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One Chloe Bird

Rashida Jones' NYC Studio

Rashida Jones' New York City studio apartment was featured in Domino Magazine in the February 2008 issue.

I just discovered a website where devoted followers of Domino are sharing past photos now that the magazine is no more.

These delightful photographs are lovingly borrowed from that online forum, and a website called We Love Domino.

Funny Girl

Funny Girl

One of my favourite movies of all time is Funny Girl. After seeing this photograph, of actress Amanda Peet's home, in Domino magazine, my mom ordered me the Funny Girl poster as a gift. It now rests on top of a bookshelf, beside a blue lamp in my apartment. I just love it. I typically go for white walls, with accessories that provide small punches of colour, so this fit in perfectly.

Lonny is the new Domino

Domino was the ultimate decor magazine, but as I previously mentioned, it folded in the Spring of 2009. Now Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline have a new project - Lonny Magazine!

I have been following this on-line magazine for quite some time now. On it's fifth issue this month (June/July 2010), Lonny mag is a beautiful representation of fresh, modern, fashion-forward design & decor. It is very clearly springing from the root of Domino, but gently pushing forward with new ideas. One of the best elements is the quick link feature. Nearly everything you see has a link, so you can investigate and shop immediately. No need for note taking!

I am beyond delighted that this aesthetic is represented once again, however, I cannot help but wish that it was in the traditional magazine format, to have and to hold, and to pour over in a cozy chair or by the lake . . . rather than at my computer workstation.

The photo above comes from Lonny Mag's feature in the New York Times today.

Here is a column I love: lonny5junejuly10-2

My Favourite Apartment

My favourite apartment has to be that of Jessie Randall, Loeffler Randall designer. She uses beautiful, soft hues, and happens to incorporate the interlocking squares chairs that I love so dearly. The most enviable element in my estimation is the gold wallpaper.

These photos originally appeared in Domino Magazine, which showcased a brilliant mix of ways to decorate with a modern sensibility on a monthly basis until it's recession-ista demise. I still mourn the loss of Domino.

I found the photos on Habitually Chic - a blog I love to check out on a regular basis, and here I recycle them to share with you!
Rashida Jones' NYC StudioFunny GirlLonny is the new DominoMy Favourite Apartment

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