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Sweet Smoke - 1970

Artist: Sweet Smoke
Album: Just A Poke
Original Release Date: : 1970
Genre: Rock\EarlyProgressive
Mp3\МИК(320-240 kbs)\56 Mb
"To Sweet Smoke music was not simply a collection of songs that the audience would sit back and listen to, but rather it was a living vehicle through which they could share with everyone their vision and joy of life.To Sweet Smoke music was magic, their concerts were an interaction between them and their audiences, and their group was like a Cosmic Space Ship forever exploring the unknown regions of our musical universe."
Michael Paris: Sax, Flute, Vocal
Marvin Kaminowitz: Guitar, Vocal
Steve Rosenstein: Guitar, Vocals
Rochus Kuhn: Violin, Cello
Jeffrey Dershin: Piano, Percussion, Vocals
Andrew Dershin: Bass
Jay Dorfman: Drums
Sweet Smoke responsible for all manner of percussion
Sweet Smoke was an American music group living and playing in Europe from 1970 till 1974. Originally from N.Y. the group moved to Germany where they lived as a family commune.
1. Baby Night (Sweet Smoke) (16:24)
2. Silly Sally (Sweet Smoke) (16:22)

The Guess Who - It's Time (1966)

Mp3\320 kbs\68 Mb

Who that does not know? Then here...

The Guess Who - It's Time (1966)

01-All Right

02-And She's Mine


04-You Know He Did

05-Baby Feelin'

06-Clock On The Wall

07-Don't Act So Bad

08-Believe Me

09-Seven Long Years

10-One Day

11-Gonna Search

12-Guess I'll Find A Place

LINK 1 :

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - Best Of

Artist: Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
Album: Best Of
Year: 2001
Genre: PopRock
Format: Mp3\320 kbs\130 Mb
This was not the only sixties group to have a silly name - Creedence Clearwater Revival was another that immediately comes to mind - and it didn't stop them making some upbeat, guitar-based rock music of really quality. It seems that they failed to make any impact in America, but they had thirteen hits in their native Britain between 1966 and 1969, many going high in the top ten.
Their only number one hit was The legend of Xanadu, but Zabadak reached number two while Save me, Bend it and Hold tight all reached number four. All these hits plus all their lesser hits and a few misses are included here.
Although most (but not all) of the songs are upbeat, fun songs, there is a remarkable variety of styles within this collection. Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich may well be the best British group of the sixties to fail in America. Although not up to the standard of the Beatles or the Rolling
01. The Legend Of Xanadu
02. Don Juan
03. Okay!
04. Zabadak!
05. Bend It
06. Wreck Of The Antoinette
07. Save Me
08. Mr. President
09. Hold Tight
10. Touch Me, Touch Me
11. Nose For Trouble
12. We've Got A Good Thing Goin'
13. I'm On The Up
14. Snake In The Grass
15. Hideaway
16. Master Llewellyn
17. Marina
18. You Make It Move
19. Last Night In Soho
20. All I Want To Do
21. If I Were A Carpenter
22. Hard To Love You
23. No Time
24. My Woman's Man
25. Hands Off

John Lennon's original Quarrymen - Get Back - Together

Artist: Quarrymen
Album: Get Back - Together
Year: 1997
Genre: Rock\Skiffle
Format: Mp3\320 kbs\70 Mb
Pete Shotton - washboard, bassLen Garry - vocals, guitarEric Griffiths - guitarRod Davis - vocals, guitarColin Hanton - drums

Yeah, yeah, yeah!Under the title "John Lennon's Original Quarrymen Get Back - Together", the CD contains fifteen tracks recreated from their 1957 Quarrymen repertoire. Recorded in Liverpool in 1997, the tracks on the CD are from Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins, Lonnie Donegan and other Quarrymen heroes as follows: Mean Woman Blues - Midnight Special - Blue Moon of Kentucky - I forgot to remember to forget - Whole lotta shakin' - Pick a bale of Cotton - That's all right, Mama - Blue Suede Shoes - When the sun goes down - Don't be cruel - You're right, I'm left, she's gone - Bebop-a-Lula - Have I told you lately that I love you - Twenty flight rock - Lost John

John Lennon's original Quarrymen - Get Back - Together
1. Mean Woman Blues
2. Midnight Special
3. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
4. I Forgot To Remember To Forget
5. Whole Lotta Shakin'
6. Pick A Bale Of Cotton
7. That's All Right Mama
8. Blue Suede Shoes
9. When The Sun Goes Down
10. Don't Be Cruel
11. You're Right I'm Left She's Gone
12. Bebop-A-Lula
13. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
14. Twenty Flight Rock
15. Lost John

The Paramounts – pre Procol Harum

Artist: The Paramounts
Album: Whiter Shades Of R’N’B
Release Date: 1983
Label: Edsel, Demon
Time: 36:59
Genre: Rock
Styles: R&B, Brit Beat
Format: mp3 320 FLAC + CUE + LOG (cover in)
Size: 81,7 Mb 95,7 + 67,3 Mb (RAR, 3% recovery)
"I first saw The Paramounts in 1962 in a low-key hop in a Leigh-on-Sea community hall. At this time, most groups in the Southend area were playing the songs from the current hit parade as required in the local dance halls. However, this group was not churning out Bobby Vee or Shadows tunes; I was to hear strange songs about 'Peanut Butter' and about 'Three Cool Cats' intermingled with familiar, but unfashionable rockers gleaned from records by Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. The group's line-up comprised the regular lead guitar, bass, and drums; but instead of the usual rhythm guitar, the vocalist was utilising the hall's old piano, a mike thrust into the top. Even more unusual was the small gathering of unofficial 'backing vocalists' clustered around the stage. Their chants were lending response to those opening shouts of the US Bonds song 'New Orleans'; their unison of wails constituted the chorus of that incredible song about 'Peanut Butter'. On asking one of the choristers about the band, I was informed that The Paramounts were resident at The Shades Cellar Club on Sunday nights." MORE:
Gary Brooker – piano, vocals (1-2-3-4)
Robin Trower – guitar (1-2-3-4)
Chris Copping – bass (1-2-3)
Mick Brownlee – drums (1-2)
Bob Scott – vocals (1
)Barry J. Wilson – drums (3-4)
Diz Derrick – bass (4)
1. Poison Ivy (Leiber, Stoller) - 2:09
2. I Feel Good All Over (Blackwell, Scott) - 2:11
3. Little Bitty Pretty One (Byrd) - 2:15
4. A Certain Girl (Neville) - 2:11
5. I'm the One Who Loves You (Mayfield) - 2:07
6. It Won't Be Long (Brooker, Trower) - 2:02
7. Bad Blood (Leiber, Stoller) - 2:03
8. Do I (Williams) - 2:04
9. Blue Ribbons (DeShannon, Sheeley) - 2:22
10. Cuttin' In (Watson) - 2:43
11. You Never Had It So Good (Sloan) - 2:53
12. Doncha Like My Love (Brooker, Trower) - 2:15
13. Draw Me Closer (Carroll, Payne) - 1:56
14. Turn on Your Love Light (Malone, Scott) - 2:21
15. You've Got What I Want (Dallon) - 1:56
16. Freedom (Mingus) - 3:22
!!!! Pass: first – ship; second – kandykorn !!!!!

Dick Dale - Unknown Territory (1994)

Dick Dale (born Richard Anthony Monsour on May 4 1937 y, in Quincy, Massachusetts is "The King of the Surf Guitar": a pioneer of surf rock and one of the most influential guitarists of the 1960s. He experimented with reverberation and made use of custom made Fender amplifiers, including the first ever 100 watt amp. NEXT :
2.F Groove
3.Terra Dicktyl
4.Take It Or Leave It
5.Ghostriders In The Sky
6.Fish Taco
7.California Sun
8.Maria Elena
9.Hava Nagila
10.The Beast
11.Unknown Territory
12.Ring Of Fire

The Merseybeats - The Merseybeats (1964)

Originally called The Mavericks, Tony Crane (born Anthony Crane, 17 April1945, in Anfield, Liverpool) and Billy Kinsley (born William Ellis Kinsley, 28 November 1946, at The Mill Road Hospital, Mill Road, Anfield, Liverpool) formed their first band in late 1960 and became The Pacifics in September 1961. They were re-named The Mersey Beats in February 1962 by Bob Wooler, MC of the famous Cavern Club. Later in April 1962 they became The Merseybeats. By now Crane and Kinsley had joined up with guitarist Aaron Williams (born 23 June 1942, in Liverpool) and drummer John Banks (born 23 September 1943, in Liverpool died 20 April 1988). They were originally signed to the Brian Epstein organisation, but when Epstein failed to supply The Merseybeats with the same classy suits that he had given The Beatles, they parted company with him, much to their later regret. NEXT:
1 Milkman
2 Hello Young Lovers
3 He Will Break Your Heart
4 Funny Face
5 Really Mystified
6 The Girl That I Marry
7 Fools Like Me
8 My Heart And I
9 Bring It On Home To Me
10 Lavender Blue
11 Jumpin' Jonah
12 Don't Turn Around
13 It's Love That Really Counts
14 Fortune Teller
15 I Think Of You
16 Mister Moonlight
17 Wishin' And Hopin'
18 Last Night (I Made A Little Girl Cry)

The Fourmost - First and Fourmost (1965)

Lead guitarist / singer Brian O' Hara and bass guitarist / singer Billy Hatton, friends since grammar school, formed The Blue Jays in 1958. The group changed their name to the Four Jays, and made their debut at the Cavern Club on March 1, 1961, nearly three weeks before The Beatles. Rhythm guitarist/ singer Mike Millward joined the Four Jays in November 1961, followed by the drummer/singer Dave Lovelady in September 1962. In the summer of 1963, the group -- now called The Fourmost -- signed a management contract with Brian Epstein. This led to their being auditioned by George Martin and signed to EMI's Parlophone record label. NEXT:
Official Site of The Fourmost:
1-Something s Got A Hold On Me Mon
2-Till You Say You ll Be Min
3-Yakety Yak
5-My Block
6-So Fine
7-SomeKind Of Wonderful
8-The Girl Can"t Help It
9-Today Im In Love
10-The In Crowd
11-Baby Sittin Boogie- !!!!
12-Heebie Jeebies
13-Sure To Fall In Love With You
14-Bound To Lose My Heart
15-Something`s Got A Hold On Me

Arcadium - Breathe Awhile (1969)

Country: UK
Years: 1969
Mp3\320 kbs\126 Mb
- Graham Best / bass, vocals
- Allan Ellwood / organ, vocals
- John Albert Parker / drums
- Robert Ellwood / lead guitar, vocals
- Miguel Sergides / 12-string guitar, vocals
ARCADIUM "Breathe Awhile" CD was originally released in the UK in 1969 and perhaps most closely aligned with the heavier side of psychedelia, this obscure album, is a standard fixture on many a collector's 'most wanted' list. The intense 12-minute guitar and organ-driven opening track, 'On My Way', sets the album's slow-burning epic tone. The whole album is high quality, with no stale moments, but highlights include 'Poor Lady', the 7 minute 'Walk On the Bad Side', and the 10-minute 'Birth, Life and Death'. This CD reissue also includes two rare bonus tracks: 'Sing My Song' and 'Riding Alone'
Arcadium was another list of obscure British psychedelic bands. They had their start playing at such clubs as The Middle Earth (where every act you can imagine from well known, like Pink Floyd, to little known acts like Writing on the Wall, Wooden O, and Tam White were seen performing there). A small label called Middle Earth, who released only five albums, (one being a compilation called Earthed, another by Writing on the Wall called The Power of the Picts which I have reviewed here) released Breathe Awhile their one and only LP.
The band consisted of (presumably) brothers Allan Ellwood (organ, vocals) and Robert Ellwood (lead guitar, vocals), as well as John Albert Parker (drums), Graham Best (bass, vocals), and Miguel Sergides (12-string guitar, vocals). The music is late '60s British psychedelia with some early prog leanings, where guitar and Hammond organ dominates. NEXT:
and MORE:
Track Listings

1. I'm on my way (11:51)
2. Poor lady (3:59)
3. Walk on the bad side (7:35)
4. Woman of a thousand years (3:39)
5. Change me (4:47)
6. It takes a woman (3:53)
7. Birth, life and death (10:19)
Bonus tracks
8. Sing my song (4:18)
9. Riding alone (2:48)

The Zombies - BIG BEAT (the Decca stereo anthology)

Years: With 1964 - basically singles...
Mp3\320kbs\260 Mb(3 party)
Audio CD (November 11, 2002)
Original Release Date: 1964

Disc 1
01-It's Alright With Me

02-She's Not There

03-You Make Me Feel Good



06-Leave Me Be
07-Kind Of Girl
09-I'm Goin' Home
10-Road Runner
11-Sticks And Stones
12-Walking In the Sun
13-I Don't Want To Know
14-Tell Her No
15-What More Can I Do
16-I Remember When I Loved Her
17-I Want You Back Again (Alternate Take)
18-Can't Nobody Love You
19-The Way I Feel Inside
20-I Got My Mojo Working
21-You Really Got A Hold On Me - Bring It On Home To Me
22-I Can't Make Up My Mind
23-Work N' Play
24-I Want You Back Again (Single Version)

Disc 2

01-She's Coming Home
02-I Must Move
03-Just Out Of Reach
04-Remember You (Soundtrack Version)
05-Nothing's Changed
06-I'll Keep Trying
07-Don't Go Away
08-Whenever You're Ready
09-How We Were Before
10-I Love You
11-If It Don't Work Out
12-I Know She Will
13-Don't Cry For Me
14-Remember You (Single Version)
15-Is This The Dream
17-I'll Call You Mine
18-Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself
19-She Does Everything For Me
20-Goin' Out Of My Head
21-Leave Me Be (Backing Track Take 1)
22-Work N' Play (Take 2 False Start - Take 3)
23-Just Out Of Reach (Backing Track - Take 4)
24-Whenever You're Ready (Backing Track - Take 1)
Recommended for Zombies fans and 60s fans.
"The Zombies in True Stereo--what a treat! This album has very clear true stereo the way it was meant to be recorded back in the sixties. I rate this album a must have with a plus 10 rating- The stereo is incredible with all tracks excellent--Zombie fans must all get this album (the Decca recordings) and play it loud!!!!! This beats any other Zombie out as far as stereo sound....Buy it now"(J. R Sategna )
"Although I rarely dip into the musical past, the Zombies music still haunts me after all these years. This brilliant band from the 60's recorded some amazing music that never got the recognition it deserved. Unlike a lot of music from that era, much of what the Zombies did still holds up today. Their originals and covers both offer a unique style even now. This collection offers the best sound quality available that helps make their music sound as good today as I remembered it to be. Although I own a few of their other collections, this one is it. Buy it now! There are 48 cuts on the two CDs, so pick 20 or so of your favorites and create the best Zombies collection one could hope for. The only essential missing link from this collection is "Time of the Season" and you can get that elsewhere and add it to your mix.. " (R. Sousa "usarj" )
Sweet Smoke - 1970The Guess Who - It's Time (1966)Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - Best OfJohn Lennon's original Quarrymen - Get Back - TogetherThe Paramounts – pre Procol HarumDick Dale - Unknown Territory (1994)The Merseybeats - The Merseybeats (1964)The Fourmost - First and Fourmost (1965)Arcadium - Breathe Awhile (1969)The Zombies - BIG BEAT (the Decca stereo anthology)

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