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The Outlaws - Back To The West & The Rally Rounders

The Outlaws - Back To The West & The Rally Rounders

Billy Kuy, Bobby Graham , Chas Hodges, Don Groom, Harvey Hinsley, Ken Lundgren, Mick Underwood, Reg Hawkins, Ritchie Blackmore, Roger Mingaye

English instrumental rock group, 1960s. Initially the house band for pioneering record producer Joe Meek.

The Chaps,The Rally Rounders

The Outlaws - Back To The West 

The Outlaws - Back To The West & The Rally Rounders

The Rally Rounders

The Outlaws - Back To The West & The Rally Rounders

The Outlaws - Back To The West & The Rally Rounders

Wanted : The Chaps  ‎– Poppin'  1962

The Outlaws - Back To The West & The Rally Rounders

The Outlaws - Ride Again Singles As&Bs (1961-64)

The Outlaws - Ride Again Singles As&Bs (1961-64)

Biography by Bruce Eder
The Outlaws — not to be confused with the American country act of the same name — were one of a wave of instrumental groups that came along in British pop/rock music during the late 1950's and early 1960's. At the time, Cliff Richard's backing band the Shadows, were selling hundreds of thousands of records on their own, separate from the singer, and enjoying the kind of star status that guitarists of just a generation earlier could only have dreamt about. The Outlaws were distinguished by the unique sound of their records, courtesy of producer Joe Meek, and the presence of three top-flight players, one near-legend (Bobby Graham), and one future guitar god, Ritchie Blackmore, in their ranks. The group's roots go back to a North London band called Billy Gray & the Stormers, and a summer 1960 engagement at the renowned Yorkshire holiday camp Butlins. Billy Gray (real name Billy Halsey) was the singer, and the rest of the lineup included Billy Kuy on lead guitar, Reg Hawkins on rhythm guitar, Chas Hodges on bass, and, taking over the vacant drummer's spot, Bobby Graham. At the end of that summer, the group disbanded — no one minded, coming off of a season of fun, women, and booze, and decent pay to boot; most bands at their level never had that much to show for their work.


The Outlaws - Ride Again (Singles)
All 18 of the songs from their singles are included on this collection. It's all quite dated decades later, but not without its period charm, and the production was actually quite innovative for its period.

The Outlaws (Dream of the West) 1961 + Bonus Tracks From CD

The Outlaws (Dream of the West) 1961 + Bonus Tracks From CD

The Outlaws (Dream of the West) 1961 + Bonus Tracks From CD

This article is about the UK band.
The Outlaws
Also known as The Chaps, The Rally Rounders, The Six Shooters, The Admirals
Origin London, England
Genres Instrumental rock, pop
Years active 1960–1965
Labels HMV
Associated acts Joe Meek (producer)
Past members Chas Hodges
Billy Kuy
Bobby Graham
Reg Hawkins
Ken Lundgren
Lorne Greene
Don Groom
Rodger Mingaye
Mick Underwood
Ritchie Blackmore
Harvey Hinsley
Edward Watson Ray (Biffo) Byhart rhythm guitar.

The Outlaws were an English instrumental band that recorded in the early 1960s.[One-time members included Chas Hodges, ( bass ) , (born Charles Nicholas Hodges in 1943), Bobby Graham (born Robert Francis Neate in 1940), Ken Lundgren, Ritchie Blackmore (born Richard Hugh Blackmore in 1945), Mick Underwood (born Michael John Underwood, 1945), Reg Hawkins (born Reginald Hawkins, in 1942), Billy Kuy (born William John Kuy Jnr., 12 December 1940) and others.

Their name was originally conceived by Joe Meek (born Robert George Meek in 1929), who needed a backing group for Mike Berry's "Set Me Free" in 1960 , after , according to Meek Biographer , John Repsch , Meek had fired Berry's original backing group , The Statesmen .  After that recording, they continued being one of the house bands of his recording studio at 304 Holloway Road, London. As such, they were used for recordings, demos and auditions. Many of their songs were written by Meek, and credited to one or other of his pseudonyms, either Robert Duke or Peter Jacobs; the latter of which he used on The Outlaws' "Shake with Me".

They appeared as themselves in the 1963 British film, Live It Up!.

In addition to featuring on three hit singles backing Mike Berry (born Michael Hubert Bourne in 1942), they also recorded singles in their own right. One of these , ' Bike Beat ' , for Raleigh Bicycle Company , ( see below ) , even had dance instructions created especially for it , printed on the picture sleeve , with bicycle references : "Grab a girl at random , make like a tandem " .

In 1990 , all of their 1960's singles were issued on ' The Outlaws Ride Again ( the Singles A's and B's ) ' , on the See For Miles Label , SEE CD 303 .Catelo

Dream of the West (HMV, December 1961)
Re-released , with additional tracks :- Swingin' Low; Valley of the Sioux; Crazy Drums: and John Leyton and Mike Berry recordings :'Dream of the West The Outlaws ' : Coronet CCD2002, in 2012.


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The Outlaws - Back To The West & The Rally RoundersThe Outlaws - Ride Again Singles As&Bs (1961-64)The Outlaws (Dream of the West) 1961 + Bonus Tracks From CD

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