45' rarities Billy Sandlin 

Hans-Jьrgen Klitsch in "Shakin' All Over" on The King-Beats:

" Early on, when they accompanied Dutchman Robert Williams on his German Philips-single, the band sported some studio-experience since in spring ’63 the boys had recorded some tracks with Billy Sandlin from the US. “Billy Sandlin was a GI….One evening, this colossus with his natural blond short crop climbed te stage urging us to let him sing what we graciously allowed him. Later on, he asked us if we’d like to be his backing band in the recording-studio – everything would be paid by him. So we recorded a few songs, he sent the tapes to some American record company, and the next – and last – thing we would hear from this session was in a box full of single-plays."

Now, after a long research in the USA, these singles have finally turned up.

01 - My Little Twisting Baby / Billy Sandlin, The Strangers (aka The King-Beats) & The Bluetones  - Germany)

02 - My Little Star / Billy Sandlin & The Strangers (aka The King-Beats - Germany)

03 - Poor Rich Girl / Billy Sandlin & The Interns 

04 - Here Comes That Feeling - Billy Sandlin & The Interns