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The Herd - Paradise Lost. The Complete UK Fontana Recordings

The Herd - Paradise Lost. The Complete UK Fontana Recordings

Paradise Lost: The Complete U.K. Fontana Recordings Review by Richie Unterberger

There have been a bunch of CD compilations of the Herd, and this isn't too different from some of the others that have appeared. In fact, it's less extensive than some of the more ambitious ones. So what does it have in its favor? Its aim, according to the liner notes, is to concentrate "on what was undoubtedly the Herd's golden period, assembling their complete U.K. releases during the tumultuous 1967-1969 time frame." In that, it succeeds as a good 24-song compilation, including everything from their half-dozen 1967-1969 U.K. singles and the entirety of their 1967 album Paradise Lost. (To be picky, there would have been room to add the 1967 U.S. B-side "Understand Me.") In addition, the 16-page booklet has excellent liner notes from renowned British rock historian David Wells, along with plenty of period pictures, clippings, and record sleeve repros. Musically, it's the same mixed bag that other Herd compilations offer, from the playful, light psychedelic pop of their Howard Blaikley-written singles to mediocre Walker Brothers-like tracks and their fitful attempts to establish a more respectable identity via their original material. Listening to this, it's easy to grasp why the Herd don't have the cult reputation of markedly less commercially successful British bands of the era like, say, the Creation. It sounds like the work of several groups, almost to the point where you can actually sense the Herd's frustration at not being able or allowed to organically develop their own approach. Only on occasion do you get a glimpse of a genuinely promising band, especially when they get into the moderately heavier and bluesier rock that was obviously closer to their heart, especially on Frampton's brooding "On Your Own," the jazzy instrumental "Impressions of Oliver," and, in a poppier vein, "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not."



Celly Compello Estúpido Cupido BOX set 6 CD

Celly Compello  Estúpido Cupido  BOX set 6 CD

Celly Compello  Estúpido Cupido  BOX set 6 CD


Celly Compello  Estúpido Cupido  BOX set 6 CD

                                                             Estúpido Cupido (1959)

1-1 Estúpido Cupido (Stupid Cupid)

1-2 The Secret

1-3 Muito Jovem (Just Young)

1-4 Túnel Do Amor (Have Lips, Will Kiss In The Tunnel Of Love)

1--5 Handsome Boy

1-6 Who's Sorry Now

1-7 Broto Já Sabe Chorar (Heartaches At Sweet Sixteen)

1-8 Fale-me Com Carinho (Dis-moi Quelque Chose De Gentil)

1-9 Querido Cupido

1-10 Tammy

1-11 Melodie D'Amour

1-12 Lacinhos Cor De Rosa (Pink Shoe Laces)

Faixas Bônus

1-13 Devotion

1-14 O Céu Mudou De Cor

Celly Compello  Estúpido Cupido  BOX set 6 CD
                                                           Broto Certinho 

1-1 Broto Certinho (One Woman Man)

2-2 Billy (I Always Dream Of Billy)

2-3 To Know Him Is To Love Him

2-4 Querida Mamãe (Dear Mom And Dad)

2-5 Over The Rainbow

2-6 Frankie

2-7 Banho De Lua (Tintarella Di Luna)

2-8 Os Mandamentos Do Broto

2-9 Para Mim E Você (For Me And My Gal)

2-10 Broken Heart Melody

2-11 Não Tenho Namorado (I Ain't Got No Steady Date)

2-12 Grande Amor (Instant Love)

Celly Compello  Estúpido Cupido  BOX set 6 CD
                                                           A Bonequinha Que Canta (1960)

3-1 Mal Me Quer (Please Don't Eat The Daisies)

3-2 Eternamente (Forever)

3-3 Minha Joia

3-4 Broto Legal (I'm In Love)

3-5 Broto Já Sabe Esquecer (Rapsódia Húngara Nº 2)

3-6 Esta Noite (Tonight Is The Night)

3-7 O Meu Amor Vai Passar

3-8 Sempre (Forever)

3-9 Só Para Elisa (Pour Elise)

3-10 Eu, Você E O Luar... (Rocky Mountain Moon)

3-11 Unchained Melody

3-12 Jingle-Bell Rock

Faixas Bônus

3-13 Vi Mamãe Beijar Papai Noel (I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus)

3-14 Canário (Yellow Bird)

Featuring – Tony Campello

Celly Compello  Estúpido Cupido  BOX set 6 CD
                                      A Graça De Celly Campello E As Músicas De Paul Anka (1961)

4-1 Gosto De Você, Meu Bem (I Love You Baby)

4-2 Hey Mama

4-3 Não Me Deixe (Don't Ever Leave Me)

4-4 Meu Amor (I Love You)

4-5 Isso É Amor (That's Love)

4-6 Diz Que Me Amas (Tell Me That You Love Me)

4-7 Teddy

4-8 É O Amor, Sim (It's Really Love) (The Tonight Show Theme)

4-9 Trem Do Amor (Train Of Love)

4-10 Garota Solitária (Lonely Girl)

4-11 Isto É Adeus (So It's Goodbye)

4-12 Diga, Querido (Talk To Me Baby)

Celly Compello  Estúpido Cupido  BOX set 6 CD
                                                              Brotinho Encantador (1961)

5-1          Flamingo Rock

5-2 O Jolly Joker (Der Jolly Joker)

5-3 Angel, Angel

5-4 Hey Boys, How Do You Do (Ciao Boys, How Do You Do)

5-5 A Lenda Da Conchinha

5-6 Little Devil

5-7 Presidente Dos Brotos (That's All You Gotta Do)

5-8 Índio Sabido (Indian Giver)

5-9 Juntinhos (Together)

5-10 Ordens Demais (Too Many Rules)

5-11 Tchau, Baby, Tchau (Angel Of Love)

5-12 Runaway

Celly Compello  Estúpido Cupido  BOX set 6 CD
                                                              Celly (1968)   

6-1 Hey! Ex-Amor

6-2 Marquei Encontro Com Você Em Meus Sonhos

6-3 Palavras (Words)

6-4 Um Mundo Feliz (It's A Happening World)

6-5 O Amor É Azul (L'Amour Est Bleu)

6-6 Felicidade (Felicidad)

6-7 Bonnie E Clyde (Bonnie And Clyde)

6-8 Perdoa (Perdono)

6-9 No Outono (Nos Encontraremos Outra Vez)

6-10 Banho De Lua (Tintarella Di Luna)

6-11 Meu Pranto A Deslizar (As Tears Go By)

6-12 Você Quem Quis Assim

Faixa Bônus

6-13 Ao Meu Amor (To Sir With Love)

 born Célia Benelli Campello, known by her stage name Celly Campello

 (18 June 1942 – 4 March 2003)

She was a Brazilian singer and performer, a pioneer in Brazilian rock. 

Campello was born in São Paulo and raised in Taubaté. She started her career in an early age, performing at local radio shows when she was six years old. She studied piano, classical guitar and ballet during her childhood.Campello presented her own radio show when she was 12, at Rádio Cacique. In 1958 she recorded her first vinyl in São Paulo together with her brother Tony Campello who accompanied her in most of her career. Her debut in televisionwas at TV Tupi's Campeões do Disco, in 1958. In 1959 she and Tony presented Celly e Tony em Hi-Fi, at Rede Record, until 1961.Her breakthrough was in 1959 with the single Estúpido Cupido, the Brazilian version of Stupid Cupid.That same year she was featured in Mazzaropi's feature, Jeca Tatu. Another Campello's songs were Lacinhos Cor de Rosa,Billy and Banho de Lua (version of Tintarella di Luna by Mina).

Campello left the career in 1962, and moved to Campinas. She married José Eduardo Gomes Chacon, and had two children. In 1975 Campello had a brief comeback, presenting with her brother Tony at the festival in Rio de Janeiro.In 1976 she had a cameo appearance at TV Globo telenovela Estúpido Cupido, featuring her music  Celly Campello was Brazil's answer to Annette Funicello, was one of Brazil's real rock pioneers. Celly was one of Brazil's earliest jovem guarda (pop stars) singing cutesy covers of American hits alongsidehomegrown songs about brotos and brotinhas, beachcombing teenyboppers whose pop culture as in America  was created almost out of whole cloth by an eager, energetic, avaricious recording industry. Regardless of how prefab the whole jovem guarda scene may have been, Celly Campello was one of its finest artists,belting out innocent, optimistic songs with a fine, squeaky voice and plenty of good-naturedenthusiasm One of the earliest of the ie-ie-ie rockers, the swinging Miss Campello was,Brazil's answer to Brenda Lee, Annette Funicello, and other '50s teen idols. She was one of the first, and liveliest, Brazilian rockers, covering North American pop tunes and Brazilian soundalikes.

 Campello died on 4 March 2003 of breast cancer,

Rika Zaraï 1969 - Alors Je Chante

Rika Zaraï 1969 - Alors Je Chante

01 Alors je chante

02 Trois perles de pluie

03 Douce douce

04 Un mur à Jerusalem

05 Les pommes du voisin

06 Demain sera demain

07 Casatschok

08 L'oiseau bleu

09 Viens danser

10 La robe à franges

11 Le pays de l'enfance

12 Quel beau dimanche




Born 19 February 1938) is an Israeli singer,

Rika Gozman (later Zarai) was born in Jerusalem.  In the 1950s, the Israeli writer, Aharon Megged, wrote a musical for the entertainment troupe about five soldiers falling in love with five country girls. In 1956, it was produced commercially by the Ohel theater starring Rika Zarai. The music was written by her husband Yochanan Zarai, with lyrics and melodies by Naomi Shemer.In1969, Zarai rose to fame with her songs Casatschok and Alors je chante, the French version of Vivo Cantando. She went on to have a successful career in Europe, where she popularized  classic songs such as Hava Nagila, and Hallelujah.Zarai sings in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. She lives in Paris but visits Israel periodically. According to a report in the Israeli newspapers in 2008, she suffered a stroke which paralyzed the left side of her body.

Righteous Brothers -The Complete Singles

 Righteous Brothers -The Complete Singles

01 - Little Latin Lupe Lu
02 - I'm So Lonely
03 - My Babe
04 - Fee-Fi-Fidily-I-Oh
05 - Koko Joe
06 - B-Flat Blues
07 - Try To Find Another Man
08 - I Still Love You
09 - Bring Your Love To Me
10 - If You're Lyin', You'll Be Cryin'
11 - This Little Girl Of Mine
12 - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
13 - There's A Woman
14 - Bring Your Love To Me
15 - Fannie Man
16 - Just Once In My Life
17 - The Blues
18 - You Can Have Her
19 - Love Or Magic
20 - Justine
21 - In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin'

01 - Unchained Melody
02 - Hung On You
03 - For Your Love
04 - Gotta Tell You How I Feel
05 - Ebb Tide
06 - For Sentimental Reasons
07 - Georgia On My Mind
08 - My Tears Will Go Away
09 - (You're My) Soul And Inspiration
10 - B Side Blues
11 - He
12 - He Will Break Your Heart
13 - Bring Your Love To Me
14 - I Need A Girl
15 - Let The Good Times Roll, Little Latin Lupe Lu, Koko Joe (Medley)
16 - Hot Tamales
17 - Go Ahead And Cry
18 - Things Didn't Go Your Way
19 - The White Cliffs Of Dover
20 - She's Mine, All Mine
21 - On This Side Of Goodbye
22 - A Man Without A Dream

01 - Along Came Jones
02 - Jimmy's Blues
03 - Melancholy Music Man
04 - Don't Give Up On Me
05 - Go Ahead And Cry
06 - (You're My) Soul And Inspiration
07 - Hold On I'm Coming
08 - He Will Break Your Heart
09 - I Believe
10 - Melancholy Music Man
11 - Island In The Sun
12 - I (Who Have Nothing)
13 - Something You Got
14 - My Girl
15 - Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere
16 - Been So Nice
17 - Here I Am
18 - So Many Lonely Nights Ahead
19 - Rock And Roll Heaven
20 - I Just Wanna Be Me
21 - Give It To The People
22 - Love Is Not A Dirty Word

01 - Dream On
02 - Dr Rock And Roll
03 - Never Say I Love You
04 - High Blood Pressure
05 - Substitute
06 - Young Blood
07 - Hold On (To What You've Got)
08 - Let Me Make The Music
09 - Unchained Melody
10 - Hung On You
11 - Unchained Melody '90
12 - American Rock And Roll
13 - Unchained Melody '90
14 - unchained Melody (Timeless Love Extended Version)
15 - Unchained Melody (Timeless Love Instrumental Version)
16 - Ebb Tide '90
17 - Rock And Roll Heaven '91

The Complete Singles - (Back1)
The Complete Singles - (Back2)
The Complete Singles - (Back3)
The Complete Singles - (Back4)
The Complete Singles - (Disc1)
The Complete Singles - (Disc2)
The Complete Singles - (Disc3)
The Complete Singles - (Disc4)
The Complete Singles - (Front1)
The Complete Singles - (Front2)
The Complete Singles - (Front3)
The Complete Singles - (Front4)

Sound Incorporated / Tarzan / Rigsby Records – RIGCD 7753 / UK Compilation 2007


Sound Incorporated   /  Tarzan   /  Rigsby Records – RIGCD 7753   /  UK     Compilation  2007


3Last Night
6Justice Neddi
8Grab This Thing
11Keep Moving
13William Tell
16Sounds Like Locomotion
17Boil Over
18My Little Red Book
19Hall Of The Mountain King
21One Mint Julep
22I'm Coming Through
23Order Of The Keys
24On The Rebound
25Ready Teady
26Twilight Of An Empire
27Rinky Dink
28I'm In Love Again
 If We Lived On Top Of A Mountain 
Bahama Sound

Sounds Incorporated were a saxophone-led instrumental style sextet,
 from Dartford, Kent, England. The group formed in 1961 and had their first taste of success
 backing Gene Vincent for his UK tour as a replacement for The Blue Caps who had been
 denied British work permits. They initially released a single "Mogambo" on the Parlophone
 label and later produced three singles on Decca, the last of which "Keep Movin'"
was produced by Joe Meek. The group had already made use of the unique sound
 of an electronic 'Clavioline' keyboard before this recording and it was an instrument
 also adopted by another Meek-produced group, The Tornados.

Whilst performing in Hamburg in 1963 Sounds Incorporated gained the attention
 of The Beatles and were subsequently signed to NEMS by Brian Epstein.
 The group toured with The Beatles as the opening act, including the famous
Shea Stadium concert in New York. 
Sounds Incorporated began releasing singles
on the Columbia label, gaining  success in the UK charts. Their third single "William Tell"
 reached #2 in the Australian charts in 1964, the same year that the band released
 their first eponymous album and became a regular backing group for Cilla Black.
 Another album followed, also titled "Sounds Incorporated", on EMI's Studio 2 label in 1966.

Sounds Incorporated had shortened their name to "Sounds Inc" by 1967
 and Cameron, Holmes and West also featured as the saxophone section
 on the track "Good Morning Good Morning" for The Beatles' album
"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". The group then left EMI and recorded
 the single "How Do You Feel", featuring vocals for the first time,
on the Polydor label. 
Sounds Incorporated began to disintegrate
 when Newman departed, performing  with the Jeff Beck Group,
 and with Cameron leaving to follow a career in A&R.
The group moved to Australia where their popularity was stronger
but, after the release of a further LP, 
Sounds Incorporated finally broke up in 1971.

The Shadow knows Vol 1-2

The Shadow knows Vol 1-2


The Shadow knows Vol 1-2

Vol 1

V.A. - The Shadow Knows: 34 Scary Tales From The Vaults Of Horror 

Label: Bear Family Records # BCD 17534


01. Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers - Monster Gonzales

02. Screaming Lord Sutch - Murder In The Graveyard

03. The Phantom Five - Graveyard

04. Screamin‘ Jay Hawkins - Frenzy

05. Jack & Jim - Midnight Monsters Hop

06. The Surfmen - The Ghost Hop

07. Bert Convy - The Monsters Hop

08. Movie Trailer - I Was A Teenage Werwolf

09. Lord Dent & The Invaders - Wolf Call

10. Jackie Morningstar - Rockin‘ In The Graveyard

11. The Goofers - Goofy Dry Bones

12. Movie Trailer - Black Sunday

13. Gene Kardos & His Orchestra - Zombie

14. Ken Nordine & His Kinsmen - Strollin‘ Spooks

15. Tommy Dee & The Mellotones - Dragonfly

16. Bob & Jerry - Ghost Satellite

17. Movie Trailer - Plan 9 From Outer Space

18. Sonny Day - Creature From Outer Space

19. The Swanks - Ghost Train

20. George Morgan - Tennessee Hillbilly Ghost

21. Kay Starr - The Headless Horseman

22. Hank Snow - Ghost Trains

23. The Chantays - Ghost Riders In The Sky

24. The Cadillacs - The Boogie Man

25. Movie Trailer - Horror Of Dracula

26. Bobby Bare - Vampira

27. Rod Willis - The Cat

28. The Coasters - The Shadow Knows

29. The Poets Dead

30. Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads - The Goo Goo Muck

31. Lynn Cornell - Demon Lover

32. Archie Bleyer - The Rockin‘ Ghost

33. George Barnes - Spooky

34. Link Wray & His Raymen - The Shadow Knows

The Shadow knows Vol 1-2

Vol 2

The Shadow knows Vol 1-2


1 David Carroll & His Orchestra– Hell's Bells 2:20
2 Daddy Cleanhead & The Chuck Higgins Band*– Something's Goin' On In My Room 2:10
3 Kenny Owens– Frog Man Hop 2:02
4 Bert Convy– The Gorilla 1:47
5 Billy Duke & His Dukes*– Roland 2:36
6 Carlos Casal, Jr.*– Don't Meet Mr. Frankenstein 2:14
7 Bo McFarren & Dor w. The 7 Spirits*– Frankie And Igor At A Rock And Roll Party 2:29
8 Sonny Richard's 'Panics'* with Cindy & Misty– The Voodoo Walk 2:13
9 Ted Heath & His Music*– The Creep 2:31
10 No Artist– Vampire Circus Movie Trailer 0:39
11 Putney Dandridge & His Orchestra*– The Skeleton In The Closet 2:31
12 Jackie Brooks– The Raven 2:50
13 Freddy Countryman– The Raven 2:11
14 Duane Turley with The Tads (3)– Devil's Den 2:26
15 Bill Buchanan (2)– Beware! 2:31
16 Alma Cogan– Mystery Street 2:31
17 Jan August– The Naughty Ghost 2:36
18 Somethin' Smith & The Redheads– When All The Streets Are Dark 2:30
19 Dean Martin– Ghost Riders In The Sky 2:01
20 Salty Holmes– The Ghost Song 2:01
21 Gin Gillette– Train To Satanville 2:54
22 Baker Knight– Theme From 'The Devil's Hand' 2:37
23 Baron Daemon & The Vampires– Ghost Guitars 2:25
24 Duane Eddy– Twistin’ Off A Cliff 1:34
25 Bob Guy & Frank Zappa– Dear Jeepers 2:29
26 Bob Guy & Frank Zappa– Letter From Jeepers 2:23
27 Bracey Everett– The Lover's Curse 2:13
28 Jim Burgett– Split Personality (Jekyll And Hyde) 2:26
29 The Crossfires– Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde 2:15
30 Los Gibson Boys– El Vampiro 2:40
31 Louis Armstrong & Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra*– Spooks! 2:36
32 The Champs– Experiment In Terror 2:02
33 The Sherwoods (3)– Tickler 2:07
34 Paul Peek– The Shadow Knows 2:43
35 No Artist– The Shadow Knows - Radio Intro To 'Detective Story Hour' 0:15


Ty To Original Sharer

The Shadow knows Vol 1-2

The Flee-Rekkers - Green Jeans

 The Flee-Rekkers - Green Jeans


 The Flee-Rekkers - Green Jeans

The Flee-Rekkers - Bitter Rice

The Flee-Rekkers - Black Buffalo

The Flee-Rekkers - Blue Tango

The Flee-Rekkers - Brer Robert (demo)

The Flee-Rekkers - Brer Robert

The Flee-Rekkers - Buckeye (demo)

The Flee-Rekkers - Cerveza

The Flee-Rekkers - El Rancho Rock (demo)

The Flee-Rekkers - Fandango

The Flee-Rekkers - Fireball

The Flee-Rekkers - Hangover

The Flee-Rekkers - Isle of Capri

The Flee-Rekkers - It's A Triumph! (Radio Luxembourg jingle)

The Flee-Rekkers - Lone Rider

The Flee-Rekkers - Miller Like Wow!

The Flee-Rekkers - P.F.B. (Phil The Fluter's Ball)

The Flee-Rekkers - Shiftless Sam (demo)

The Flee-Rekkers - Shiftless Sam

The Flee-Rekkers - Some Kinda Earthquake (demo)

The Flee-Rekkers - Stage To Cimmaron

The Flee-Rekkers - Summertime (demo)

The Flee-Rekkers - Sunburst

The Flee-Rekkers - Sunday Date (demo)

The Flee-Rekkers - Sunday Date

The Flee-Rekkers - Taboo (demo)

The Flee-Rekkers - Twistin' The Chestnuts


Chick with the Ted Cameron Group & the DJs - Coole Water

Chick with the Ted Cameron Group & the DJs - Early In The Morning

Ricky Wayne with The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers - Chick A'Roo

Ricky Wayne with The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers - Don't Pick On Me

The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers - Green Jeans

The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers - You Are My Sunshine

The Flee-Rekkers – also known as The Fabulous Flee-Rakkers – were a British instrumental rock and roll band in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The spelling of the group's name varied between records. They were fronted by tenor saxophonist Peter Fleerakkers (or Fleerackers), and their records were produced by Joe Meek. Their biggest hit was "Green Jeans" in 1960.
The group was influenced by saxophone-led bands like Johnny and the Hurricanes. They started under the names The Ramblers and The Statesiders (from February 1959), before taking a more permanent name derived from that of their leader Peter Fleerekkers (tenor sax) (born Peter Fleerackers, 1938, Holland), whose father was Dutch. Other members of the group were Dave 'Tex' Cameron (lead guitar) (born 21 October 1939, Ealing, West London), Alan Monger (rhythm guitar, baritone sax) (born 12 October 1939, Hackney, East London), Elmy Durrant (tenor sax) (born 24 March 1939, Edgware, Middlesex), Derek Skinner (bass) (born 5 March 1942, London), and Mickey Waller (drums).
They were spotted playing at a The Hive Jive, The Putney Ballroom in Putney, South West London in late 1959, and successfully auditioned for record producer Joe Meek.[2] He produced their first single, "Green Jeans", a rocked-up version of the traditional "Greensleeves" released on Meek's own label, Triumph Records, in early 1960. The record reached No. 23 on the UK Singles Chart, but demand outstripped Meek's capacity to supply copies. After the Triumph label collapsed, the record was reissued on the Top Rank label, which itself was then taken over by EMI. The group also featured on a single, "Hot Chick-A-Roo", by singer Ricky Wayne 

The Flee-Rekkers released several more singles and an EP with less success, at first on the Pye label, and then on Piccadilly.  According to the liner notes of their EP, they "were the first 'rock' group to be signed for a long term contract with Mecca after making appearances at their ballrooms up and down the country, and in the London area." They toured Britain extensively in the early 1960s, with a reputedly "wild" live act.  Their final single in 1963, "Fireball", a version of the theme music to the animated TV series Fireball XL5, arranged by Tony Hatch, is regarded as one of their best.

The group broke up in August 1963. Fleerakkers played in various unsuccessful bands before leaving the music business in the late 1960s. Cameron, Monger and Durrant formed a new group, The Giants, who mainly performed in Germany. They played at The Top Ten Club, Hamburg, West Germany with new lead singer Tony Vincent (born 12 May 1941,They had already been joined by bassist Harry Kershaw (born 5 October 1944,  and drummer Kenny Slade (born 27 May 1939,  Skinner became a member of the Spotnicks.  Waller became a leading session drummer, playing with such musicians as Cyril Davies, Long John Baldry, Rod Stewart, Brian Auger, John Mayall and Jeff Beck; 

V.A. Pippermint Twist (Rockin' Twist - Instrumentals - Exotica And Other Sound From Spain 1958-1966)

Hi folks:

For many years I have had this album in my collection as one of my favorites, since it is a look at the first Spanish bands in the early sixties, bands that with some exceptions later had no repercussion on the Spanish music scene.
There are bands that would later achieve fame in Spain, such as "Los Pekenikes" or "Los Relámpagos", being the best instrumental bands in the country, but that originally had a really raw sound, in contrast to their later elegant sound. .
I would also like to comment on "Espacial" from "Los Continentales", which has always been compared to "Telstar", although "Los Continentales" released it before "The Tornados", I suppose that if it had been behind them as in "Tornados" "The great Joe Meek would have been a worldwide hit.

Enjoy this vision of the birth of Spanish music.

Side 1

Los Pekenikes - Twist De Los Elefantes

Dúo Rúbam - Hiedra Venenosa

Los Giovanes - El Vendedor De Melones

Maleni Castro - Juventud Twist

Rudy Ventura Y Su Conjunto - Twist, Twist, Twist

Los Continentales - Espacial

Side 2

Baby - Pippermint Twist

Los Extraños - Marabunta

The Finder's - Shu Bi Du Do Slop

Edward Y Los Windys - No Sabes Bailar

Kuldip - El Salvaje

Sylvia - Con Los Caminantes - Mi Andaluz

Side 3

Los Sirex - Nobody But You

Los Relámpagos - Minnesota Fats

The Rocking Boys - Una Rubia De Miedo

Jorge Miranda - Kana Kapila

Latin Quartet - Ali Baba Twist

Cuarteto Maranatha - Shadrack

Side 4

Los Kramer's - Panorama

Os Duques - Haz El Mono

Los Delta - Pronto... Pronto!

Els 4 Gats - El Miner

Los Pantalones Azules - Johnny, Sé Bueno

Marietta - Rock Night

Ragged Edges - Single 1967

Canadian band from St. Catharines, Ontario active in the late 1960s. Lineup was Dan Foster (vocals), Gary Webb (rhythm guitar), Sandy Bryant (drums), Wayne McNeil (bass), Tony Ronza (lead guitar).

Members of the Ragged Edges participating  two reunion shows include Sandy Bryant, Norm Wintrip, Wayne MacNeil and Gary Webb.

A: Good Times

B: Why Don't You



 Hi to all ! First of all, I want to apologize that I could not warn about my absence from the blog ...

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Dusty, Aussie, please contact me ( I'm wondering which of the suggested options seemed acceptable to you.

Sorry again. All the best. And take care of yourself.

I'm waiting for your comments, remarks and suggestions  the proposed options. Is its worth it? Dmitrich

The Herd - Paradise Lost. The Complete UK Fontana RecordingsCelly Compello  Estúpido Cupido  BOX set 6 CDRika Zaraï 1969 - Alors Je Chante Righteous Brothers -The Complete SinglesSound Incorporated   /  Tarzan   /  Rigsby Records – RIGCD 7753   /  UK     Compilation  2007The Shadow knows Vol 1-2V.A. Pippermint Twist (Rockin' Twist - Instrumentals - Exotica And Other Sound From Spain 1958-1966)Ragged Edges - Single 1967

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