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Soul Inc. - Volume 1

Soul Inc. - Volume 1
Louisville, Kentucky garage rock band active in the mid- to late-1960s whose name was coined by bassist/vocalist Jimmie Orten. Their first single, "Don't You Go", appeared in 1965.

In 1968, several members formed the short-lived splinter group Elysian Field while original guitarist Wayne Young kept the band's name onstage with a cast of new members.

Soul Inc. - Volume 1

Louisville, Kentucky garage rock band active in the mid- to late-1960s whose name was coined by bassist/vocalist Jimmie Orten. Their first single, "Don't You Go", appeared in 1965. In 1968, several members formed the short-lived splinter group Elysian Field while original guitarist Wayne Young kept the band's name onstage with a cast of new members.
”The Louisville, Kentucky band which released 7 great 45s between 1966-1969 which just ring out with great fuzz guitar, Hammond Organ, Mellotrons, and hard-driving vocals. 20 tracks including unreleased material and a great Psychedelic sampler track from their later incarnation The Elysian Field. They take a tour named ”Caravan of stars tour” with The Byrds, We Five, Paul Revere & The Raiders and Bo Diddley.”
”Soul. Inc, although displaying a magnitude of soul influences, diverged into practically every other mid-60s genre. Their name was not entirely apt! The 20 featured tracks trace the Louisville band’s musical journey from 1965 until ’69 via a number of 45s released on local labels, alternate takes and previously unreleased songs. “Stronger Than Dirt” (later covered by fellow garage bands the Daybreakers and Us Four) is a fuzz laden tune, with a soul tinged verse, a wild solo, pounding drums and a comical lyric, apparently inspired by an Ajax advert from the TV. Danceable 60s garage punk just doesn’t come any better! A few months later when the Byrds startled every young band with “Eight Miles High” Soul Inc’s reaction was to write “60 Miles High” on which they nearly managed to achieve the psychedelic zest of the Byrds. “UFO” which is so influenced by Dylan that it might as well be fellow imitators Mouse & The Traps, is another excellent example of garage band parody. The magnificent moog segment is uncannily like the whacky sounds on the Osmond’s hit “Crazy Horses”. Soul Inc an influence on the Osmonds? Maybe! Finally, the later proto-punk number “I Hate You” blends hard rock fret abuse with nihilistic singing. By the end of the decade the soul influence had completely gone.”


Soul Inc. ‎– Volume 2

Soul Inc. ‎– Volume 2

Gear Fab Records continues its Souls Inc. story with the release of Volume 2. Originally a singles band from Kentucky, Soul Inc. was formed in 1965 when guitarist Wayne Young and drummer Marvin Maxwell secured a place on Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars tour prior to even forming a band. The two hired some musicians and backed up the likes of Lou Christi, Reparata & the Delrons, and others. On the second Dick Clark tour, Soul Inc. opened as a stand-alone band and quickly became a favorite of many of the top acts of the day, including Paul Revere & the Raiders. Over the following months, Soul Inc. built a reputation for themselves and began recording singles. The band recorded songs for the Rondo, Star Records, Boss and Counterpart labels, and became one of the most popular acts in Kentucky. Volume 1 of the Soul Inc. story collected 20 of the band's singles recorded between 1965 and 1969. Volume 2 now continues that story with an additional 16 tracks that were not on Volume 1, and features one song from the next incarnation of the band (known as the Elysian Field, not to be confused with the dream-pop band or the black-metal band named Elysian Fields). The music ranged from Beatles-influenced pop, garage rock, and surf-styled instrumentals to Motown soul and psychedelic rock. Throughout their entire career the band was constantly experimenting and progressing as the times changed. Soul Inc. split in 1969, with three members forming the Elysian Field while Wayne Young kept the Soul Inc. moniker and continued the band for a short time with various lineups. Sadly, by the end of 1969, Soul Inc. was no more. In 1999, Young reunited with the original band members and recorded a new Soul Inc. album. The sound quality on this CD is for the most part excellent, and is taken from master tapes where possible. With the release of this second compilation of Soul Inc.'s singles, the band's musical history has finally been completely documented

Soul Inc. ‎– Volume 2

2.Nothing But a Dream
3.Midnight Hour
4.Hanging Out My Tears
6.Don't You Go
7.Love Me When I'm Down
8.When I Stopped Dreaming
10.Soul Jam
11.Hanging Out My Tears - (alternate version)
12.Stronger Than Dirt - (original 45 version)
13.Midnight Hour - (alternate version)
15.Ready, Willing and Able
16.Get Right With Your Man - (original 45 version)
17.Mother Hate - (with Elysian Fields)

 SOUL INC were one of the biggest bands in Louisville during the 60's and released 7 singles between '65-'69. They recorded much more that was recently discovered in the studio archives. Great PSYCHEDELIC music that shows the band transition from mid- to late 60's when they became 'Elysian Field'. Includes 3 tracks under the name ELYSIAN FIELD.

Thanks a lot Dave for this share...

Grant Tracy & The Sunsets ‎– Everybody Shake! The Complete Recordings

Grant Tracy & The Sunsets  ‎– Everybody Shake! The Complete Recordings
The London group Grant Tracy & the Sunsets formed at the beginning of the 1960s and lasted through the British Invasion era into the middle of the 1960s without landing any hits. Singer Grant Tracy (born Roy Barker) and guitarist Pete Dello first met during the skiffle era, and the Sunsets coalesced around their playing at this odd institution called the 59 Club, which was actually in St. Mary of Eton, a London church whose vicar, Father John Oates, had opened the church hall as a gathering place for young people -- bands could play there as long as the members attended services, getting upwards of 1000 people at a time in their audiences. Tracy and Dello became the core of what eventually became Grant Tracy & the Sunsets, initially managed by Oates until church officials demanded that he divest himself of his involvement. They held together across several lineup changes, with Ray Cane eventually joining Dello as the guitar contingent and James Hurley and Norman Smith on drums and bass, respectively. Tracy and/or the Sunsets -- signed first to Ember Records and later, briefly, to Decca -- released eight singles and an LP between 1961 and 1965, the billing on those usually reading Grant Tracy & the Sunsets, though Tracy put out some solo tracks and the Sunsets did a 1961 single on their own. The group's sound was fairly representative of pre-Beatles British rock as a whole -- the desire to play rock & roll was there, but the chops, energy, and attitude were not, at least to even a fraction of a degree of their American counterparts. Their records varied between emulating Cliff Richard & the Shadows and American teen idols (particularly Del Shannon), but with far less distinction, or any material that stuck out as particularly deserving of notice. They did make one energetic if generic stab at the raucous early Merseybeat sound on their 1963 single "Everybody Shake." For all of their lack of success in England, however, the group found enough popularity in Germany to justify the release of a single on Telefunken, the German affiliate of London. All of their 1960s records, as well as half-a-dozen previously unreleased demos and previously unissued tracks, were collected on the 2003 CD anthology Everybody Shake! The Complete Collection. Fans of the later era of '60s British rock might be interested to note, however, that Pete Dello and Ray Cane later became core members of the Honeybus. Dello wrote some of Grant Tracy & the Sunsets' material, once in collaboration with Cane (for "Everybody Shake").

Grant Tracy & The Sunsets  ‎– Everybody Shake! The Complete Recordings

Both sides of all eight of the singles credited to either Grant Tracy & the Sunsets, Grant Tracy solo, or the Sunsets alone are on this 26-track anthology, along with four songs that only appeared on their 1963 LP Teenbeat and half a dozen demos and unreleased tracks. As an archival document, the thoroughness is admirable, enhanced by lengthy liner notes with memories from Pete Dello. As music, however, it's mediocre, just-pre-Beatles-styled British rock, whether they're doing Shadows-styled instrumentals or Tracy is imitating American teen idols. Few other singers emulated Del Shannon as blatantly as Tracy did, in fact, on some of these sides, like "Taming Tigers" and "Turn the Lights Down Jenny." The energy does rise several levels for the 1963 single "Everybody Shake," which takes its cues from the wildest side of early Merseybeat, even if the song isn't much. In a more bizarre twist, the group sings in German on their rare 1963 German single "Ya Ya Twist," backed by the yet stranger "Ein Manlein Steht Im Walde Twist," a rock update of a traditional German folk song about a one-legged man (no joke). Tracy updated his sound mildly for his final 1965 single, which was produced by Mark Wirtz, who also wrote the Ricky Nelson-styled "Bye Bye Jeannie," a previously unissued 1965 recording. But this is one only for British '60s rock completists, or big Honeybus fans curious as to what Pete Dello and Ray Cane were up to in their pre-Honeybus days.

The Beatmen - The Beatmen

The Beatmen were a Slovak rock band singing predominantly in English, that existed from 1964 to 1966. Although they released only 4 songs, they remain one of the most significant bands in the history of the Czechoslovak popular music. They were one of the first widely popular Big Beat bands in Czechoslovakia and they were one of the first bands from behind the iron curtain to play in the western Europe, in Munich.The band was the first bigger success for the singer and guitarist Dežo Ursiny, who later became a legend of the Czechoslovak music.

Music and sound of the Beatmen is mightily influenced especially by The Beatles, as is obvious from the listening. Their song Let's Make A Summer has been highly critically acclaimed and remains one of the best Czechoslovak pop songs ever written.

VA - Big Beat Line 1965-1968

VA - Big Beat Line 1965-1968

It may (still) not be common knowledge yet, but one of Europe's best beat scenes of the '60s could be found in Czechoslowakia. This awesome DOUBLE-CD compilation contains recordings from essential representatives s.a. The Beatmen (6 tracks), Crystal (4 tracks), Flamengo (9 tracks), Juventus (5 tracks), Matadors (6 tracks), Mefisto (6 tracks), Olympic (10 tracks), Synkopa Ob Pierov (3 tracks) and Vulkan (6 tracks).

Takmer 160 minut hudby, ucebnica bigbeatovej historie v miniprofiloch deviatich ceskoslovenskych kapiel na 2CD. Po vlanajsej uspesnej kompilacii Beatline, ktora mapovala dobu okolo dvoch ceskoslovenskych beatovych festivalov, Supraphon ponuka presun v case o niekolko rokov spat. Polovica sestdesiatich rokov minuleho storocia bola pre domaci bigbeat zasadna. Po ideologicky bezpecnom okuzleni gitarovymi instrumentalkami v style The Shadows a tiez omnoho konfliktnejsej rock’n’rollovej jazde so solovymi spevakmi, prisla Mersey zaplava.

Od roku 1962 prudko narastajuci pocet mladych suborov, len v Prahe spocitanych na stovky, sa uz nedal prehliadnut a hlavne prepocut. Postupne prenikanie beatovych kapiel do rozhlasovych studii a na SP ci EP vinyly firmy Supraphon nebolo az take samozrejme, ale pod tlakom obrovskeho dopytu a aj za mierneho topenia politickych ladovcov predsa len prebiehalo. Na prvy samostatny album si vsak nasi rockeri museli pockat az do roku 1968.

Kompilacia Big Beat Line 1965-1968 ponuka miniprofily deviatich kapiel, ktorych osudy zvycajne mapuju vyvoj od lubozvucnych instrumentaliek cez prve viachlasove pokusy az po najdenie uplne vlastnej cesty. Najdete tu mimoriadnych beatovych vokalistov (Karel Cernoch, Karel Kahovec, Pavel a Petr Novakovci, Vladimir Misik, Pavel Sedlacek, Viktor Sodoma alebo Hana a Petr Ulrychovci), zdatnych solujucich instrumentalistov (R. Hladik, F. Francl, O. Jahn, J. F. Obermayer alebo K. Svoboda) a aj zostavu konzistentnej partie, ktorej vtedajsia dolezitost a kvalita trva dodnes (The Beatmen, The Matadors ci Olympic). Z povodnych pasov bolo nanovo remastrovanych maximum moznych skladieb.

2CD je obohatene obsiahlym bookletom s mnozstvom dokumentarnych fotografii. Takmer 160 minut hudby, ucebnica bigbeatovej historie a prijemne pocuvanie nielen pre pamatnikov. Devat slavnych bigbeatovych kapiel a ich 60 skladieb.

CD 1

1-1–Olympic (2) Orange Blossom Special 1:57
1-2–Miki Volek, Olympic (2) Roll Over Beethoven 3:21
1-3–Pavel Bobek, Olympic (2) Rave On 1:56
1-4–Yvonne Prenosilova, Olympic (2) Mesic 2:45
1-5–Olympic (2) Mary (I Must Play) 2:02
1-6–Miki Volek, Olympic (2) Smutny Holic Z Liverpoolu 3:02
1-7–Olympic (2) Dej Mi Vic Sve Lasky 2:54
1-8–Olympic (2) Snad Jsem To Zavinil Ja 3:04
1-9–Olympic (2) Nejim A Nespim 1:45
1-10–Olympic (2) Nebezpecna Postava 1:45
1-11–The Beatmen (2) Break It 2:48
1-12–The Beatmen (2) Let's Make A Summer 3:07
1-13–The Beatmen (2) Safely Arrived 2:03
1-14–The Beatmen (2) The Enchanted Lie 2:12
1-15–The Beatmen (2) Walkin' Home 2:06
1-16–The Beatmen (2) Schodzka 2:04
1-17–Mefisto (4) Monika 2:06
1-18–Mefisto (4) Yakety Yak 1:56
1-19–Mefisto (4) Johnny B. Goode 2:54
1-20–Mefisto (4) Hippy Hippy Shake 1:43
1-21–Mefisto (4) Navrat Gemini 2:06
1-22–Mefisto (4) Keep On Running 2:39
1-23–Vulkan Pisen Sklenene Bane 3:02
1-24–Vulkan Zlata Stredni 2:37
1-25–Vulkan Kouzelna Lampa 2:31
1-26–Vulkan Tve Mesto 2:33
1-27–Vulkan Sen 3:02
1-28–Vulkan Musim Tahnout Svuj Vuz Dal 3:11
1-29–Irena Kubatova, Jirina Menslova, Eva Fatkova, Crystal (27) Tenhle Kluk (Just One Look) 2:05
1-30–Jaroslav Nevrkla, Jaroslav Jarosil, Crystal (27) The Game Of Love 1:56
1-31–Jaroslav Nevrkla, Jaroslav Jarosil, Crystal (27) She's The One 2:10
1-32–Jaroslav Nevrkla, Jaroslav Jarosil, Crystal (27) Can't You See That She's Mine

CD 2

2-1–Karel Kahovec, The Matadors (2) Farmer John
2-2–The Matadors (2) Locomotion With You 1:39
2-3–The Matadors (2) Pay, Pay Twist 2:15
2-4–Karel Kahovec, The Matadors (2) Sing A Song Of Sixpence 1:56
2-5–The Matadors (2), Jan Farmer Obermayer*, The Matadors (2) Snad Jednou Ti Dam 2:31
2-6–Vladimir Misik, The Matadors (2) Malej Zvon, Co Mam 3:53
2-7–Vladimir Misik, The Matadors (2) Don't Bother Me 2:34
2-8–Vladimir Misik, The Matadors (2) Old Mother Hubbard 2:10
2-9–Viktor Sodoma, The Matadors (2) I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine 3:11
2-10–Viktor Sodoma, The Matadors (2) Indolence 3:54
2-11–Viktor Sodoma, Jan Farmer Obermayer*, Otto Bezloja, The Matadors (2) Zlaty Dul (Hate Everything Except Of Hatter) 3:31
2-12–Viktor Sodoma, Flamengo Black Is Black 2:51
2-13–Petr Novak, Flamengo Ja Budu Chodit Po Spickach 2:19
2-14–Petr Novak, Flamengo Povidej 2:06
2-15–Karel Kahovec, Flamengo Vyber Si Palac 3:04
2-16–Karel Kahovec, Flamengo Svou Lasku Jsem Rozdal 3:11
2-17–Karel Kahovec, Pavel Sedlacek, Flamengo Dzban 3:01
2-18–Karel Kahovec, Flamengo Poprava Blond Holky 4:36
2-19–Karel Kahovec, Flamengo Co Skryvas V Ocich 4:02
2-20–Karel Kahovec, Flamengo Zavrazdil Jsem Lasku 3:26
2-21–Synkopa OB Prerov, Pavel Novak Vyznani 2:49
2-22–Synkopa OB Prerov, Pavel Novak Jaky Jsem (Rock And Roll Music) 2:24
2-23–Synkopa OB Prerov, Pavel Novak Nesmis Mi Lhat (If You Gotta Go, Go Now) 2:33
2-24–Juventus (3), Karel Cernoch Chram 2:23
2-25–Juventus (3), Karel Cernoch Narek Prevoznika 3:20
2-26–Juventus (3), Karel Cernoch Ona Se Brani 2:46
2-27–Juventus (3), Karel Cernoch Stuj, Obcane! 2:05
2-28–Juventus (3), Karel Cernoch 18 minut 2:43

VA - Big Beat Line 1965-1968

Heinz ‎– Just Like Eddie - The Heinz Anthology

Heinz ‎– Just Like Eddie - The Heinz Anthology
Heinz ‎– Just Like Eddie - The Heinz Anthology

This two-CD, 49-track set beats the 44-track double-CD The Complete Heinz by a nose as the most complete Heinz anthology ever likely to be assembled. Everything he released with Joe Meek as producer between 1963 and 1966 is here, including all of his A- and B-sides, everything from his sole LP, everything from his two EPs, and even a couple of live tracks from the obscure 1964 live At the Cavern LP. On top of all that are three previously unreleased tracks: a 1964 cover of Ritchie Valens' "Come on Let's Go" and raw live versions of the single "Questions I Can't Answer" and "Hound Dog," both of those live cuts coming from an October 1964 BBC television broadcast. (Note, by the way, that this two-CD set really contains 47 tracks, not 49; "Just Like Eddie," issued on both 45 and LP, and "Dreams Do Come True," released on both 45 and the Live It Up EP, appear on both discs.) Is all this too much Heinz? Perhaps; you could easily boil this down to a little less than half the quantity without losing much in quality. Still, the best dozen or so cuts -- "Just Like Eddie," "I'm Not a Bad Guy," "Dreams Do Come True," "That Lucky Old Sun," "You Were There," "Big Fat Spider," "The Beating of My Heart," "Movin' In," and "Heart Full of Sorrow" foremost among them -- are genuinely good obscure British Invasion-era recordings. Heinz wasn't much of a singer, but he summoned some likable enthusiasm; Meek's production for his fair-haired boy could be unceasingly creative, though his taste in the material he selected (and sometimes wrote) for Heinz was sometimes quite poor; and there is some incredible, at times ferocious guitar playing on the best (and particularly the hardest-rocking) Heinz sides. David Wells' notes are quite thorough and enjoyable as well, making this something both Heinz and Meek fans should own.

Heinz ‎– Just Like Eddie - The Heinz Anthology

The Lee Kings - Singles A´s & B´s 1966-1967

The Lee Kings - Singles A´s & B´s 1966-1967

The Lee Kings were a short-lived Swedish rock quintet who rode the wave of the British Invasion to multiple appearances in theTop Ten of their country's singles chart in 1966 and 1967. Formed in 1964 as Lenne & the Lee Kings, founding members included Lenne Broberg, guitarists Bengt Dahlén and Bjarne Möller, bassist Olle Nordström, and drummer Lasse Sandgren. Nordström parted ways with the band in 1966 and was replaced by Mike Watson. The next year, Johnny Lundin would replace Möller and Tony Walter took over for Sandgren before the band dissolved. After hitting number two with their song "Stop the Music" in January 1966, they topped the chart with their sole number one, "L.O.D.," a month later. Both tunes appeared on their 1966 debut album, Stop the Music, which was fleshed out with three tracks by Stockholm's the Sunspots and released by the Grand Prix label. "Why, Why, Why" from the RCA Victor LP Bingo! made the Top Ten later that year, and "I Can't Go on Living" was a summer hit in Sweden in 1967.

The group originally consisted of Lenne Broberg, Bengt Dahlén, Bjarne Möller, Olle Nordström and Lasse Sandgren. In 1966, Olle Nordström left the band and was replaced by Mike Watson. Watson was born in Sheffield and later he played with the Swedish group ABBA.

In 1967, Lasse Sandgren left the band and was replaced by Tony Walter, and for a while, Bengt Dahlén and Bjarne Möller also left, and was replaced by Johnny Lundin.

The Lee Kings - Singles A´s & B´s 1966-1967

The Sleepstones - Singles A's & B's (1964-1968) (2014 Sweden)

The Sleepstones - Singles A's & B's (1964-1968) (2014 Sweden)

The Sleepstones - Singles A's & B's (1964-1968) (2014 Sweden)

Swedish pop group that played in the 60s. 
Formed - 1962, Stockholm. Disbanded - 1968.
Members: Torbjörn Svensk (guitar), Christer Wenzen (guitar), Hans Myrin (bass),
Arne Myrin (drums), Janne Schaffer (guitar), Ted Åström (vocals), Hans Lundqvist (guitar),
Per Sahlberg (bass), Peo Alm (drums), Dennis Wilhelmsson (organ), Janne Ersson (drums).
Related Artists: 
The Best, Blue Clinters & Leif Bigert, The Mades, The New Generation, 
Ted & the Top Teens, The Typhoons, The White Indians; 
Also known as The Flintstones (in 1963) & The Attractions (in 1968).
They released five singles on Columbia as The Sleepstones, and one as The Attractions
which are all compiled on "Singels A's & B's, 1964-1968".

Soul Inc. - Volume 1Soul Inc. ‎– Volume 2VA - Twist im Star-Club Hamburg Live RecordingGrant Tracy & The Sunsets  ‎– Everybody Shake! The Complete RecordingsThe Beatmen - The Beatmen VA - World Beaters (11 CD)VA - Big Beat Line 1965-1968Heinz ‎– Just Like Eddie - The Heinz Anthology The Lee Kings - Singles A´s & B´s 1966-1967The Sleepstones - Singles A's & B's (1964-1968) (2014 Sweden)

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