Smith

11.March Of The White Corpuscles - Daddy Dewdrop

12.Is This The Only Life You've Had - Rome James Reincarnation

13.Everyday Is Just The Same - Moan

14.You're Too Incomprehensible - Tages

15.Steps Into Space - Tower

16.Stormy - King Biscuit Entertainmers

17.Lady Greengrass - The Ones

18.You've Got That Certain Style - New Dream

19.Echoes - Smith Blair

20.Office Girl - The Hounds

21.Molly - Sweet Thursday

22.Blue Sofa - Mayfly

23.Angela Gray - Opus

24.Moontalk - Sammy Soulset

25.The End - Greenfield & Cook


CD5     Green Eyed Gods Of Smoke (Heavy Psychedelic Stoners from Around the World)


01.Masterpiece - Irish Coffee

02.Rainbow - The Motions

03.Golden Sereen - Triangle

04.Find Your Way - Made In Germany

05.Calling Out Your Name - George Cash

06.Pollution - Georgia Brown

07.What Have I Done - Pauls Collection

08.You Don't Understand - Mother Sunday

09.Music - Objectivo

10.Deserted Alley - Blue Effect

11.Have You Ever Heard - Marsh Mallow

12.Midnight In The Graveyard - Mother Sunday

13.Kyrie - Czerwono Czarni

14.Apollo Ii - Tenderfoot Kids

15.Part Of The Season - Long Time

16.Look At The Sky - Giant Empire

17.It's My Mind - Purple Wine

18.The Monarchy - The Dream

19.Hymn To The Sun - Lucas

20.Living Living East, Dreaming West - William Sheiler

21.Ego - Cruise Lane

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Various Artists - Never Ever Land


Various Artists - Never Ever Land

Never Ever Land: 83 Texan Nuggets from International Artists Records Review by Mark Deming.

It's not unusual for a small independent record company to be defined by its first major success, and that was certainly the case for the maverick Texas label International Artists. IA began life in 1965 as a fairly ordinary regional outfit releasing pop/rock stuff, but when they scored a nationwide hit with the 13th Floor Elevators' proto-psychedelic anthem "You're Gonna Miss Me," the label's de facto A&R chief, Lelan Rogers, dove headfirst into Texas acid culture and IA became a home for consciousness-expanded acts such as the Golden Dawn, the Bubble Puppy, Endle St. Cloud, and the truly crazed Red Crayola. Never Ever Land is a three-CD set designed to give a reasonably comprehensive picture of International Artists' strange and memorable five-year lifespan. Disc one is focused on Texas garage rock, and features some of the fuzzier and more straightforward material from the 13th Floor Elevators, the Red Crayola, and the Golden Dawn alongside lesser-known teen rock acts such as the Beach Boys-influenced Coastliners and the frantic Chayns. Disc two is devoted to IA's psychedelic acts, though since several already popped up on disc one the distinction may seem vague to some; at any rate, while most of this music isn't as eccentric as AI's reputation would suggest, this is still a solid set of acid-influenced rock, ranging from the tight hard rock of the Bubble Puppy and the earnest folk-rock of the Rubayyat to the country-flavored sounds of Ginger Valley and the brilliantly "huh?"-inducing sides from the Red Crayola. Finally, the third disc rounds up various odd and ends, from the sublime (two superb acoustic tracks from Roky Erickson with Clementine Hall) and the worthy (a couple selections from Lightnin' Hopkins' IA set Free Form Patterns) to the ridiculous (Sonny Hall's dunderheaded country novelty "The Battle of the Moon"). The set is accompanied by a thick booklet featuring a short history of the label, an entertaining interview with Lelan Rogers, and an AI discography. Never Ever Land reveals the dirty little secret that much of International Artists' output wasn't as bizarre as their most famous releases would lead you to expect, but the first two discs serve as an excellent overview of the heady era when teenage rock gave way to something more adventurous, and the third delivers some superb moments while filling in the gaps in the IA story; it's a loving tribute to a label whose existence was in many respects a brave leap into the musical unknown.






1            Emperors           I Want My Woman               2:38

2            Coastliners         Alright  2:04

3            13th Floor Elevators       You're Gonna Miss Me 2:27

4            Sterling Damon Rejected               2:02

5            Coastliners         Wonderful You               2:18

6            Thursday's Children               Dominoes          2:01

7            Chaparrels         I Tried So Hard               2:49

8            Chayns See it Thru          2:22

9            Patterns              In My Own Time               2:15

10          Chayns Live With the Moon [2008 Stereo Mix]           3:04

11          Chayns Night Time (Is the Right Time) (2008 Stereo Mix)              2:56

12          Thursday's Children        A Part of You        2:05

13          13th Floor Elevators       Fire Engine  3:21

14          Thursday's Children        Air Conditioned Man            2:14

15          Lost and Found 25 Mph 1:52

16          Chayns There's Something Wrong (In This Place)     2:30

17          Thursday's Children        Help, Murder, Police  2:07

18          Golden Dawn    Reaching Out to You        2:20

19          Thursday's Children        You Can Forget About That          1:58

20          13th Floor Elevators       Tried to Hide [Single Version]     2:21

21          Golden Dawn    A Nice Surprise               2:54

22          Red Crayola       Pink Stainless Tail               3:23

23          Inner Scene        Communication Breakdown        2:52

24          Lost and Found Let Me Be               2:48

25          Spades  We Sell Soul      3:17

26          Spades  You're Gonna Miss Me               3:25

27          13th Floor Elevators       I Don't Ever Want to Come Down           2:42




01          Bubble Puppy    Hot Smoke and Sasafrass            2:34

02          Golden Dawn    Starvation               2:53

03          13th Floor Elevators       Scarlet and Gold             4:59

04          Lost and Found Everybody's Here               3:04

05          Red Crayola       War Sucks               3:56

06          Rubayyat            Never Ever Land               3:43

07          Shayds  Search the Sun  2:43

08          Golden Dawn    My Time               3:53

09          13th Floor Elevators       Slip Inside This House (Single Edit)   4:08

10          Lost and Found When Will You Come Through  2:26

11          Endle St. Cloud Tell Me One More Time (What's Happening to Our World)  2:49

12          Bubble Puppy    If I Had a Reason               2:20

13          Ginger Valley     Ginger  2:36

14          Rubayyat            If I Were a Carpenter           2:35

15          Bubble Puppy    Days of Our Time               2:26

16          Lost and Found Professor Black               2:37

17          Endle St. Cloud Quest for Beauty               2:47

18          Bubble Puppy    A Gathering of Promises            2:26

19          Lost and Found Forever Lasting Plastic Words    2:10

20          13th Floor Elevators       She Lives in a Time of Her Own     2:56

21          Red Crayola       Nickle Niceness (Demo) 3:09

22          Red Crayola       Hurricane Fighter Plane    3:40

23          Endle St. Cloud Come Through               2:14

24          Ginger Valley     Country Life               1:54

25          Endle St. Cloud This is Love               4:24

26          Red Crayola       Vile Vile Grass (Demo) 2:21

27          13th Floor Elevators       60-Second Radio Spot for 'bull of the Woods' 1:01




01          Arnim & Hamilton               Pepperman        2:26

02          Disciples of Shaftesbury               Times Gone By  2:16

03          Beauregard        Popcorn Popper               2:51

04          Big Walter          Breakfast in Bed               2:24

05          Lightnin' Hopkins            Black Ghost    3:32

06          Beauregard        Mama Never Taught Me How to Jelly Roll       2:56

07          Dave Allen          Terp      2:39

08          Bubble Puppy    Hurry Sundown               4:00

09          Disciples of Shaftesbury               My Cup is Full    2:26

10          Kathy Clark        Little Girl Called Sad        2:14

11          Lightnin' Hopkins            Baby Child     3:36

12          Shayds  Bring Your Love 1:59

13          Arnim & Hamilton          Walkin' Midnight Coffee Break  2:25

14          Roky & Clementine Hall Splash 1               3:04

15          Roky & Clementine Hall Right Track Now          3:00

16          Billy Wade McKnight      Trouble's Coming On         2:31

17          Kathy Clarke      My Summer Prayer   2:26

18          Billy Wade McKnight      I Need Your Lovin'         3:05

19          Lightnin' Hopkins            Mini Skirt               3:13

20          Dave Allen          C. C. Rider               2:25

21          Bubble Puppy    Lonely  2:59

22          Sonny Hall          Poor Planet Earth               2:04

23          Tom Harvey       So Ah in Ah Love               1:55

24          Johnny Williams              Honey Child     2:41

25          Frankie & Johnny            Sweet Thang   2:20

26          Sonny Hall          The Battle of the Moon   1:43

27          Sterling Damon My Last Letter               2:50

28          Roky Erikson      Interview at Ksan Radio (1st April 1978)    2:41

29          13th Floor Elevators       May the Circle Remain Unbroken              2:40

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Various Artists - Make It Your Sound. Vanguard Records & The 60's Musical Revolution

Various Artists - Make It Your Sound. Vanguard Records & The 60's Musical Revolution


Make It Your Sound, Make It Your Scene: Vanguard Records & the 1960s Musical Revolution Review by Steve Leggett.

Begun in 1950 by brothers Maynard & Seymour Solomon, Vanguard Records was initially a classical label, although it issued some two-dozen jazz recordings between 1953 and 1958 under the direction of John Hammond. The brothers weren't as much interested in the commercial side of the record business as they were interested in presenting and archiving American musical history, and they had standards. When they signed blacklisted artists Paul Robeson and the Weavers in the mid-'50s, they garnered the respect of the emerging folk scene, putting the label in a wonderful position to document the urban folk and blues revivals that broke through to new commercial levels just as the '60s opened. Not only did Vanguard issue live albums of the Newport Folk Festivals, the label had also assembled an impressive catalog of young, cutting-edge folk singers, including Joan Baez, Patrick Sky, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Ian & Sylvia, Richard & Mimi Fariña, Hedy West, the Rooftop Singers, Eric Andersen, and many others, and had also issued important albums from blues rediscoveries Skip James and Mississippi John Hurt, made forays into bluegrass, and released Doc Watson's first LPs, all of which made Vanguard the most successful of the folk and blues labels of the '60s. Later in the decade the label tried its hand at rock, signing and issuing fine albums by Country Joe & the Fish and the Frost, although it is as a folk label that Vanguard's reputation rests. This four-disc set provides an in-depth survey of the breadth of Vanguard's catalog, and also serves as a sort of musical journey through the cultural shifts and changes of the '60s. The '70s weren't as kind to Vanguard as the '60s were, and the label was sold to the Welk Music Group in 1985, undergoing a kind of resurgence with albums from John Fogerty, Greg Laswell, Merle Haggard, Chris Isaak, Linda Ronstadt, Robert Cray' and others, but Vanguard's '60s catalog continues to be the label's defining jewel. This set shows why.




Disc 1:


1. I’M SO GLAD – Skip James

2. DONE GOT WISE – Big Bill Broonzy

3. STAGOLEE – Mississippi John Hurt

4. GOSPEL TRAIN – Golden Gate Quartet

5. OH MARY, DON’T YOU WEEP – Swan Silvertones

6. THE PRODIGAL SON – Rev Robert Wilkins

7. BOSCO STOMP – Cajun Band


9. TOO MUCH ALCOHOL – J.B. Hutto & His Hawks

10. BLUES AFTER HOURS – Pee Wee Crayton

11. I CAN’T BE SATISFIED – John Hammond

12. WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH THE MILL – Koerner Ray & Glover

13. COCAINE – Dave Van Ronk

14. SAMSON AND DELILAH – Rev Gary Davis

15. COTTON CROP BLUES – James Cotton

16. CLAY’S TUNE – Charlie Musselwhite Blues Band

17. I CAN’T QUIT YOU BABE – Otis Rush

18. YOU LIED TO ME – Junior Wells

19. FEVER – Buddy Guy

20. BALL AND CHAIN – Big Mama Thornton


Disc 2:


1. DEEP RIVER BLUES – Doc Watson

2. HELLO STRANGER – Mike Seeger

3. HOUSE CARPENTER – Almeda Riddle

4. 500 MILES – Hedy West

5. LITTLE GLASS OF WINE – Stanley Brothers


7. STEWBALL – John Herald with The Greenbriar Boys


9. PRETTY BOY FLOYD – Cisco Houston

10. WALK RIGHT IN – Rooftop Singers


12. JUG OF PUNCH – Clancy Brothers

13. THE LEAVES THAT ARE GREEN – Country Gentlemen

14. WALLS OF TIME – Bill Monroe with Peter Rowan


16. ANGER IN THE LAND – Hedy West


18. THIRSTY BOOTS – Eric Andersen



21. ROLL ON BUDDY – Kentucky Colonels with Clarence White

22. HARD, AIN’T IT HARD – Kingston Trio

23. MANY A MILE – Patrick Sky


Disc 3:




3. EARLY MORNING RAIN – Ian & Sylvia

4. REFLECTIONS IN A CRYSTAL WIND – Mimi & Richard Fariña


6. FOUR STRONG WINDS – Ian & Sylvia

7. MOBILE LINE – Jim Kweskin

8. DOPE AGAIN – Serpent Power

9. I-FEEL-LIKE-I’M-FIXIN’-TO-DIE RAG – Country Joe & The Fish

10. SOCK IT TO ME – Sandy Bull

11. DOWN IN THE BASEMENT – Notes From The Underground

12. NEGATIVE DREAMER GIRL – Circus Maximus

13. ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC – Frost – 4

14. CRISTO REDENTOR – Charlie Musselwhite With Harvey Mandel

15. NOBODY BLUES – Serpent Power

16. BORN IN CHICAGO – Paul Butterfield Blues Band

17. OUD AND DRUMS – Sandy Bull

18. JANIS – Country Joe & The Fish


20. LONELY MAN – Circus Maximus


Disc 4:



2. HOBO’S LULLABYE – Gary & Randy Scruggs

3. DUELING BANJOS – Dillards

4. SHELL GAME – Jerry Jeff Walker


6. I’M A WOMAN – Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band with Maria Muldaur



9. HERE I GO AGAIN – Country Joe & The Fish


11. SOLDIER BLUE – Buffy Sainte-Marie

12. SOLD AMERICAN – Kinky Friedman

13. SAIL – Oregon

14. RENE’S THEME – Larry Coryell & John Mclaughlin


16. MORNING SONG TO SALLY – Jerry Jeff Walker


18. A NICKEL’S WORTH OF BENNY’S HELP – 31st Of February

19. WISH I WAS A PUNK – Notes From The Underground

20. KISS MY ASS – Country Joe McDonald

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The Moving Sidewalks - The Complete Recordings

The Moving Sidewalks - The Complete Recordings


The Complete Collection Review by Fred Thomas.

The short-lived Houston, Texas late-'60s psych band Moving Sidewalks are generally best known as one of the first bands of Billy Gibbons, who went on to fame in biker-blues arena rockers ZZ Top. In their day, Moving Sidewalks recorded their sole LP, Flash, as well as a few singles of psychedelic blues-rock, before evaporating into garage rock history and seeing Gibbons off to radically different prospects. The Complete Moving Sidewalks collects all known studio work by the band as well as demos and unreleased tracks from the Coachmen, the Gibbons-fronted predecessor that came just before Moving Sidewalks. As an album, Flash is very much a product of its time. Gibbons' vocals, guitar playing, and songwriting are all under a heavy Hendrix influence, borrowing the stoned blues side of Jimi's nonchalant playing and electric hippie persona. This is punctuated further by audio snippets of Hendrix giving a shout-out to the band for opening for him, included as an unlisted track at the close of the collection. The parts of Flash that aren't steeped in Hendrix-isms are dated by goofy early psychedelic production, complete with backwards whispering, unwieldy stereo panning, and the obligatory "Revolution 9"-style sound collage in the form of two album-closing tracks, "Eclipse" and "Reclipse." That's not to say it's without merit. "Flashback" crackles with off-kilter energy and blown-out, hurried recording benefits the garage-fuzz of "Crimson Witch" as well as other standout tracks. The real gold on this collection comes with the non-album tracks and unreleased demos of its second volume. Kicking off with Nuggets-style garage classic "99th Floor," there's a more inexperienced energy with the singles than the sometimes self-indulgent wandering of the album. Organ psych-rocker "Need Me" is a ferocious romp somewhere between the Troggs and the 13th Floor Elevators, while different versions of "Every Night a New Surprise" and the band's incredibly trippy take on the Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand" reveal radically different sides of the band. The Coachmen tracks only run through several different recordings of both "Stay Away" and "99th Floor," offering the rawest and most caveman sonics on the entire set. Working backward from the half-baked psychedelia of the album to the singles and then the rudimentary 1966 demos, this collection shows a young Gibbons as an excitable player in rapidly changing times more than it offers any hints at the future that awaited him. The late-'60s Texas psych scene was a vibrant and largely underground collection of players, and Gibbons' work with Moving Sidewalks had more to do with the multicolored exploration of that place and time than the Top 40 blues-rock that he went on to make. As such, this collection will be essential for garage enthusiasts, but not so much for most ZZ Top fans.



Disc 1 Flash 1968

1. Flashback (Steve Ames) - 4:50

2. Scoun Da Be (Tom Moore) - 2:08

3. You Make Me Shake (Billy Gibbons) - 3:05

4. You Don't Know The Life (Tom Moore) - 3:57

5. Pluto - Sept 31st (Billy Gibbons, Steve Ames) - 5:12

6. No Good To Cry (Al Anderson) - 4:39

7. Crimson Witch (Billy Gibbons) - 3:05

8. Joe Blues (Billy Gibbons, Tom Moore, Don Summers, Dan Mitchell) - 7:39

9. Eclipse (Billy Gibbons, Steve Ames) - 3:37

10.Reclipse (Billy Gibbons, Steve Ames) - 2:28


Disc 2 Non Lp Singles And Unreleased Tracks

1. 99th Floor (Billy Gibbons) - 2:16

2. What Are You Going To Do (Alternate Version) (Billy Gibbons) - 2:50

3. What Are You Going To Do (Billy Gibbons) - 2:31

4. Headin' Out (Instrumental) (Billy Gibbons, Tom Moore, Don Summers, Dan Mitchell) - 4:03

5. Need Me (Billy Gibbons) - 2:15

6. Every Night A New Surprise (Unreleased Version) (Steve Ames) - 2:31

7. Every Night A New Surprise (Steve Ames) - 2:57

8. I Want To Hold Your Hand (Unreleased Alternate Version) (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 3:10

9. I Want To Hold Your Hand (Alternate Take) (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 3:29

10.I Want To Hold Your Hand (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 3:27

11.Flashback (Unreleased Version) (Steve Ames) - 4:47

12.Stay Away (Dan Mitchell) - 2:09

13.Stay Away (Instrumental Version) (Dan Mitchell) - 2:28

14.99th Floor (Demo) (Billy Gibbons) - 2:12

15.Stay Away (Demo) (Dan Mitchell) - 2:16

16.99th Floor (Billy Gibbons) - 3:06

Tracks 12-16 as The Coachmen

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Goffin & King - Honey & Wine. Another Gerry Goffin & Carole King Song Collection

Goffin & King - Honey & Wine. Another Gerry Goffin & Carole King Song Collection


Like the previous Ace compilation A Gerry Goffin & Carole King Song Collection 1961-1967, this CD has 26 vintage recordings of Goffin & King compositions, this one spanning the early '60s to the early '70s. And like its predecessor, it mixes familiar smash hits with rarities and obscure versions of songs that might be more familiar as interpreted by different artists. That guarantees a certain unevenness, but for anyone interested in Goffin & King or the Brill Building in general, it's a very good group of songs overall, illustrating varying facets of the team's songwriting genius. It's true that the big classic hits here -- the Drifters' "Up on the Roof," Maxine Brown's "Oh No, Not My Baby," Gene McDaniels' "Point of No Return," the Monkees' "Pleasant Valley Sunday," and Gene Pitney's "Every Breath That I Take" -- overshadow most of the rest of the tracks. But some of the rarer cuts are almost as good, foremost among them the Hollies' brooding, grooving "Honey & Wine," one of the group's best mid-'60s non-45 efforts; the Myddle Class' sinister "I Happen to Love You," one of the finest '60s garage-pop singles; the Rising Sons' (with Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder) version of "Take a Giant Step," more famous as done by the Monkees; Peter James' "Stage Door" (perhaps more familiar to collectors in the rendition by ex-Searchers member Tony Jackson), which sounds like it might have been a suitable tune for Gene Pitney to do; Chuck Jackson's minor hit soul ballad "I Need You"; and Marianne Faithfull's "Is This What I Get for Loving You," for which Phil Spector (who produced the original version by the Ronettes) also got a songwriting credit. You also get the original version of "Go Away Little Girl," by Bobby Vee (though it took Steve Lawrence to make it a hit), and Jody Miller's little-known cover of one of Goffin & King's strangest compositions, "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)" (originally done by the Crystals). If much of the rest of the CD has an also-ran feeling, it's seldom less than interesting, including Goffin & King songs by notable artists such as Barbara Lewis, Ben E. King, Jan & Dean, Freddie Scott, Nancy Wilson, and the Turtles.


1. Gene Pitney - Every Breath I Take (2:45)

2. Maxine Brown - Oh No, Not My Baby (2:36)

3. The Drifters - Up on the Roof (2:36)

4. Bertelle Dache - Not Just Tomorrow, But Always (2:43)

5. Ben E. King - Tell Daddy (2:40)

6. Arlene Smith - He Knows I Love Him Too Much (2:27)

7. Gene Mcdaniels - Point Of No Return (2:15)

8. Jan & Dean - The Best Friend I Ever Had (1:52)

9. Tammi Terrell - Make The Night A Little Longer (2:34)

10. Bobby Vee - Go Away Little Girl (2:13)

11. Freddie Scott - Brand New World (2:23)

12. Connie Stevens - They're Jealous Of Me (2:39)

13. Chuck Jackson - I Need You (3:10)

14. Andrea Carroll - That Boy I Used To Know (2:36)

15. Peter James - Stage Door (2:30)

16. Jody Miller - He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss) (2:28)

17. Barbara Lewis - Don't Forget About Me (2:31)

18. The Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday (3:07)

19. Carolyn Daye - A Long Way To Be Happy (2:28)

20. The Hollies - Honey & Wine (2:28)

21. The Rising Sons - Take a Giant Step (2:55)

22. Marianne Faithfull - Is This What I Get For Loving You (3:52)

23. Jackie DeShannon - Child Is Mine (3:30)

24. The Myddle Class - I Happen To Love You (2:51)

25. The Turtles - So Goes Love (2:37)

26. Nancy Wilson - No Easy Way Down (3:08)

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Various Artists - Still Dead! The Grim Reaper's Jukebox

Various Artists - Still Dead! The Grim Reaper's Jukebox



AllMusic Review by Richie Unterberger.

Ace's 2006 compilation Dead! The Grim Reaper's Greatest Hits doesn't automatically seem like the kind of concept that would generate a sequel. But there were certainly enough rock & roll "death" discs in the 1950s and 1960s to fill up a series, and two years later, the label was back with 24 more such novelties from 1952-1969. As theme-concept various-artists rock anthologies go, songs about death certainly rank among the odder and more interesting subjects available, owing both to their morbidity and the sheer difficulty of making a record about death that's both commercial and avoids bad taste. Actually, such discs (including many of the ones assembled for this CD) usually weren't all that successful at doing so, but they're at least amusing to hear for their sheer weirdness, assuming they don't catch you in the wrong frame of mind. There is one out-and-out classic here, the Shangri-Las' "Leader of the Pack," as well as a couple other hits, Thomas Wayne's "Tragedy" and Billy Ward & the Dominoes' ridiculously over the top weeper "The Bells." Otherwise, you're likely to be hearing most of these ditties for the first time, and frankly, quite a few of them aren't all that good, with some exceptions. Little Caesar's "Goodbye Baby" is an incredibly risqué early-'50s R&B murder tune, while the same singer's 1960 rarity "The Ghost of Mary Meade" is an effectively spooky outing. The Whyte Boots' "Nightmare" is well known to girl group collectors as one of the best Shangri-Las imitations, and Vern Stovall's 1961 single "Long Black Limousine" was famously covered by Elvis Presley. Beyond that, it's very uneven sledding, perhaps highlighted, if that's the right word, by the "so bad it's fascinating" 1969 single "The Year 2000" by Estelle (aka Estelle Bennett of the Ronettes), in which she awkwardly details the end of the human race by the end of the millennium. Likewise stretching the boundaries of good taste is an "answer" record to the Everly Brothers' hit "Ebony Eyes," the Beverley Sisters' "Flight 1203," in which it turns out that Miss Ebony Eyes has missed the flight on which everyone else has died. Much of the rest falls into the "fun to hear once or twice" (or less) category, preferably on Halloween, when you need an offbeat selection of seasonal tunes to impress your record-collector friends. But it's good fun, if not exactly clean, with appropriately irreverent detailed liner notes as to the backgrounds of these unlikely deathsploitation records.



1.1 Goodbye Baby - Little Caesar W/Que Martin

1.2 In the Rain - Ronnie Dante

1.3 A Singing Star - Elaine Arthur

1.4 The Ghost of Mary Meade PT 1 - Little Caesar ; Ark Angels

1.5 Too Young to Be a Widow - Cobey Carson

1.6 Tragedy - Thomas Wayne with the Delons

1.7 The Hero - Bernadette Carroll

1.8 Long Black Limousine - Vern Stovall

1.9 White Gardenia - Hoagy Lands

1.10 The Year 2000 - Estelle

1.11 The Grave - Tony Casanova

1.12 My Friend Bobby - Pamela Blue

1.13 Nightmare - Whyte Boots

1.14 The Prom - Del Shannon

1.15 A Thousand Feet Below - Terry Tyler

1.16 Leader of the Pack - the Shangri-Las

1.17 Little Gold Locket - Darwin

1.18 Susie Darling - Ronnie Cook

1.19 Six Feet Under - Bob Fryfogle

1.20 Car Crash - the Cadets

1.21 Flight 1203 - Beverly Sisters

1.22 Laurie (Strange Things Happen) - Dickey Lee

1.23 The Bells - the Dominoes

1.24 Dead - the Poets

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Various Artists - Dead! The Grim Reaper’s Greatest Hits

Various Artists - Dead! The Grim Reaper’s Greatest Hits


AllMusic Review by Jason Ankeny.

Not to be confused with a best-of celebrating the career of Grim Reaper, the famously fugly hair metal band so memorably eviscerated by Beavis and Butthead, Dead! The Grim Reaper's Greatest Hits instead compiles 24 early rock & roll classics exploring/exploiting death. Cataloging biker tragedies (Twinkle's "Terry"), pill-popper overdoses (Walter Jackson's "The Bed"), and watery graves (the Rivaires' "Death of a Surfer"), the disc embraces mortality and music in all its forms, spanning from girl group pop to trucker country and proving as indiscriminate as death itself. Sometimes sappy (Mark Dinning's "Teen Angel"), sometimes electrifying (Jack Kittel's "Psycho"), and sometimes eerily portentous (Jan & Dean's "Dead Man's Curve"), Dead! is above all well executed (pun intended), boasting the encyclopedic scope and attention to detail for which Ace is famed. L'chaim!



1. Twinkle - Terry

2. Shangri-Las, The - Give us your blessings

3. Reynolds, Jody & The Storms - Endless sleep

4. Woods, Donald / Vel-Aires, The - Death of an angel

5. Goodees, The - Condition red

6. Cross, Jimmy - I want my baby back

7. Jan & Dean - Dead man's curve

8. Husky, Ferlin - The drunken driver

9. Leyton, John - Johnny remember me

10. Wilson, J. Frank / Cavaliers, The - Last kiss

11. Lee, Dickey - Patches

12. Think - Once you understand

13. Riviaires, The - The death of a surfer

14. Sullivan, Carolyn - Dead!

15. Kittel, Jack - Psycho

16. Everly Brothers, The - Ebony eyes

17. Barnes, Betty - Requiem (for a girl born of the wrong times)

18. Jan & Dean - A Beginning From An End

19. Peterson, Ray - Tell Laura I love her

20. Fox, The - The dream

21. Dinning, Mark - Teen angel

22. Martin Sisters, The - Mother mother (I feel sick)

23. Jackson, Walter - The bed

24. Luman, Bob - Let's think about living

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Various Artists - Halloween Nuggets Monster Sixties A Go-Go

Various Artists - Halloween Nuggets Monster Sixties A Go-Go






01. The Mystrys – Witch Girl

02. Teddy Durant – The Beast Of Sunset Strip

03. The Ebb-Tides – Seance

04. Bela La Goldensetin – Why Do I Love You

05. The Phantom Five – Graveyard

06. Murray Schafe And The Aristocrats – Tombstone #9

07. Jackie Morningstar – Rockin' In The Graveyard

08. No Artist – Halloween Convention Of Spooks Theater Trailer

09. Round Robin – I'm The Wolfman

10. Griz Green – Jam At The Mortuary

11. The Grim Reapers – Two Souls

12. The Connoissurs – Count Macabre

13. The Madmen – Haunted

14. The Vettes – Devil's Driver Theme

15. Terry Gale – The Voodoo

16. Glenda & Glen – Voodoo Doll

17. Baron Daemon & The Vampires – Ghost Guitars

18. Jim Burgett – Jekyll And Hyde

19. No Artist – Atom Age Vampire - Trailer

20. Mann Drake – Vampire's Ball

21. Bobby Bare – Vampira

22. Johnny Anderson – Zoola Zooky

23. No Artist – Frankenstein And Dracula - Trailer

24. Peter & The Wolves – Mr. Frankenstein

25. Frankie Stein And His Ghouls – Dr. Spook Twist

26. No Artist – The Wolfman

27. Gary Warren – Werewolf

28. The Frantics – Werewolf

29. Chance Halliday – Bury Me Deep

30. The Weirdos – E.S.P. Theme For Shock Theater

31. Kenny & The Fiends – The Raven

32. The Executioners – The Guillotine




01. The Invasion – The Invasion Is Coming

02. No Artist – Plan 9 From Outer Space - Trailer

03. Boots Walker – They're Here

04. The Quests – Shadows In The Night

05. Positively 13 O'Clock – Psychotic Reaction

06. The Spellbinders – Castin' My Spell

07. Chance Halliday – Deep Sleep

08. Vic Plati Quintet – The Chiller

09. Teddy Durant – The Night Stalker

10. The Graveyard Five – Marble Orchard

11. Glenn And Christy & The Adventures (3) – Wombat Twist

12. Billy Ghoulston – Graveyard Stomp

13. No Artist – The Blob - Trailer

14. Johnny Fraser & The Regalaires – It

15. Mr. Baseman & The Symbols – Do The Zombie

16. The Shandells – Go Go Gorilla

17. Ronnie Self – Go Go Cannibal

18. No Artist – Robot Monster - Trailer

19. The Shades – Strolling After Dark

20. Jericho Jones – Black Magic

21. No Artist – The Mummy

22. Lee Ross – the Mummy's Bracelet

23. The Contrails – The Mummy Walk (Walking Death)

24. No Artist – The Werewolf - trailer

25. Carl Bonafede And The Gemtones – The Werewolf

26. Johnny Eager – Howl

27. No Artist – I Was A Teenage Frankenstein - Trailer

28. The Keytones – I Was A Teenage Monster

29. Lord Luther & The Kingsmen – (I Was A) Teenage Creature

30. No Artist – The Astro Zombies - Trailer

31. Sonny Day & The Tony Ray Combo – Creature From Outer Space

32. The Sabres – Spider Walk

33. The Abstracts – Nightmare




01. Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors – Scream

02. No Artist – Night Of The Blood Beast - Trailer

03. Billy & The Dukes – Roland

04. Al Saxon – Evil Eye

05. The Kiriae Crucible – The Salem Witch Trial

06. The 7th Court – One Eyed Witch

07. Dave Gardner – Mad Witch

08. Ervinna & The Stylers – Witch Queen Of New Orleans

09. Betty Lavett – Witchcraft In The Air

10. The Circus – Burn Witch Burn

11. Miss L. L. Louise Lewis – Monster's Bride

12. Glenn Ryle – Wolf Gal

13. Gary Warren – Midnight Rain

14. No Artist – Creature From The Black Lagoon - Trailer

15. Evans Carroll & The Tempos – The Monster

16. Billy Taylor & The Tear Drops – Wombie Zombie

17. Jan Davis – Watusi Zombie

18. Terry Teene – Here Comes The Hearse

19. Frankie Stein And His Ghouls – Knives And Lovers

20. The Blue Knights – Madness

21. The Elites – Jack the Ripper

22. Larry And The Blue Notes – Night Of The Phantom

23. The Upperclassmen – Cha Cha With The Zombies

24. Bela La Goldstein – Old Boris

25. Chris Kevin – Haunted House

26. No Artist – The House On The Haunted Hill

27. Kenny & The Fiends – The House On The Haunted Hill - Trailer

28. Skip Manning – Devil Blues

29. The Devotions – Devil's Gotten Into My Baby

30. The Twelfth Night – Grim Reaper

31. James Duhon – Graveyard Creep

32. No Artist – Godzilla King Of The Monsters - Trailer

33. Los Holys – Campo De Vampiros

34. Richard Rome – Ghost A' Go-Go

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The Lewis & Clarke Expedition - The Lewis & Clarke Expedition Earth, Air, Fire & Water (Expanded Edition)Various Artists - The Perfumed Garden Various Artists - Electric Sound ShowVarious Artists - Never Ever LandVarious Artists - Make It Your Sound. Vanguard Records & The 60's Musical RevolutionThe Moving Sidewalks - The Complete RecordingsGoffin & King - Honey & Wine. Another Gerry Goffin & Carole King Song CollectionVarious Artists - Still Dead! The Grim Reaper's JukeboxVarious Artists - Dead! The Grim Reaper’s Greatest HitsVarious Artists - Halloween Nuggets Monster Sixties A Go-Go

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