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One Chloe Bird

Daily Dose of Chic!

Daily Dose of Chic!
This lovely lady was photographed for The Sartorialist a few days ago. As soon as I flagged this photo on my desktop, I saw that Katie Armour featured it on her blog too, proving to me that this outfit really was worth squeeling about! Isn't this girl incredible?!? This is, what I love to call, effortlessly chic. Below I have put together some pieces that echo this awesome aesthetic / look!

Daily Dose of Chic!
Vince Blazer via Net-a-Porter.

Daily Dose of Chic!
Wool Tulip Skirt via J. Crew.

Daily Dose of Chic!
Daily Dose of Chic!
Bracelets via Madewell.

Daily Dose of Chic!
Tod's "Heaven" Loafers via Bluefly.Daily Dose of Chic!

Outfit to Room - The Fashion Flip

I used to love how Domino magazine would take an outfit and turn it into a room. Generally following the idea that when certain colours and textures make you happy in an outfit, they will work for you in your decor environment too! Mary Kate via The Sartorialist had such a fantastic combination of textures, colours, and ideas in her outfit that I couldn't resist picking it apart and trying to put the pieces together as elements of a living room. Here's what I came up with:

These awesome curtains from West Elm take a note from the subtle Ikat patterning in Mary Kate's skirt. They give introduce pattern into a room without overwhelming it. There are two colour swatches available - above is Ivory/Straw, also available is Oregano/Clay.

Mid-Century Rocker by Urban Outfitters gives off an old-school feel and plays on the oatmeal colours and textures in Mary-Kate's outfit!

In the photo, Mary Kate's bags do a lot of the loud talking - the black leather with the chunky gold chain, and then the bright and colourful tote behind it. They pack a lot of punch and add some interest in a compact way. Here, a Chagall print (of La Mariee) surrounded by a chunky gold frame gives off the same feel.

Maxwell Leather Sofa from Restoration Hardware echos Mary Kate's leather platforms and Ikat cushions could replace the Ikat drapery if the room was very small and it felt like too much pattern for the space.

One of the most striking elements about the Sartorialist photo is that Mary Kate is wearing a boys knit sweater. It's so casual on it's own yet it looks great with her mix. Land's End Chunky Knit Throw in Parchement gives the room the same old school, casual comfort vibe that the Crewcuts sweater lends to Mary Kate's look.

The Sartorialist - Fashion vs. Style

The Sartorialist - Fashion vs. Style

Great post on The Sartorialist tossing around the consideration of fashion versus style, using the photo above as his exemplar. Sometimes you can have the most beautiful, expensive, "fashionable" outfit, but it doesn't hold a candle to someone with the natural ability to put something together and wear it with the utmost confidence. Ah style. I really wish I had long legs like this beautiful woman in NYC and that I could wear a big brimmed hat like that without feeling silly. The oversized shades . . . I've got that one down.
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