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Patsy Ann Noble - Hits & Rarities

Patsy Ann Noble enjoyed performing careers in Australia and England before turning to acting in the late '60s. She was born into a family of performers in Australia: her father Buster Noble was a popular comic, singer and dancer while her mother, the former Helen de Paul, was a choreographer and stage producer. As a child, she appeared in various productions of her parents, and became a performer in her own right on a popular radio program in 1950. Noble studied singing and dancing, and was qualified to teach ballet at the age of 14. She subsequently became the lead singer and featured dancer in her parents' production of a revue called International Follies. Noble's television debut followed in 1960, and was signed as regular performer on Bandstand, a weekly Australian musical showcase. A recording contract with the Australian division of HMV Records -- a unit of the EMI group -- led to the release of her first single, "I Love You So Much It Hurts," in late 1960. "Good Looking Boy," released a year later, charted in both Sydney and Melbourne (Australia didn't have an established national record chart in those days), and led to the release of Noble's first album, Just For You, which was given the first Logie Award ever granted for Best Female Singer. Her success as a singer didn't distract Noble from her acting, and she appeared in serious theatrical productions during this period.

Having gone about as far as music could take her in Australia, Noble headed for England in 1963, and started at the top when she ended up making her BBC debut alongside the Beatles; Noble and the band ended up making several televised appearances together, and she seemed poised for a major singing career, issuing a fine girl group-type record in 1963 with "Don't You Ever Change Your Mind" b/w "Sour Grapes." She was a regular panelist on Juke Box Jury and also appeared in the jukebox musical Just for Fun, and got a singing spot in one episode of Secret Agent/Danger Man. Somehow, the success never came to Noble as a singer, despite appearances at the London Palladium and the Paris Olympia Theater, and by 1966 she'd begun to emphasize her acting once again, though she continued to record sides for Polydor until late in the decade. It was as Trisha Noble, with her hair dyed blonde, that she enjoyed considerably more success, both in England and America, on television series such as Executive Suite and Strike Force, and in feature films, including Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace  

Leonard Nimoy - The Touch Of...(1969)

Jack Nitzsche - The Lonely Surfer (1963)

 Jack Nitzsche had one brush with greatness early in his career, apart from his job as Phil Spector's arranger -- "The Lonely Surfer," a classic of the surf music genre. This album attempted to extend his solo career beyond that of a one-hit wonder, with mixed success. The best cuts are songs that are in the same surfer mold: "Puerto Vallarta," "Baja," and "Beyond the Surf." Nitzsche had a gift for melodramatic, ascending arrangements that rose to dramatic crescendos, underpinned by rumbling basslines and clanging percussion. Less successful are a super-slow take on "Da Doo Ron Ron" and remakes of easy listening and soundtrack hits such as "Ebb Tide" and "More," which are given a precious sheen of strings. The one exception is a rather rocking version of Elmer Bernstein's "Magnificent Seven," which sounds like it was made for dancing. This is a pleasant, if not exceptional, set of music for fans of surf instrumentals.

Jack Nitzsche - The Lonely Surfer (1963)


The group was founded around the beginning of the 60s under the name The Black Fellows and did well in the Ghent club circuit as a dance band. Home Propagation of the band was theTF Club (later Arena Theatre ) and manager was the Ghent police sergeant Walter Hellbyck. After three years, the group changed in New Inspiration under the influence of the new manager of the group Jacques Verdonck .
The success was immediate and the debut single I Got a Feeling was a hit and one of the favorite records of Radio Caroline . Also later recordings as You Made a Fool of Me , I See No Reason Why, Mr. Moody and Happy Charly Madman were relative hits with an average sale of about 35,000 units. The group was allowed to make admissions in England and a few songs appeared on the prestigious Apple label of The Beatles. However, through many personnel changes the group falls apart around 1970. Band members have included Danny Sinclair , Daniel Prove and Gilbert Remue . Danny Sinclair decided to start a solo project.
Shortly afterwards founded manager Jacques Verdonck a "new" New Inspirations with key figures Guido Wolfaert and Eddy Vander Linden . The group recorded some new successes with songs like Rainbow I Love You and Judy Please , but once again the band has the same disease and do the many personnel changes the band fall apart 


Mike Sheridan & Nightriders - The Birmingham Beat

Mike Sheridan & Nightriders -  The Birmingham Beat
This group was very well-known as one of the top local bands during the early 1960s. They are significant in rock music history as the line-up was to include two of the most famous Birmingham musicians of the 1960's and 70's, namely Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne.

Mike Tyler started his music career at a young age by singing and playing piano at a pub in Kings Heath. After entering and winning a local talent contest, he was asked to join 'Billy King and the Nightriders' which he did after changing his stage name to 'Sheridan'. The group attracted a large local following and after various personnel changes, Mike Sheridan became the lead singer and frontman. The Nightriders also included lead guitarist Alan 'Big Al' Johnson who was manager of Burton's tailors on Corporation Street and guitarist Dave Pritchard - formerly from a group called 'The Planets'. Roger Spencer who was from Castle Bromwich, had previously played drums in a band called 'The Hound Dogs'. Bass guitarist at the time was Brian Cope. Mike Sheridan and The Nightriders soon established a reputation around Birmingham as one of the most accomplished bands on the scene at that time. ~

Mike Sheridan lead vocal (left 1966)
Brian Cope bass guitar (left 1963)
Al Johnson lead guitar (left 1964)
Dave Pritchard guitar, vocals
Roger Spencer drums, vocals
Greg Masters bass guitar, vocals (joined 1963)
Roy Wood lead guitar, vocals (joined 1964, left 1966)
Johnny Mann lead guitar (joined & left 1966)
Jeff Lynne lead guitar, vocals (joined 1966)

Mike Sheridan & Nightriders -  The Birmingham Beat

The New Colony Six - Sides (1965 - 1974)

The New Colony Six - Sides (1965 - 1974)

Chicago's New Colony Six originally emerged as a tough, British Invasion-styled outfit prominently featuring Farfisa organ and a novel (at the time) Leslie guitar. Scoring a huge local hit with "I Confess," their early recordings -- exemplified by their 1966 debut album, Breakthrough -- featured first-class original material that gave the sound of Them and the Yardbirds a more commercial, American garage-based, vocal harmony approach. The rest of the '60s saw the band gradually abandoning its roots for middle-of-the-road pop with horns and strings. Continuing to rack up major local hits and minor national ones, they finally cracked the U.S. Top 30 with "Love You So Much" (1968) and "Things I'd Like to Say" (1969).

The New Colony Six - Sides (1965 - 1974)

The New Colony Six started out as one of the better garage bands to come out of the Midwest in the mid-'60s, playing tough British Invasion-style rock & roll (their "At the River's Edge" made it onto the Nuggets box set), and they later evolved into a surprisingly sophisticated and skillful pop group that scored nationwide hits with the singles "Love You So Much" and "Things I'd Like to Say." However, this collection of odds and ends doesn't quite play to either side of the band's personality; in fact, most of the 24 songs aren't actually by The New Colony Six, with 11 tunes by the Raymond John Michael Band (which featured three NC6 alumni, singer Ray Graffia, drummer Chick James, and keyboard man Craig Kemp) and one each by Junior and Graffia, both latter-day Ray Graffia projects. The compilers also present a number of tracks in multiple versions, which gets a bit tiring; "The Power of Love," "Accept My Ring," and "Rap-A-Tap" by The New Colony Six all appear twice, while there are two different takes of "Hitch-Hiker" by the Raymond John Michael Band, and their cover of Terry Reid's "Rich Kid Blues" shows up no less than three times. Given the plentiful supply of alternate takes and recordings by post-New Colony Six acts, Sides is clearly for hardcore NC6 fans only, but that's not to say they won't enjoy this collection; there's a charging live recording of the New Colony Six rarity "The Time Is Right," "Come and Give Your Love to Me" is a fine high-attitude rocker, most of the Raymond John Michael Band material sounds like a solid if slightly over-polished variation on the latter-day NC6, "Bobby and Georgia" and "Gwendolyn" are witty novelty numbers, and Graffia's "Sides" is an admirably ballsy hard rock number. In short, if you're looking for The New Colony Six's greatest hits, steer clear of Sides, but if you're a committed fan looking for some choice rarities, you'll find them on this collection.

Indfødte lyde / Native Sounds - Denmark Record Labels Vol.9

Indfødte lyde / Native Sounds - Denmark Record Labels Vol.9

Indfødte lyde / Native Sounds - Denmark Record Labels Vol.9


01 - Green Door
02 - Darlin'
03 - The Sound Of The Constrictors
04 - Summertime
05 - I'm Mad Again
06 - Hey Girl
07 - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
08 - Johnny B Goode (demo)
09 - A Hard Days Night (demo)
10 - In The Mood (demo)
11 - I Just Wanna Make Love To You (demo)
12 - She's All Mine (demo)
13 - It's All Over Now (demo)
14 - Love Potion Number 9 (demo)
15 - Greenback Dollar (live)
16 - In The Midnight Hour (live)
17 - Happy Together (live)
18 - Don't Ask Me What I Say (live)
19 - I'm A Believer (live)

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