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Sirius - English Singles (1967-1970)

Sirius - English Singles (1967-1970)

Sirius - English Singles (1967-1970)

From Beatman:
Sirius - English Singles (1967-1970)
Sirius - Hungarian rock band, operating in the 60's and 70's.
Syrius was founded in 1962 by Zsolt Baronits. 
At first they played dance and beat music, then in 1968 the band broke up, some of the members formed 'The Juventus' band. Baronits started to reorganize the band, - after the breakup and reorganization 
they began to play typical jazz rock and prog rock. But that is another story... 
Here presented rock'n'beat records of 'Sirius' in English language from SP-EP of 1967-1970:
Black Is Black, Nobody Knows, Help Me Girl, Dead End Street, I've Been This Down Before...

Metro - Metro (1969)+bonus(Hungary)

Mp3 320\169 Mb
One of the first and the best Hungarian beat groups...
But it is unconditional, Metro is my favourite both it is pleasant also to you
Sztevanovity Zoran - enek, gitarFrenreisz Karoly - enek, basszusgitar, szaxofonSztevanovity Dusan - gitarSchock Otto - billentyus hangszerek Brunner Gyozo - dob Bokany Ferenc -basszusgitar, vokal Zentai Antal - szaxofon, harmonium Deak Tamas - trombita Latzin Norbert - zongora Balint Istvan - dob
1 Ulok egy rozsaszinu kadban 3'08"2 Okos szamar 3'10"3 Szobrok 3'32"4 Felmasztam egy jo nagy fara 3'11"5 Fekete Pal 2'59"6 Hazardjatek 6'45"7 Citromizu banan 3'17"8 Ne szolj ram 3'22"9 Egy szot se szolj 3'48"10 A panz 2'55"11 Maria volt 3'23"12 Elfogyott a so 2'54"
Bonus :
13 Smaragd14 Mit tegyek15 Kozmosz16 Volgai hajosok dala17 Old Man River18 Melody Blue19 Do Wah Diddy, Diddy20 Pretty Woman21 Keep Searchin'22 The Rise And Fall23 Help24 So Mystifying

Hungaria - Beatles Laz-1978(Hungary)

Mp3\64 Mb
1. Ez minden amit adhatok2. I Want To Hold Your Hand3. Tobb, mint 15 eve4. A Hard Day's Night5. Maganyos ejjel6. Csak 16 even felulieknek!7. A Day In The Life - Because8. Tudod-e miert?9. She Loves You - I Should Have Known Better - Please Mr. Postman - Help10. Draga kis baratnonk11. Rock and Roll verseny12. Visszater a nult

Sirius - English Singles (1967-1970)Metro - Metro (1969)+bonus(Hungary)Hungaria - Beatles Laz-1978(Hungary)Hungaria - Koncert A Marson - 1970(Hungary)

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