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VA- Sweet Beat Star-Club

VA- Sweet Beat Star-Club

VA- Sweet Beat Star-Club

01 I Got A Feeling - The Rivets

02 My Ship Is Coming In - The Walker Brothers

03 Um Um Um Um - W.Fontana & The Mindbenders

04 It Ain't (Necessarily So) - Phantom Brothers

05 Bring It On Home To Me - The Londoners

06 Up On The Roof - The Rattles

07 108 Pounds Of Heartaches - The Blizzards

08 Take A Message To Martha - Ian & The Zodiacs

09 Ectasy - Lee Curtis & The All Stars

10 He Hardly Ever Calls Me Honey Anymore - The Liverbirds

11 Under The Boardwalk - The Four Renders

12 Remember . The German Bonds


Polydor Sg The German Bonds

13 We Are Out Of Sight
14 Sing Hallelujah


VA - Star-Club Informationsplatte 1964

VA -  Star-Club Informationsplatte 1964

01 - The Rattles - Do Wah Diddy Diddy.mp3
02 - The Rattles - Geh zu ihm.mp3
03 - James Brown - Out Of Sight.mp3
04 - The Liverbirds - Shop Around.mp3
05 - Lee Curtis & The All Stars - Exstacy.mp3
06 - The Searchers - I Sure Know A Lot About Love.mp3
07 - Jerry Lee Lewis & The Nashville Teens - High School Confidential.mp3
08 - Little Richard - Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On.mp3
09 - Shorty & Them - House Of The Rising Sun.mp3
10 - The Roadrunners - Have You Ever Had The Blues.mp3
11 - The Rattles - Shame Shame Shame.mp3
12 - The Liverbirds - Before You Accuse Me.mp3
13 - Davy Jones - The Night Time.mp3
14 - The Blue Sounds Inc. - Twistin' Wihelm Tell.mp3
15 - Ray Charles - Sticks And Stones -.mp3
16 - Millie - What Am I Living For.mp3

VA - Liverpool Beat-Time Im Star Club Hamburg

VA - Liverpool Beat-Time Im Star Club Hamburg

Liverpool Beat-Time Im Star Club Hamburg 1964

VA - Liverpool Beat-Time Im Star Club Hamburg

1 - The Rattles - Sweet Little Sixteen
2 – The Rattles - Roll Over Beethoven
3 – The Rattles - Spanish Harlem
4 – The Four Randers - Beautiful Dreamer
5 – The Bats - Sweet Little Rock And Roller
6 – Bobby Patrick Big Six - Wildwood Days
7 – Bobby Patrick Big Six - Roly Poly
8 – Bobby Patrick Big Six - Wilhelm Tell Twist
9 – King Size Taylor & The Dominoes - Shake, Shake, Shake
10 – King Size Taylor & The Dominoes -  Wah Watusi
11 – King Size Taylo & The Dominoes - Let?s Dance
12 – The German Bonds - Sweets For My Sweet
13 – The Roadrunners - Rip It Up
14 – The Roadrunners - Beautiful Delilah
15 – The Rattles - Memphis Tennessee
16 – The Rattles - Bo Diddley

The Violents - AT The Star Club Hamburg

The Violents - AT The Star Club Hamburg

Violents was a mainly instrumental guitar pop group formed in Stockholm, 1959. Their first record was an instrumental version of a traditional song, "Alpens Ros", that gave them a hit in 1961 on the Swedish charts. The first recorded songs were recommendations by their record company but they soon started to write their own songs more in line with their own musical taste. Violents started after a while to search for a lead singer to get more variations on their concerts, which could last for hours. They found in 1961 a talented young rock singer named Jerry Williams with a good reputation as a live act and who agreed to be member of the group. In that way started a cooperation who lasted to the split year of the group Violents, 1966. The first recording with Jerry Williams was "Liebestwist" in 1962. In the start, Violents were the main attraction but soon the spotlight was mainly on Jerry and the band became a backing group with a record career separate from Jerry's own solo career. The last lp album with Violents behind Jerry Williams was Action (1966). Among the group's highlights in their international career was to play at the Star Club in Hamburg 1962 with The Beatles and Little Richard. The Beatles were just second band to Violents at that time and it is rumoured that George Harrison was test playing for a membership in Violents because he was tired of The Beatles, but that the Violents didn't want him.
The Violents - AT The Star Club Hamburg

The Roadrunners (UK) / Shorty &Them - Star-Club Show 2

The Roadrunners (UK) / Shorty &Them - Star-Club Show 2

The Roadrunners 

Mike (a.k.a. Henry) Hart - Guitar, Sax, Vocals
Pete Mackey - Bass, Vocals
Dave Percy - Guitar, Vocals
John Peacock - Piano
Dave Boyce - Drums

The Roadrunners emerged in 1962, having previously played as the Tenabeats. In those days, there was no white R&B scene in / Liverpool, as there was in London, centred on the activities of the rather older jazz-blues guitarist Alexis Korner.

For a short period, the Roadrunners cornered the R&B market in Liverpool, as we were the only group playing the same sort of Chicago/Muddy Waters style copies as our metropolitan counterparts - very different from the sound which came to be known as "Merseybeat". Thus we became the band of first choice for University and College gigs as the "trad" jazz bands which were popular at the time were swiftly replaced by something a bit more "a la mode".

The Roadrunners' spiritual home was the "Everyman Club" in the basement of the Everyman Cinema (now theatre) known as "Hope Hall". Four hundred yards from the Art School, and backing onto the university campus, the club was the hang-out of many local poets, painters and arty types, and so we became components of many diverse "events" arranged by Adrian Henri and based on Allan Kaprow's New York Happenings.

John Willett (arts correspondent of the Guardian newspaper) described one of these "happenings" as including: "Some really good things especially by Roger McGough, accompanied by an electric-guitar group, the Roadrunners: the first time I've heard poetry and jazz that really came off... Also a very effective turn with all three poets (Gorman, McGough and Patten) reading verses to a tune of the group's, which then let its own vocalist loose... There really was something there. "

Shorty And Them

Formed 1964
Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom
Disbanded 1965


The Roadrunners (UK) / Shorty &Them - Star-Club Show 2

Peter Kirtley (lead guitar, vocals), Brian Rowan (bass), Pat Dymon [aka Shorty] (vocals, organ, ?-1964), Brian Dunlop (drums), Jesse (drums, ?-1964), Roger Read [Alan Reeves]* (organ, 1964-65), Braham Millard (drums, 1964-65)
Also Known As- Take Six [1965]

* Roger Read [Alan Reeves] member of :
Clinic, Jupiter Sunset Band, The Krew, Shorty and Them, The Showtimers, The Wranglers

The Roadrunners (UK) / Shorty &Them - Star-Club Show 2


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The Roadrunners (UK) / Shorty &Them - Star-Club Show 2

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