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Anette – What About Me Let's Jump The Broomstick (1964)

Danish 60's - 70's singer. Anette started performing as a singer in the late 50's. 
 Her real name was Bente Karlsen. She was hired by Henning Blegvads Orkester as a substitute for their singer called Anette. She therefore adopted the stage name Anette and released one single as Anette Kay. Due to legal issues she had to shorten it to Anette. Was later married to Henning Blegvad and changed her stage name to Anette Blegvad in 1971. After divorcing Henning Blegvad she later married again and is now named Bente Hesselberg.

The Danish Sharks ‎– Hully Gully, Let's Go / Cin Cin (1964)

Danish sixties rock band

Bass – Søren Strømberg
Drums – Ken Gudman
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Henrik Møller Sørensen
Rhythm Guitar – Palle Finderup
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – Leif Rosendahl

“Barbed wire group formed in 1960 with a background in Bellahøj Orchestra Silver Guys (formed in 1957). Changed their name to The Sharks (inspired by one of youth gangs in the musical West side story.)

Got the contract with Triola and changed at the same time its name to Danish Sharks p.g.a. other groups named Sharks abroad.

Got Danish breakthrough in mid-1963 with instrumental number Shaking the battle hymn “\ \”, which was in first place on Danmarks Radio’s “Ten we ka li \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘. 64, on 8 may (3), which in reality was the music for the film Villa Vennely.

Danish Sharks played instrumental and vocal r&r music, but tried at Liverpool-wave appearance turning style against the more beat embossed, however, without the audience’s success. The group played mostly in youth clubs in the province and had, among other things tours to Sweden (not Norway, Finland and Germany as previously claimed). In Copenhagen, they played primarily at the Moulin Rouge, where there was “Danish Sharks Pop Club”.  Danish Sharks had trodden the boards in ABC-Revue Sextase, and Søren Strømberg continued as an actor and made his debut in “Married” in 1966, and since appeared in a variety of soft porn lystspil, inter alia. the so-called bedside-films.

Danish Sharks appeared in the film “Villa Vennely” in 1964 as mimende backing for Anette.”

Hully Gully, Let's Go / Cin Cin (1964)

I would be very grateful if someone could share

Ready, Steady, Go !
Triola 1964


Ready Steady Complete 1963-1965 ‎(CD, Comp)
Frost Records ‎ 2002

Thanks in advance...

Vanguards - Holiday With The Vanguards (1967) Plus (from indfødte lyde - Native Sounds Vol.12)

Vanguards - Holiday With The Vanguards (1967)  Plus (from indfødte lyde - Native Sounds Vol.12)

Vanguards - Holiday With The Vanguards (1967)  Plus (from indfødte lyde - Native Sounds Vol.12)

Danish 1960-69 rock group from Bornholm. In 1990 the Svensson brothers recreated a band with the same name.

01 - Wooly Bully
02 - I've Got Enough Of You
03 - Let Him Go
04 - I Only For You
05 - Very Last Day
06 - Changed
07 - Sha-La-La-La-Lee
08 - Pretty Flamingo
09 - Sweet Little You
10 - Till The End Of Time
11 - Don't Ever Leave Me
12 - Squeeze Her - Tease Her
13 - Stewball
14 - Little By Little
15 - Doctor Robert
16 - Blues In The Bottle
17 - Happy Together
18 - Old Man's Trouble
19 - Midnight Hour
20 - Criss Craft No. 9
21 - Can I Trust You
22 - Heatwave
23 - My Little Red Book
24 - Everything's Gonna Be Allright
25 - Blues In Bb
26 - Vora Pibla
27 - Hi Ho Silver Lining
28 - Get Of My Life Woman
29 - First Lesson In Love
30 - Prinsesse Toben
31 - It's The Same
32 - Set Me Free

Vanguards - Holiday With The Vanguards (1967)  Plus (from indfødte lyde - Native Sounds Vol.12)

The Hitmakers - The Complete 1963 - 1968 (2СD)

The Hitmakers - The Complete 1963 - 1968 (2СD)

Denmark is a European country that began importing popular American rock and roll music in the 1950s, when that style was conquering audiences across the continent. Danish jazz and dance bands and soloists like Ib Jensen, Otto Brandenburg, Peter Plejl and Ib Glindemann brought the style to Danish listeners. At the end of the decade, the English band The Shadows was a major influence on the first pioneers of the era, The Cliffters and The Rocking Ghosts.

In the early 1960s, British R&B and beat bands inspired Danish counterparts like The Hitmakers, Sir Henry & His Butlers, The Defenders and The Beefeaters, as well as the breakthrough band Steppeulvene, whose 1967 LP Hip revolutionized the field of Danish rock by fusing American folk rock

1965 was the year the Danish beat culture really started. You began to see dance clubs everywhere, and beat magazines like Hit, Beat and Top Pop spread information about this new kind of music all over the country. Hundred of small bands were formed, inspired by the big English artists and Danish bands like the Hitmakers and the Defenders.
Every little suburb town had 15-20 bands of their own, and never before were so many obscure championships like “the Danish Kinks” and “the Danish Rolling Stones” held.
The sound was called “pigtrad musik” (barbed wire music), a name invented in the early sixties. Garage rock would be a better name for these bands that copied the more raw groups like the Pretty Things, etc. 1965 was also the year when small record labels began to challenge the major labels. They often released only a few singles ‘cause one thing was for sure - Danish rock didn’t sell anything. At parties it was okay to dance to the Danish bands, but when it came to record bu ying people only bought English records. Recording studio conditions weren’t that good either; there were only about five real professional studios available, so the records were often recorded in cinemas, row clubs and ordinary villa cellars

The Hitmakers The Complete 1963 - 1968

All recording from 1963 -1968 are presented here on vthis nice DOUBLE CD. 56 tracks all together 

COMPLETE WORKS of Danish 60's beatband THE HITMAKERS. In the beginning the Hitmakers were one of most Liverpool-influenced Danish rock bands, and because of their many Lennon-McCartney recordings they got the job as the lead-in group for the Beatles when they played in the KB Hall in 1964. Their versions of "I Saw Her Standing There" and "Michelle" are some of the finest examples of this. They also covered the Monkees' breakthrough from 1966, "Last Train To Clarksville." They were popular all over Scandinavia. One of their biggest hits was "Stop the Music," but "Little Boy Sad" was also very popular live, and there was a real pigtrad touch when for example the band played the concert hall of Tivoli with other bands like the Weedons, Flintones and the Black Devils. After the Danish parodies "Tr?d An Ved Makronerne" and "Lille Viggo Vekselstrom," it was over for the band. They made an ambitious comeback attempt with a new name, the Floor, but their album didn't go over well even though it was actually quite good.

The Hitmakers - The Complete 1963 - 1968 (2СD)

The Lions - Many Sides Of Lions

The Lions - Many Sides Of Lions

Danish rock band founded 1962 as a The Shadows inspired quartet, later roughened the sound and was nicknamed "The danish Rolling Stones". Disbanded late 60's.

Jan Due (lead guitar), Børge Christiansen (drums, 1962-66), Erik Sonne (bass, 1962-63), Henning Andersen (vocals, 1962-63), Henning Gartner (rhythm guitar, 1962-63), Ole Kirketerp (bass, 1962-63), Tonny Summers [Mogens Andersen] (vocals, 1963-?), Anker Klenz (bass, 1963-?), Erling Bethnass (rhythm guitar, 1963-64), Peter Monrad (organ, 1964-66), Niels Kjær Mortensen (drums, 1966-?), Kjær Jørgen "Træfod" Christensen (rhythm guitar, 1966-67), Per "Fessor" Christensen (bass, 1966-67), Finn Tony Rasmussen (drums, 1967), Ib Nielsen (bass, vocals, 1967), Ragnar "Mersey" Gudmundson (rhythm guitar, vocals, 1967)

Many Sides of The Lions (1965)
14 Bonus Tracks

The Lions - Many Sides Of Lions

The Lions - Many Sides Of Lions

The Lollipops ‎– Do You Know (1965)

The Lollipops ‎– Do You Know (1965)

Danish 60's pop trio with major succes as teenagers in the 60's and moderate succes as more adult oriented pop act in their 2nd run in the 70's. 

Founded 1960 by brothers Torben and Jørgen Lundgreen with cousin Poul Petersen in 1960, when they were 10, 9 and 12 years old respectively. After winning a teen-talent competition i Denmark they experienced succes in gigs at the Swedish folk park concerts in the mid 60's. In Denmark the trio saw teen hysteria normally reserved for the major foreign acts of the era, like The Beatles. 

Drummer Poul Petersen left the band in 1966 and was replaced by Henrik Lund. With two guitars and drums only in the band, Lollipops were joined on stage by various bassists, a.o. Stig Kreutzfeldt. After years of extreme succes by Danish standards in 1971 the band had lost it's appeal and the band decided to end the first era. The bands major hit in that era was the 1967 Sussy Moore. The song was very alike to and even adapted it's title from the lyrics of Tim Hardin's "Lady Came From Baltimore". Hardins rights holders suppened for copyright violation, and reportedly the case was discretely settled. 

The band was revived in 1973 and in the following years sought and found adult MOR succes. Lund left in 1977 and the band essentially was a Lundgreen brothers duo accompanied by various on bass and drums. This second run lasted until the mid 80's and included a few failed attempts at winning the Danish section of the European Song Contest. 

The band had a short and final 3rd run as a sextet, releasing their final album in 1989. The final line up, sometimes referred to as "The New Lollipops", included the Lundgren brothers and Kim Gutman (guitar), Søren Berlev (drums), Chris Paulsen (bass) and Birdie Hurns (guitar). 

The Lollipops ‎– Do You Know (1965)

The Lollipops ‎– Do You Know (1965)

The Scarlets - The Complete 1963-1971

The Scarlets - The Complete 1963-1971

The Scarlets, one of Denmarks most famous and successful artists in the sixties.

The Scarlets were formed in Copenhagen in mid 1963 as a backing-group for Johnny Reimar, who had just left the Clifters. The members were: John Friis (el-b, vo) Kaj Christensen (p, org, vo) Steen Larsen (lead-g) Jan Pedersen (dm).

The Scarlets made their debut at Geels Kro, 20th July 1963. Scarlets quickly became more than just a backing-froup, and had two parallel carreers both on stage and on album: The Scarlets with or without Reimar. Scarlet played rocknroll inspired by Johnny & The Hurricans, which can be heard on their first recording “Bondeorgelet”, which served as the opening-vignette to the radioprogram “Musik for Teenagere”. The B-side “Prinsesse Toben” was a huge hit på “Ti Vi Ka Li” in September 1963. Johnny Reimar & The Scarlets were a popular liveband that toured extensively in Denmark and Sweden. 
On a lot of the recordings Reimar used Bertrand Bechs Orkester as his backing-group. Scarlets were the first band that played on Hit House, on 1.9.1964, and at the Star Club. In late 1965 The Scarlets and Reimar split, and Johnny Reimar began his solo-career. 

After sitting in the the band at times sisters Lecia & Lucienne became regular members in 1965 when also Kaj Chritsensen was replaced by Leif Larsen. 

The band broke up in March 1967, but regrouped later. Friis, Larsen and Larsen formed "Guys & Dolls" that went on to record a single 7". 

The Scarlets - The Complete 1963-1971

CD1. Bondeorglet 2. Prinsesse Toben 3. Winterset 4. If You Wanna Dance 5. Nevada 6. Pimpernel 7. Dytten-Batten 8. Let Us Dream 9. Let's Go 10. Tambourine Shake 11. The Girls Of Copenhagen 12. I Do Not Wanna Cry Anymore 13. Chattanooga Choo Choo - Shake 14. Scarlet Tune 15. Little Things Live 16. She Taught Me How Yodel 17. Bondeorglet 18. I Love The Way You Love 19. The House Of The Rising Sun 20. Scarlet Tune 21. Tambourine Shake 22. I Do Not Wanna Cry Anymore 23. Waiting On The Corner 24. Wishing To Kiss You 

CD-3: 1. She Taught Me How To Yodel 2. Kansas City Star 3. Michelle 4. Stop, Mens Legen Er God 5. Yesterday Man 6. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' 7. Stop The Music 8. You Were On My Mind 9. Barbara Ann 10. Blue Turns To Grey 11. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion 12. I Can't Let Go 13. A Little Lovin' Somethin' 14. Sweet Talkin' Guy 15. Remember When 16. Only You 17. Molak Molak Mak Mak Mak 18. Mens Manden Var Ud'Efter Ol 19. So Do I 20. I Want You Tell Me 21. Long Long Time 22. I Want You To Tell Me 23. Rhythm Of The Rain 24. Opus 17 25. Man Klarer Alting Med Et Smil 26. Hele Verden Snurrer Rundt 27. One Way Ticket 28. Wichita Lineman 29. Carpet Man 30. My Way Of Life 

CD-3: 1. Bama Lama Bama Loo 2. The World Through A Tear 3. De Larte Os At Jodle 4. Bedre Dag For Dag 5. Gimme Dat Ding 6. Teddy Boy 7. Que Sera Sera 8. Ta' En Lille Sang 9. Sommer Og Sol 10. Gor Det Sa Godt Du Kan 11. San Quentin 12. Sing A Traveling Song 13. Southwind 14. Jesus Was A Carpenter 15. This Town 16. Face Of Despair 17. Flesh And Blood 18. I'm Gonna Try To Be That Way 19. This Side Of The Law 20. See ruby Fall 21. Starkville City Jail 22. Hungry 23. 'cause I Love You 24. Route Nos. 1, Box 144 25. Come Along And Ride This Train 26. What Is Truth 

26 indfødte lyde - Native Sounds - Denmark Record-Labels

 26 indfødte lyde - Native Sounds - Denmark Record-Labels
The Mat's - Live

01 - Squeeze Her - Tease Her
02 - Please Do Something
03 - This Hammer
04 - The Good's Gone
05 - Much Too Much
06 - Heart Full Of Soul
07 - Keep On Running
08 - When I Come Home
09 - Watch Your Step
10 - What Am I Living For
11 - I Only Want To Be With You
12 - I'll Cry Instead
13 - I Can't Believe It
14 - I Don't Mind
15 - High Time Baby
16 - Somebody Help Me
17 - It's Not True
18 - Baby I Don't Care
19 - Foot Tapper
20 - See You In My Drums
21 - From Me To You
22 - Move It
23 - Long Tall Sally
24 - In The Mood
25 - My Bonnie
26 - Blue Shadow
27 - Baby It's You
28 - Don't Bother Me
29 - South Of The Border
30 - That's All Right
31 - Shindig

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Anette – What About Me  Let's Jump The Broomstick (1964)The Danish Sharks ‎– Hully Gully, Let's Go / Cin Cin (1964)Vanguards - Holiday With The Vanguards (1967)  Plus (from indfødte lyde - Native Sounds Vol.12)The Hitmakers - The Complete 1963 - 1968 (2СD)The Lions - Many Sides Of LionsThe Lollipops ‎– Do You Know (1965)The Scarlets - The Complete 1963-1971VA - The Rolling Stones Hottest Hits Performed By Danish Sixties Garage Rock Bands  (1964-68)VA - Spencer Davis Group Hottest Hits Performed By Danish Sixties Garage Rock Bands26 indfødte lyde - Native Sounds - Denmark Record-Labels

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