I've been too busy decorating for others lately to spend any time on my own apartment but when a certain magazine asked to see photos of it, I thought that maybe I should finish all those nagging projects. One of which is a headboard. If you live in an apartment in New York, then you know the problem with the ever present bump out. It's an annoying little thing that allows the pipes to run up and down the corner of a building but always causes a decorating disaster. In my case, there is one at the foot of my bed that doesn't allow 4 inches for a normal headboard to sit behind the mattress. This means that I need to have one custom made that will attach to the wall and sit above the top of the mattress. See why I haven't dealt with this before. You're probably wondering why I've first posted a photo of a dining room if I am talking about headboards right? Well, I've been in love with the fabric on those chairs since they were first published in Domino in September 2008.

Then I saw it used for the headboard in A Single Man and thought that's the fabric I should use for my own headboard! The sample I have is Tilbury Lapis by Laura Ashley through Kravet. I usually remove the tag from any of the Laura Ashley fabrics before I show them to my clients since they usually associate them with unflattering floral dresses but the ikat of this fabric is perfect. The walls in my bedroom are robins egg blue and even though I plan to replace all my bedding, it should all coordinate nicely. I may have to find myself a blue phone to finish it off though!

Here's another photo of the chairs from the premier issue of Lonny magazine. I'm not really a prints person. I usually stick to textures and skins like shagreen but I think a headboard should make a statement and it's nice to have at least one patterned fabric in a room that pulls everything together.

Above is photo of Tilbury Lapis from Laura Ashley through Kravet and below is a photo of Tilbury Lapis from Calico Corners. Are they in cahoots or has Calico Corners copied their fabric from Laura Ashley? They look almost identical. I've ordered a sample of the Calico Corners since at $24.99 a yard, it's practically free! That's a joke but everyone likes a bargain, myself included. If this all works out, that would make one project down and fifty more to go so I'm off to get to work! Ciao!

Photos by Anie Schlecter for Domino and Patrick Cline for Lonny