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One Chloe Bird

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These gorgeous Tibetan Rugs (by Madeline Weinrib) were posted on Good Bones Great Pieces. Wouldn't they add a terrific vibrancy to a room?

Olivia Palermo, featured on Shelter, in a classic chic outfit . . . as per usual.

I would love to have this dress for work. It looks so polished . . .and comfortable. I've mentioned my affection for these two qualities several times so I do apologize for the redundancy. Diane Von Furstenberg Reggina Pop Dress at Shopbop.

These Hunter socks look soooo cosy . . . I'd love to get them to go inside my green wellies.

Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Perfect Pick-Me-Up
Perfect Pick-Me-Up

The ever-so-eloquent Marie, of Le Voyage Creatif, delivered a poignant message alongside these two adorable photos on Friday. Visit her blog to read her musings in their entirety, but know that this lovely woman that Marie photographed, did not think her outfit (or perhaps herself) worthy of being photographed or blogged about.

As Marie says, how mistaken are we to think ourselves so unworthy in comparison to others, and to think it so frequently, unquestioningly, and as a basic truth.

I believe whole-heartedly in humility, but there is ample room to mix in some due confidence!

Treat this as the perfect "pick-me-up" in order to smile and walk with confidence today.



I absolutely love my Hunter Boots.

In the cold, snowy winters I put on my forest green wellies with thick wool knee socks and then brave the elements in them - as NOTHING gets through!

They are styled in such a romantic way for in this photo. Who would have guessed rain boots could be so chic?! I will have to try this look at the cottage on a warm, dreary day.

I stumbled upon this photo thanks to A Cup of Jo -

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