Ronnie Singer & Keith Moffat /The 004's - The Clifton Beat - It's Alright (1966) S.Africa
Ronnie Singer & Keith Moffat /The 004's - The Clifton Beat - It's Alright (1966) S.Africa

Band Members:

Ronnie Singer, organ and vocals
Keith Moffat, drums

Derek Marks, bass on last album
Anton Fig, drums
Keith Lentin, guitar
Brian Jones, guitar
George Wolfaardt, bass
James Marwick, drums
Neville Whitmill, vocals
Mike Faure, sax
Neville Green, guitar
Charlie Peterson, bass
Jeremy Dreyer, drums
Anton van Rooyen, bass


South African beat band formed in 1965. Pete Clifford had played with the Jesters and Georgie Fame and visited South Africa for the first time in 1964 while being a member of Dusty Springfield’s backing band. He also played with Tom Jones.
In 1965 he returned to South Africa and formed the 004’s. Brian Gibson and Jack Russell had been members of the Victors, who backed French artist Teddy Raye on tour. When the band broke up Gibson joined the Laurie Jay Combo and Russell got a job as production manager with Vox. Soon they joined the 004’s.
The band was signed by CBS and recorded some singles. They also backed Gene Vincent on his Durban performance.
Their only album was released in 1966.
Nick Doktor (ex-Leemen Limited) replaced Peter Stember in 1966.
Gibson left the band in 1967 and was replaced by Barry Mitchell (ex-In Crowd). The band recorded with Johnny Kongos’ groups Floribunda Rose and Scrugg in 1967.
The band broke up and Clifford joined the Bats in 1968 while Gibson joined Abstract Truth.

Band Members:

Pete Clifford (vocals, guitar),
Brian Gibson vocals, guitar),
Jack Russell (vocals, bass),
Peter Stember (vocals, drums),
Nick Doktor (drums),
Barry Mitchell (guitar)