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Today I Want . . . .

Today I Want . . . .
Today I want to curl up and watch The Family Stone. I have a rule that I can't watch it until it's November and the wintery weather has hit . . . it does take place around Christmas time after all.

Today I Want . . . .
Today I want to have my hair done just like this.
(Photo via A Cup of Jo).

Today I Want . . . .
Today I want to look retro chic like the girl in the middle.
(Photo via Habitually Chic).

Feel Good Movies . . .with Feel Good Set Design

Feel Good Movies . . .with Feel Good Set Design

Feel Good Movies . . .with Feel Good Set Design

I have a thing for Nancy Meyer's movies. In our house growing up my mom always called these "Feel Good Movies" . . . chick flicks were not part of our vocabulary. From Something's Gotta Give to It's Complicated, I never get sick of the complex heroines paired with hilarious slapstick, and the beautiful aesthetic detail of the homes, landscapes, food, and clothes.

Whenever I have a stack of marking on a Sunday afternoon, or I am exhausted on a Friday evening, I pop in one of these movies and drift away to a fun place in the Hamptons or Santa Barbara!

Here is a great article out of Architectural Digest on the space created for Something's Gotta Give :
Set Design: Something's Gotta Give Other Spaces:

And a Slideshow from Traditional Home discussing the set design for It's Complicated :

Photos Above:
Kitchen featured in It's Complicated via Traditional Home link above.
Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson in Something's Gotta Give via Architectural Digest link above.
Today I Want . . . .Feel Good Movies . . .with Feel Good Set Design

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