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VA - London Really Swings

VA - London Really Swings

The Typhoons = The Jaybirds=Mike Redway = Ray Pilgrim !! 
(The first 'Beatles' cover band ever!) 
See scans for tracklisting -- Recorded 1963/1964 -- Released 1965 
A must for mid-sixties fans!! -- hard to find! 

Ray Pilgrim (born in London in 1936) was one of the most prolific big band singers, radio broadcasters, recording and session singers in Britain in the late 1950s/early 1960s. 

He recorded mainly for UK's Embassy Records under the Ray Pilgrim name and also made nearly 150 cover records for the Embassy Records label using in addition to Ray Pilgrim the name Bobby Stevens (particularly in earlier 1960-1962 releases). In later releases he used the names The Typhoons, The Starlings, The Jaybirds and the Beatmen.[1] He was the lead vocals in The Typhoons alongside Mike Redway, and the lead vocals in The Starlings alongside Joan Baxter). 

His recordings under various names were released on over 30 different labels in over 20 different countries with aggregate sales estimated at around five million. He also recorded TV jingles, demos, and film soundtracks. 

The Typhoons name was coined in February 1963 as Embassy found themselves covering increasingly more records by beat bands rather than the more traditional solo singer recordings that had dominated the hit parade in previous years. 

Ray and Mike recorded the first Typhoons track for Embassy on 7th February 1963 ... which probably made them the world’s very first recording Beatles tribute band! 

Embassy’s parent company’s name was Oriole, which was of course the name of a bird. So they decided to invent some group names using other bird names such as: The Eagles, The Jaybirds, and The Starlings. 

Unfortunately, they found that The Eagles name was already in active use. This was at a very late stage in February 1963 when they were just about to release their first Beatles cover. So out went The Eagles and the Typhoons name was chosen instead. So ... it wasn’t a bird; it was a ‘plane! And it stuck, becoming one of the best remembered names on Embassy. 

The Typhoons only existed as a studio band. The actual singers involved were in fact chosen from Embassy’s existing roster of artists. From 1963 to 1965 there were 62 songs credited on the label as The Typhoons. Ray Pilgrim sang on 29 of them, Mike Redway sang on 20, Ken Barrie on 13, Tony Crane on 19, Joan Baxter on 3, and Paul Rich on 1. 

"Fall in Love with You" / "Wild One" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Clementine" / "Stuck on You" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Cradle of Love" / Hear of a Teenage Girl" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Baby Doll" / "Gambler's Guitar" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"Shakin' All Over" / "Angela Jones" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Tie Me Kangaroo Down" / "A Mess of Blues" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"I Love You" / "Strawberry Fair" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Lively" / "Lonely Pup" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Counting Teardrops" / "Sway" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Rubber Ball" / "You're Sixteen" (as Bobby Stevens) 
On album Back to the Twenties: "That's my Weakness Now" (Bobby Stevens/Don Duke and Dick Jordan) 
"Here Am I, Broken Hearted" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"If I Had a Talking Picture" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"When the Red Red Robin (Bobby Stevens/Don Duke and Dick Jordan) 
"Who Am I?" / "Wooden Heart" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Are You Sure?" (Don Duke/Bobby Stevens and Dick Jordan 
"Granada" / Little Miss Make Believe" (As Ray Pilgrim) 
"Love Is Blind" (Ray Pilgrim/Dick Jordan) 
Blue Moon" / "Warpaint" (first as Bobby Stevens, second as Duke/Stevens and Dick Jordan) 
"More Than I Can Say" / "Hello Mary Lou" (first as Duke/Stevens. second as Bobby Stevens and Dick Jordan) 
"Mother-in-Law" / "But It Do" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Halfway to Paradise" / "A Girl Like You" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Johnny Remember Me" / "Time" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"That's My Home" (as Happy Knights) 
"Michael Row the Boat Ashore" / "Who Put the Bomp (in the Bomp)" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"His Latest Flame" / "Big Bad John" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Take Good Care of My Baby" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Multiplication" / "The Young Ones" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" / "The Language of Love" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Red Red Roses" / "There's Always Me" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"Forget-Me-Not" / "Lonesome" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Peppermint Twist" / "Crying in the Rain" (first as Bobby Stevens, second as Bobby Stevens/Redd Wayne and Mike Redway) 
"Wimoweh" / "Can't Help Falling in Love" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Never Goodbye" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Good Luck Charm" / "I'm Looking Out the Window" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Come Outside" / "Ginny Come Lately" (first as Bobby Stevens/Barbara Kay, second Bobby Stevens) 
"I Remember You" / Follow That Dream" (as Bob Stevens) 
"Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" / Sealed with a Kiss" (both as Ray Pilgrim/Redway) 
"Lovesick Blues" / "Let's Dance" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile" (Ray Pilgrim/Redway) 
"Return to Sender" / It Only Took a Minute" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"Baby Take a Bow" / "Bachelor Boy" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"Please, Please Me" (as The Typhoons being Ray Pilgrim and Mike Redway) 
"Some Kinda Fun" / "Walk Right In" (first as Ray Pilgrim, second as backing vocals to Barbara Kay) 
"Charmaine" / "Rhythm of the Rain" (as The Typhoons) 
"Walk Like a Man" (as The Starlings being Ray Pilgrim and Joan Baxter) 
"How Do You Do It" (as Bobby Stevens) 
"Can't Get Used to Losing You (Les Carle, with Ray Pilgrim backing Ken) 
"Brown Eyed Handsome Man" / "From Me to You" (first as Ray Pilgrim, second as The Typhoons being Ray Pilgrim and Mike Redway) 
"I Like It" / "Falling" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"Confessin' (That I Love You)" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"Forget Him" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"Twist and Shout" / "Bobby Tomorrow" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"I'm Telling You Now" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"Do You Love Me" / If I Had a Hammer" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"Wishing" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"Mule Train" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"You Never Walk Alone" / "Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya" (first as Ray Pilgrim, second as The Starlings being Ray Pilgrim and Joan Baxter) 
"You Were Made for Me" / "Sue's Gotta Be Mine" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"This Boy" / "I Want to Hold Your Hand" (The Typhoons being Ray Pilgrim and Mike Redway) 
"I Can Dance" / "Swinging on a Star" (first as Ray Pilgrim, second as Pilgrim and Jeanette Michel) 
"Hippy Hippy Shake" (The Typhoons) 
"Needles and Pins" / "Stay" (The Typhoons being Ray Pilgrim, Ken and Joan) 
"Don't Blame Me" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"5-4-3-2-1" / "I'm in Love" (first as Ray Pilgrim, second as The Typhoons) 
"Bits and Pieces" / "Candy Man" (The Typhoons) 
"All My Loving" (The Typhoons) 
"Borne on the Wind" (The Typhoons) 
"Over You" / "Not Fade Away" (The Jaybirds) 
"Tell Me When" / "You Can't Do That" (The Jaybirds) 
"Can't Buy Me Love" (The Jaybirds) 
"Baby Let Me Take You Home" (The Jaybirds) 
"Hold Me" / You're No Good" (first as Ray Pilgrim, second as The Typhoons) 
A Hard Day's Night (EP by The Typhoons being Ray Pilgrim and Mike Redway) "A Hard Day's Night" 
"And I Love Her" 
"I Should Have Known Better" 
"Tell Me Why" 
"Kissin' Cousins" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"Tobacco Road" / "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" (The Typhoons) 
"Have I the Right" / "Such a Night" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"Together" / "I'm Crying" (The Typhoons) 
"Sha-la-la" / One Way Love" (The Typhoons) 
"Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um" / "He's in Town" (The Typhoons) 
"Somewhere" / Yeh, Yeh" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"I Apologize" (as Ray Pilgrim) 
"The Game of Love" (The Typhoons) 
"It's Not Unusual" / "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" (The Typhoons) 
"Tossing & Turning" / Heart Full of Soul" (first as The Starlings, the second as The Typhoons) 
"Wooly Bully" / "Herlp!" (first as Ray Pilgrim, second as The Typhoons

VA - London Really Swings

VA - London Really Swings

Mike Redway - Moonlight And Love Songs

Mike Redway - Moonlight And Love Songs 2010

Mike Redway has been busy in the music business for over 50 years.  He was born in Leeds in 1939, and with the help of his singer brother, alias Johnnie Leeds, in 1956 he joined the John Fearnley singers.  This  led to some happy times performing in local working men’s clubs and some not so happy times traveling around Yorkshire in the back of an ancient converted ambulance.  But it was all good experience!

Together with Dick Jordan and Jean Phillies, they formed The Demijeans and appeared on BBC radio’s What Makes A Star ... which led to further appearances on shows with such greats as Al Read, Jimmy Clitheroe, Jimmy James and Albert Modley.

In 1962, Mike went to London and joined the Oscar Rabin Orchestra and their singers Barbara Kay and Ray Pilgrim.  And Ray introduced him to Embassy ... and over 80 recordings as Redd Wayne, Mike Redway and The Typhoons.

This in turn led to him becoming one of the Mike Sammes Singers, singing on many of the films, hit records and TV shows of the 60’s and 70’s backing stars such Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdink. Andy Williams, Barbra Streisand and Johnny Mathis ... and of course, The Beatles themselves.

He left the session world to concentrate on  his career as singer/songwriter.  He had several successful radio series and made several albums singing the ballads he loved.  The lovely lady in the cover picture of the CD on the right is Marjorie, who recently celebrated her golden wedding anniversa .... that’s 50 years happily married to Mike Redway!.

Mike is still active today as composer and producer.  In fact he recently persuaded     Ray Pilgrim to go back into the studio and record a couple of new tracks - after a 45-year  break from singing - on which Mike sang ALL the backing voices.

"Windmills Of Your Mind" 
on the BBC TV show 'One More Time'.  

Mike Redway - The Embassy Years - Vol 2 (2012)

Mike Redway - The Embassy Years - Vol 2  (2012)

He sang with the Oscar Rabin Band, recorded for Embassy under the pseudonym Redd Wayne, in addition to appearing on many of the Typhoons, Jaybirds and Starlings recordings for the label between 1962 and 1965. He later sang the vocal version of the "Casino Royale Theme" over the closing credits of the 1967 film, Casino Royale.

Mike Redway - The Embassy Years - Vol 2  (2012)

Mike Redway - The Embassy Years - Vol 2  (2012)

Ray Pilgrim - Pilgrim's Progress 1962

Ray Pilgrim - Pilgrim's Progress 1962

Ray Pilgrim was one of the most prolific big band singers, radio broadcasters, recording and session singers in Britain in the late 1950s/early 1960s.   With almost 1,000 gigs in his relatively short career, plus over 200 BBC radio broadcasts and over 150 songs recorded, as well as jingles and movie soundtracks under his belt, that's probably true.

Ray Pilgrim - Pilgrim's Progress 1962

But he did not regard singing as his long term career and only became a professional singer to enable him to give up his job in a bank so that he could go to university and get a degree at the London School of Economics.  After which he deliberately phased out his singing and made a successful career in his "proper job" in the senior management of a large multinational company. 

So, having cut short his singing career over 45 years ago, any connection with the music scene had long since faded deep into the background - with his old recordings, cuttings and archive information mouldering away in storage boxes.

Ray Pilgrim - Pilgrim's Progress 1962

But recently there has been a significant growth in interest in the old Embassy label which specialised in covering the hits of the day.  In the early 60’s around one in twenty of all pop singles sold in the UK were on the Embassy label and between 1960-65 Ray sang on more Embassy singles than any other artist.  As well as being credited under the Pilgrim name, he also recorded as Bobby Stevens, The Typhoons, and The Jaybirds among others.  Those old Embassy vinyl singles have now become very collectable and Embassy tracks were also released on over 40 foreign labels in some 25 countries around the world, amounting to literally millions of copies in total.

Ray Pilgrim - Pilgrim's Progress 1962

1. Who Put The Bomp
2. Red Red Roses
3. Twistin' The Trad
4.  Multiplication
5. The Young Ones
6.  The Lion Sleeps Tonight
7.  The Language Of Love
8.  Forget-Me-Not
9. Lonesome
10.  Peppermint Twist
11. Crying In The Rain
12.  Can't Help Falling In Love
13.  Wimoweh
14.  Never Goodbye
15. Hey! Little Girl
16.  Good Luck Charm
17.  I'm Looking Out The Window
18.  Come Outside
19.  Ginny Come Lately
20.  Don't Ever Change
21.  Follow That Dream
22.  I Remember You
23. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
24. Sealed With A Kiss
25. Lovesick Blues
26.  Let's Dance
27.  No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile
28.  Return To Sender
29. It Only Took A Minute
30. Baby Take A Bow
31.  Bachelor Boy

Mike Redway - The Embassy Years - Vol 1 (60s) (2011)

Mike Redway - The Embassy Years - Vol 1 (60s) (2011)

The Story of Embassy Records continued...

Mike Redway - The Embassy Years - Vol 1 (60s) (2011)

01 - Mike Redway - A Forever Kind Of Love
02 - Mike Redway - A Little Bitty Tear
03 - Mike Redway - A Message To Martha
04 - Mike Redway - A Picture Of You
05 - Mike Redway - Blue Bayou
06 - Mike Redway - Bad To Me
07 - Mike Redway - Bossa Nova Baby
08 - Mike Redway - Come On
09 - Mike Redway - Crying In The Rain
10 - Mike Redway - Constantly
11 - Mike Redway - Crying In The Chappel
12 - Mike Redway - Do You Really Love Me
13 - Mike Redway - Don't Ever Change
14 - Mike Redway - Don't Talk To Him
15 - Mike Redway - Do You Want To Know A Secret
16 - Mike Redway - English Country Garden
17 - Mike Redway - From Russia With Love
18 - Mike Redway - I Could Easily Fall In Love With You
19 - Mike Redway - Ginny Come Lately
20 - Mike Redway - Go Away Little Girl
21 - Mike Redway - I Want To Stay Here
22 - Mike Redway - I Think Of You
23 - Mike Redway - If You're Gonna' Make A Fool Of Somebody
24 - Mike Redway - I'll Keep You Satisfied
25 - Mike Redway - I'll Never Get Over You
26 - Mike Redway - It's All In The Game
27 - Mike Redway - In A Matter Of Moments
28 - Mike Redway - I'm The Only One
29 - Mike Redway - It's Almost Tomorrow

VA - Liverpool Beat (All Embassy Tracks)VA - London Really SwingsMike Redway - Moonlight And Love SongsMike Redway - The Embassy Years - Vol 2  (2012)Ray Pilgrim - Pilgrim's Progress 1962Mike Redway - The Embassy Years - Vol 1 (60s) (2011)

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