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The Vivisectors - Case History of John Doe (2003) Russia

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For fans surf and instrumental...

The Vivisectors - Case History of John Doe
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It’s songs like “Mad,” “Monkey Hunter,” and “Alien In Government” that then rip to shreds all our preconceived notions of what surf is. The Vivisectors slice and dice and toss it all around, injecting Garage Rock and Film Noir spy rock into the mix, with a sense of dread and urgency that somehow lifts the spirits. “Radio Spell,” “Fried Chicken,” “Cruel Love,” and others open up the Monster lo-fi sound that Mike Antipow (Guitars, organ, drum loops, home PC) plays with the furiousness of a man possessed. We hear him ripping and shredding chords like the powerful waves that crash upon the board riders and the beach, intricately picking at huge Phat bottom notes, that run and slice through the heart and the waves. We surf through an intriguing presentation of a genre that has long been treated as dead, and is only recognized by those who cling to the past and exult the extinct. It teaches us that the stereotyping of terror, evil, and repression of the old USSR blinds us in much the same way to the core, soul, and general goodness of its people.“Motorpsycho,” “Russki Psycho,” “Scary Song,” “Midnight Travel,” “Terrorfobia,” and “KGB Moscow Nights” assert all the horror, terror, and dark, mysterious ways of fear and loathing under a communist regime. But, it is the sound that reaches in and urges us to let it go, to wrap ourselves in the resurrected music of a brighter and happier time and culture, but not to forget what brought us to this point and how much farther we still must go. “Enigma Of John Doe,” does just that with a schlock-psycho-monster style narrative that draws us like the curious to an accident. Perhaps this is the sound we make when we want to see what should in fact repulse us. It’s human nature reduced to its most primitive, a sullen fright that confuses, yet identifies us all at once, the world mummified for all to gawk and ponder.Maybe that’s why “Cold Waves” leads to the closing of this CD. It finally lays the Russian surf scene out for all to see. While the waves are as friendly as they are frigid, they urge us to realize that those fanatics who practice and present it with revered vision should be warmly received for all they’ve done and accomplished. “Outro” may close the mausoleum doors, and while upon arrival the caskets may have been full of dead expectations of a genre and culture, we’ve been shown that we shouldn’t be shoveling the dirt – Raise the dead. From .

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Interview with The Vivisectors (russian)


1. Intro2. Big Dif3. Cowboy Surfer4. Good Time5. Hank, God Bless You6. The House of the Rising Sun7. Mad8. Monkey Hunter.9. Motorpsycho10. Radio Spell11. Fried Chicken12. Alien in a Government13. Russki Psycho14. Cruel Love15. Enigma of John Doe16. Ghost Surfer17. Scary Song18. Midnight Travel19. Terrorofobia20. True Story21. Walking22. Son of the Beach23. Moonlight Tango24. KGB Moscow Nights25. Cold Waves

The Rivieras - Let's Stomp With The Rivieras(1964)

Mp3 192\73Mb

Review by Steve Leggett:
The Rivieras were a young garage/surf band from South Bend, IN, who scored a monster pop hit in 1964 with the absurdly infectious "California Sun," a remake of the Joe Jones tune. Never really a surf band in the classic sense, the group was nevertheless left without a niche when the Beatles and their wake swept the sun, surf, and car genre out to sea later that same year. Let's Stomp With the Rivieras is a collection of previously unreleased tracks from their banner year of mostly organ-led romps through classic R&B covers, including a run at Fats Domino's "Blueberry Hill" and an interesting version of the stop/start Isley Brothers' party pleaser "Shout." That the Rivieras were from Indiana and had no particular allegiance to the good state of California is made obvious on "Arizona Sun," a flat remake of their giant hit with the state of Arizona plugged in where California used to
1. : Arizona Sun 2. : I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love 3. : Comin' Back Home 4. : Sarah Lee 5. : Johnny B. Goode 6. : Rosie Lee 7. : When You Look At Me Like This 8. : I've Had It 9. : Blueberry Hill 10. : Let's Dance 11. : Surfin' Fun 12. : What'd I Say 13. : Mama Don't Allow 14. : Let's Stomp 15. : Peggy Sue 16. : Cherry Pie 17. : Lakeview Lane 18. : Do You Wanna Dance 19. : Wild Weekend 20. : Money 21. : Shout 22. : Let's Stomp

The Rivieras - California Sun (1964)

Mp3 320\62 Mb

by Cub Koda
A South Bend, IN, rock & roll band, the Rivieras' one big hit was one of the last great gasps of pure American rock & roll before the British Invasion took over the charts. Original members Otto Nuss (organ), Doug Gean (bass), Marty "Bo" Fortson (vocals and guitar), Joe Pennell (guitar), and Paul Dennert (drums) were local teen ballroom heroes. They recorded a supercharged version of the Joe Jones R&B semi-hit "California Sun" featuring a powerful drum intro and the now-famous signature guitar and organ riff. The song became a hit in the midst of the first flush of Beatlemania, only nudged out of the #1 spot on the national charts by "I Want to Hold Your Hand." Although several equally fine 45s and two albums followed, the band's relatively young ages, coupled with numerous personnel changes caused by the draft and the changing musical climate, caused the band to break up by 1966. Nuss, Gean, and Fortson reunited the Rivieras in the mid '80s, recording and doing local shows, sounding as great as ever. Though their time in the spotlight was brief, their one big hit continues to define for future generations everything that's pulsatingly great about American teen-band rock & roll.

The Great Scots - The Great Lost Great Scots Album !!!

Mp3\ 55Mb
England had the Stones, Beatles and Kinks...the Pacific Northwest had the Raiders, Kingsmen and Sonics...Canada had the Great Scots...the most kick-ass garage band ever to don kilts. The Great Scots drifted from Halifax, Nova Scotia to California, where they hooked up with producer/mastermind Richard Delvy. The Great Scots twin albums find them rampaging through ultra-cool Brit-beat-infused material, and feature liner notes by Chesterfield King Greg Prevost and legendary Caribou, Maine deejay Wally Berk, who never, ever stopped believing himself to be "the sixth Great Scot"!
Rick McNeil (vocals)
Bill Schnare (guitar)
Wayne Forrest (guitar)
Gerry Archer (drums)
Dave Isner (bass)
This actually has only five of the dozen cuts the group released officially; the rest of the 16-song disc is filled out by unreleased tracks recorded by the band in May 1966. It's tight mid-'60s rock with a wide range, but not much personality, although executed fairly enjoyably. "Show Me the Way" (included in the Pebbles series) is here and is an obvious highlight, though they sound a lot like Manfred Mann on Goffin-King's "Honey and Wine" and "What Am I to Do," and "Lord, I'm So Lonely" (an obscure Billy Vera composition) is pretty fair White soul in the Animals mold. Barely any of the songs were written by the group themselves, which prevents this from being a notable effort even for '60s collectors, although they most likely could have been stars if they'd been picked up by big-time producers and given commercial material, a la Paul Revere & the Raiders. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide
While determining just who was America's or Britain's greatest rock & roll band will forever be in doubt, the list gets whittled down to one name when figuring out who was the biggest group from Nova Scotia: the Great Scots. From Halifax, the Scots cut three singles of wild punk music, loaded with solid playing and great screaming vocals.
The group began officially in 1963 as the Shadows, changing their name to the Beavers (all wearing Mohawk haircuts) the following year and finally becoming the Great Scots by December 1964. The original lineup consisted of guitarist Bill Schnare, singer Rick McNeil, bassist Dave Isnor, drummer Gerry Archer and guitarist Wayne Forrest. Hailed in the Canadian press as "Canada's answer to the Beatles," the group flew down to California in 1965, looking for bigger horizons to conquer. Working out of Hollywood during that time period, the group capitalized on their Scottish heritage and wore Nova Scotian tartan kilts onstage, causing quite a stir everywhere they played. Hooking up with producer (and Challengers drummer) Richard Delvey, the Scots hit the charts with "Run For Your Life," "The Light Hurts My Eyes" and "Miracle Worker," also issuing sides under the name Free For All. No teenage primitive fuzz box and Farfisa organ garage band, the Scots sported solid harmonies and a wide musical palette that embraced everything from blues to rock & roll to a smattering of jazz. Their fame in California grew by leaps and bounds, doing guest shots on both American Bandstand and Shindig!, being featured in various teen magazines, working big package shows and receiving the key to the city from the mayor of Santa Barbara, California. But the good times came to a quick end by 1967 because of the Vietnam War. The members had permanent visas, meaning they were all eligible for the draft. When Dave Isnor was plucked from the group and spent two years in the American Armed Forces, the others members called it a day and moved back to Canada. With all the members still living close to each other, the band still reunites every Labor Day to play and reminisce about their short-lived heyday. The Great Scots' ride on the show business rocket may have been a short one, but for a self described "bunch of virgin kids from Halifax," it was the ride of a lifetime. ~ Cub Koda, All Music Guide

Dick Dale - Unknown Territory (1994)

Dick Dale (born Richard Anthony Monsour on May 4 1937 y, in Quincy, Massachusetts is "The King of the Surf Guitar": a pioneer of surf rock and one of the most influential guitarists of the 1960s. He experimented with reverberation and made use of custom made Fender amplifiers, including the first ever 100 watt amp. NEXT :
2.F Groove
3.Terra Dicktyl
4.Take It Or Leave It
5.Ghostriders In The Sky
6.Fish Taco
7.California Sun
8.Maria Elena
9.Hava Nagila
10.The Beast
11.Unknown Territory
12.Ring Of Fire
The Vivisectors - Case History of John Doe (2003)  RussiaThe Rivieras - Let's Stomp With The Rivieras(1964)The Rivieras - California Sun (1964)The Great Scots - The Great Lost Great Scots Album !!!Dick Dale - Unknown Territory (1994)

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