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Uve Schikora und seine Gruppe - Das Gewitter (1972) DDR

Mp3 192\53Mb
Uve Schikora (vocals, soprano sax, piano, organ)Michael Schubert (vocals, 12-string guitar)Bernd Muller (organ)Jurgen Matkiowitz (guitar)Jurgen Diessner (bass)Reiner Miehatsch (drums)Frank Schobel (vocals
" ... A highly recommended gem from the vaults of East German's Amiga label. a review on UK’S Vinylvulture describes 'Das Gewitter' (translated with 'the storm') sounding 'like Black Sabbath meets the Mohawks!' indeed the music featured here is a superb mix of Progressive, Funk & Krautrock including heavyduty hammond riffs, violent fuzz guitars leads, killer basslines, electric wahwah sax, over the top musicianship & above all, long numbers! big samples and breaks on the 12 (!) minute title track, which is loaded with wicked proggy beats supplied by funky organ culminating in some delirius rock drumming. ... "
Uve Schikora und seine Gruppe - Das Gewitter (1972) East Germany [Amiga]UVEGRUPPE
01. Das Alte Lied02. Oh, Angela 03. So Einen Sommer Lang 04. Irgendwo Und Nirgendwo 05. Deine Augen 06. Das Gewitter
Thanks and MUTANT SOUNDS(text).


Mp3 256\100Mb

Who knows - this remember of forever... I had this excellent album. In sixties its possible was buy in Moscow... One of the little choice. Instrumental,surf from DDR . Advise all funs this rockmusic genre...
Hava Nagila - Franke-Echo-Quartett / Nevada – Theo Schumann-Combo / Scharfe Sache - Theo Schumann-Combo / Exodus – Olympic-Big Beat / Quartermasters Stores – Gruppe Butlers / Eskimo - Franke-Echo-Quartett / Beim Hully-Gully bin ich Konig - Sputniks / Troika – Gruppe Butlers / Yakety Sax - Olympic-Big Beat / Tromsoe- Theo Schumann-Combo / Peters Twist - Franke-Echo-Quartett / Herbstlaub - Gruppe Butlers / Fur so viel Liebe - Sputniks / Wikinger-Twist - Theo Schumann-Combo / Seschlo? – Franke-Echo-Quartett / Butlers Boogie - Gruppe Butlers

BUDKA SUFLERA - Cien wielkiej gory (1974) Poland

Mp3 320\141 Mb

Budka Suflera (English: Prompter's Box) is a Polish rock band which was started in 1969 in Lublin by Romuald Lipko, and, after disbanding soon thereafter, resurrected by Cugowski and Romuald Lipko in 1974 and active to this day.
This is the first record of a Polish band "Budka Suflera" The group which recorded incredible music. The first record appeared in Poland in 1975. It was available in the times of very communist Poland and the band seemed not to care at all. The songs were full of music and freedom. Today the music is still wonderful and you can appreciate it. Listen to those recordings I assure you that the feelings linger on. Questions like what it means to answer the call will always be causing problems to be answered sincerely. It is one of those records which you would like to have.

Krzysztof Cugowski - vocal
Romuald Lipko - bass guitar
Tomasz Zeliszewski - percussion
Andrzej Ziolkowski - guitar
Czeslaw Niemen - moog
Marek Stefankiewicz - organ
Alibabki - back vocal
01 - Cien wielkiej gory02 - Lubie ten stary obraz03 - Samotny noca04 - Jest taki samotny dom05 - Szalony kon06 - Noc nad Norwidem07 - Konie juz czekaja przed domem08 - Najdluzsza droga

Czerwone Gitary-To wlasnie my (1966) Poland

Mp3 192\56 Mb
Czerwone Gitary (The Red Guitars) was one of the most popular rock bands in the history of Polish popular music. The band formed in 1965 and achieved its greatest success from 1965 to 1970. Often considered the Polish equivalent of the Beatles, many of their hits are now classics in Poland. The group toured extensively outside Poland (in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, USA, Germany and Soviet Union) but had mostly disappeared from the Polish scene by the 1980s. The band reformed in the 1990s.
01. To wlasnie my 02. Nie mow nic 03. Nie zadzieraj nosa 04. Pechowy chlopiec 05. Kto winien jest 06. Randka z deszczem 07. Historia jednej znajomosci 08. Czy slyszysz co mowie09. Pieciu nas jest10. Matura11. sledztwo zakochanego12. Mowisz, ze kochasz mnie jak nikt13. Dlaczego pada deszcz14. Bo ty sie boisz myszy
01. To wlasnie my 02. Nie mow nic 03. Nie zadzieraj nosa 04. Pechowy chlopiec 05. Kto winien jest 06. Randka z deszczem 07. Historia jednej znajomosci 08. Czy slyszysz co mowie09. Pieciu nas jest10. Matura11. sledztwo zakochanego12. Mowisz, ze kochasz mnie jak nikt13. Dlaczego pada deszcz14. Bo ty sie boisz myszy

I much love this group...From childhood, friendship with Robek...from polish embassy...This - a best years......
Enjoy of Sixties sound...

Niebiesko-Czarni-Alarm (1967) Poland

Mp3 192\52 Mb
Niebiesko-Czarni (The Blue-Blacks) were one of the most popular Polish rock groups of the 1960s and early 1970s. Czeslaw Niemen played in the band for several years. Throughout their 14 year history (1962-1976) Niebiesko-Czarni released 8 LPs, 24 singles, sold over 3.5 million records and played more than 3000 shows.
Niebiesko-Czarni-Alarm (1967)
01-Raz j№ spotkaіem02-Nocny alarm03-Skoсczyіy siк wakacje04-Pod naszym niebem05-Appendix06-Adagio Cantable07-Hej, wracajcie chіopcy na wieњ08-Poїar w Kwaњniewicach10-Nie їegnaj mnie11-Kulawy Wojtek12-Kalendarz o tym wie13-Powiedz, jak mnie kochasz14-Za daleko mieszkasz miіy

Metro - Metro (1969)+bonus(Hungary)

Mp3 320\169 Mb
One of the first and the best Hungarian beat groups...
But it is unconditional, Metro is my favourite both it is pleasant also to you
Sztevanovity Zoran - enek, gitarFrenreisz Karoly - enek, basszusgitar, szaxofonSztevanovity Dusan - gitarSchock Otto - billentyus hangszerek Brunner Gyozo - dob Bokany Ferenc -basszusgitar, vokal Zentai Antal - szaxofon, harmonium Deak Tamas - trombita Latzin Norbert - zongora Balint Istvan - dob
1 Ulok egy rozsaszinu kadban 3'08"2 Okos szamar 3'10"3 Szobrok 3'32"4 Felmasztam egy jo nagy fara 3'11"5 Fekete Pal 2'59"6 Hazardjatek 6'45"7 Citromizu banan 3'17"8 Ne szolj ram 3'22"9 Egy szot se szolj 3'48"10 A panz 2'55"11 Maria volt 3'23"12 Elfogyott a so 2'54"
Bonus :
13 Smaragd14 Mit tegyek15 Kozmosz16 Volgai hajosok dala17 Old Man River18 Melody Blue19 Do Wah Diddy, Diddy20 Pretty Woman21 Keep Searchin'22 The Rise And Fall23 Help24 So Mystifying

Hungaria - Beatles Laz-1978(Hungary)

Mp3\64 Mb
1. Ez minden amit adhatok2. I Want To Hold Your Hand3. Tobb, mint 15 eve4. A Hard Day's Night5. Maganyos ejjel6. Csak 16 even felulieknek!7. A Day In The Life - Because8. Tudod-e miert?9. She Loves You - I Should Have Known Better - Please Mr. Postman - Help10. Draga kis baratnonk11. Rock and Roll verseny12. Visszater a nult

The Matadors - The Matadors (Czech) - 1968

Mp3 320\90 Mb
One of the finest R&B bands ever to emerge from Eastern Europe, The Matadors initially were a brainchild of Otto Bezloja, a bass player and veteran of one of the first East European rock’n’roll combos - The Comets. He shared last days of The Comets (1964) with Radim Hladik, a young talented classically trained musician and a future national guitar hero. Together they founded a new venture – The Fontanas. Next one to join was bassist Jan ‘Farmer’ Obermajer, formerly an accountant in ‘Artia’, The Matadors’ future record label. Tony Black, a self-taught drummer and veteran of another early 60s Czech rock’n’roll outfit The Hell’s Devils, completed the line-up in autumn 1965. Shortly before that, the band, still known as The Fontanas, embarked on East German tour. Apart from some radio sessions, the result of the tour was a new set of equipment supplied by ‘Matador’. The band quickly changed it’s name after the trademark - The Matadors.
In December 1966 in came Viktor Sodoma, not only a good singer, but a frontman in full sense of a word, a model for youngsters to follow. He and Hladik (at the time often playing with his teeth!) gave The Matadors a stunning stage act and won residency at the Prague premier venue - ‘Olympic Club’. Tours of Belgium and Switzerland followed.

However, by 1968 days of the band were numbered, as Hladik decided to move on to more complicated music and founded The Blue Effect
1. Farmer John 1:502. Sing A Song Of Sixpence 1:533. Locomotion With You 1:264. Pay, Pay Twist 2:125. Snad jednou ti dam 2:306. Malej zvon, co mam 3:517. Don't Bother Me 2:328. Old Mother Hubbard 2:079. Hate Everything Except Of Hatter 3:2810. Get Down From The Tree 3:2811. I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine 3:0912. Indolence 3:5213. Get Down From The Tree 3:2814. I Want To See You 2:2115. My Girl 3:0016. Bad, Bad Bird 2:2917. I'm So Lonesome (Out Of Reach) 4:1518. Extraction 5:5019. Shotgun 2:5520. Hate Everything Except Of Hattered 3: 3021. I Feel So Lonely 4:0322. I Must Hope 3:3223. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 4:2724. You'll Be Mine 2:26
One of my favorite. Recommend.

Olympic - Jedeme, jedeme (1971)

Mp3 192\86 Mb
On request
01 Pet cestujicich02 Kdyz jsem bejval tramp03 Mr Den a Lady Noc04 Brouk05 Dany06 Elixir07 Blaznivej Kiki08 Bon soir mademoiselle Paris09 Strazce majaku10 Tobogan
11 Kufr12 Andel13 Otazky14 Strejcek Jonatan15 Slunecni pisen16 Carodejka17 Aeroplan18 Inzerat 19 Vanoce20 Dynamit
Uve Schikora und seine Gruppe - Das Gewitter (1972) DDRBIG BEAT- AMIGA -I&II (1965 ) DDRBUDKA SUFLERA - Cien wielkiej gory (1974) PolandCzerwone Gitary-To wlasnie my (1966) PolandNiebiesko-Czarni-Alarm (1967) PolandMetro - Metro (1969)+bonus(Hungary)Hungaria - Beatles Laz-1978(Hungary)Hungaria - Koncert A Marson - 1970(Hungary)The Matadors - The Matadors (Czech) - 1968Olympic  - Jedeme, jedeme (1971)

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