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The View From Monday - September 12, 2011

Happy 2nd Monday in September. It's a busy week at The Qwillery.

Monday:  Guest post from Aubrie Dionne - Paradise 21 (New Dawn 1) .

Tuesday: Interview with debut author Paul Lewis - The Savage Knight (Mallory's Knights of Albion).

Wednesday: Interview with debut author MJ Scott - Shadow Kin (Half-Light City 1).

Thursday: Interview with debut author Jess Macallan - Stone Cold Seduction (Set in Stone 1)

Friday: Interview with debut author Erin Morgenstern -The Night Circus.

Book releases for this week are below. A book shopping list in PDF format may be found by clicking here. Click "File" on the left and then "Print (PDF)." Anthologies and book trailers are below.

September 13, 2011

SpellboundCharlton, BlakeF -Spell 2
Blood and Other CravingsDatlow, Ellen (ed)H - Anthology
Sunrise of AvalonElliott, AnnaF - Twilight of Avalon 3
Crack'd Pot Trail (ri)Erikson, StevenF - Bauchelain and Korbal Broach 4
Prospero RegainedLamplighter, L. JagiF - Prospero's Daughter 3
The Savage Knight (d)Lewis, PaulF - Mallory's Knights of Albion
The Night Circus (d)Morgenstern, ErinF
The Highest FrontierSlonczewski, JoanSF
Red Velvet and Absinthe: Paranormal Erotic RomanceSzereto, Mitzi (ed)PER - Anthology

September 15, 2011

Gaslight Arcanum: Uncanny Tales of Sherlock HolmesCampbell, J.R. (ed)
Prepolec, Charles (ed)
H/F - Anthology
Tesseracts 15: A Case of Quite Curious TalesCzerneda, Julie (ed)
MacGregor, Susan (ed)
SF - Anthology
The Battle Sylph McDonald, L.J.PNR -Sylph 1
Queen of the SylphsMcDonald, L.J.PNR -Sylph 3
The Shattered SylphMcDonald, L.J.PNR -Sylph 2
Tastes of Love and EvilMonajem, BarbaraPNR -Bayou Gavotte 2
The RaftersMontgomery, ACF - Somnambulist Saga 1
BriarpatchPratt, TimF
The Pattern ScarsSweet, CaitlinEF

d - Debut
ri - Reissue

EF - Epic Fantasy
F - Fantasy
H - Horror
PER - Paranormal Erotic Romance
PNR - Paranormal Romance
SF - Science Fiction


Book trailer:

The Night Circus by Erin Morgentstern

Jack: Secret Histories by F. Paul Wilson - Comics & Graphic Novels - Sea Lion Books - March 25, 2011

Press Release

F. Paul Wilson
Jack: Secret Histories
Repairman Jack's early years become a graphic novel series

Jack: Secret Histories by F. Paul Wilson - Comics & Graphic Novels - Sea Lion Books - March 25, 2011

ATLANTA, GA – March 25, 2011 – Sea Lion Books announces the acquisition of the comic book and graphic novel rights to F. Paul Wilson’s young adult novels Jack: Secret Histories, Jack: Secret Circles and Jack: Secret Vengeance. The books form a prequel trilogy to the New York Times bestselling author’s Repairman Jack novels, and not only explore the background of the adventurous problem solver, but also provide clues to the origins of the “Secret History of the World” that forms the nexus of the Repairman Jack universe. Scripted by Wilson himself, the adaptations will feature new material not found in the novels.

"We are thrilled to bring F. Paul Wilson's Jack: Secret Histories, Jack: Secret Circles and Jack: Secret Vengeance series of young adult books to graphic novel form,” said Derek Ruiz, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Sea Lion Books. "Our partnership with F. Paul Wilson is another step in the right direction for Sea Lion Books, with our continued desire to bring the best of the best to the graphic novel market."

Jack: Secret Histories by F. Paul Wilson - Comics & Graphic Novels - Sea Lion Books - March 25, 2011

Fans of the Repairman Jack series have long wanted to know where the character began; that story begins in Jack: Secret Histories. As Wilson explained, "The series follows the adventures of a 14-year-old boy named Jack, his best friend Louise ‘Weezy’ Connell, and her brother Eddie. Jack will grow into the mercenary known as Repairman Jack, but here in 1983, he is just a boy with a destiny." That destiny includes a knack for “repairing” situations, whether it’s dealing with the troublesome teens who destroyed a neighbor’s lawn—or protecting his friends and family from the dangers presented by the mysterious Ancient Septimus Fraternal Order.

Jack is a kid nobody knows—not his parents, not his few friends, not even Jack.

"Jack thinks he's a regular kid,” Wilson said, “but forces of destiny are swirling around him, drawing strange people to his little town, which is situated on the edge of the mysterious and fabled New Jersey Pine Barrens, where strange lights jump from tree to tree and the Jersey Devil supposedly roams."

It’s the perfect setting for the story of a boy destined to do great things—and for a dynamic graphic novel series.

Jack: Secret Histories #1, adapted by F. Paul Wilson and artist Jorge Correa Jr, is scheduled to debut later this year.

F. Paul Wilson was born and raised in New Jersey where he spent hours reading Uncle Scrooge and E.C. comics, Lovecraft, Matheson, Bradbury, and Heinlein. Listening to radio programs featuring Chuck Berry and Alan Freed, and spending hours watching Soupy Sales and Shock Theatre with Zacherley on television. His writing awards include the first Prometheus Award in 1979; the Porgie Award from The West Coast Review of Books; the 1999 Bram Stoker Award for short fiction; the Inkpot Award from the San Diego ComiCon and the Pioneer Award from the RT Booklovers Convention. F. Paul Wilson is on the young adult recommended reading lists of the American Library Association and the New York Public Library, among others; and is listed in the 50th anniversary edition of Who's Who in America. You visit F. Paul Wilson on the Internet at

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Sea Lion Books LLC is a newly established publishing house which specializes in all formats—hardcover, trade paperback, and mass market and in urban fantasy and young adult genres. Sea Lion Books LLC recent roster of authors include: International Bestselling author, Paulo Coelho, New York Times Bestselling authors, Richelle Mead and Richard A. Knaak plus more to be announced in the upcoming months. Contact David Dabel at 770-696-3452 or . You can visit Sea Lion Books on the Internet at
The View From Monday - September 12, 2011Jack: Secret Histories by F. Paul Wilson - Comics & Graphic Novels - Sea Lion Books - March 25, 2011

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