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The View From Monday ... on Tuesday - May 12, 2015

Happy not Monday! I had a big RL thing yesterday so didn't get to this week's release list. But here it is today.

There are 3 debuts out today:

Love Is Red (The Nightsong Trilogy 1) by Sophie Jaff;

Apex by Aer-ki Jyr;


Archangel by Marguerite Reed.

And this week from formerly featured Debut Author Challenge Authors:

Mother of Eden (Dark Eden 2) by Chris Beckett;

Strange Country (Hallie Michaels 3) by Deborah Coates is out in Trade Paperback;

The Big Fix (Ciel Halligan 3) by Linda Grimes;

Nightlife: Hazardous Material by Matthew Quinn Martin;

The Undying: Shades: An Apocalyptic Thriller by Ethan Reid;


Defiant (Towers Trilogy 2) by Karina Sumner-Smith.

The View From Monday ... on Tuesday - May 12, 2015

May 11, 2015
Nightlife: Hazardous Material (e) Matthew Quinn Martin H - Nightlife novella

May 12, 2015
A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel: Volume Four Daniel Abraham F/GN
Mother of Eden Chris Beckett SF - Dark Eden 2
The Forgotten Room Lincoln Child Th - Dr. Jeremy Logan 4
Strange Country (h2tp) Deborah Coates CF - Hallie Michaels 3
The Outer Harbour Wayde Compton SpecFic - Collection
A Dance of Chaos David Dalglish F - Shadowdance 6
Under a Blood Moon (e) Delilah Devlin PNR - Beaux Rève Coven
Dreams of Shreds and Tatters Amanda Downum UF
Dark Screams: Volume Three (e) Brian James Freeman (ed)
Richard Chizmar (ed)
H- Anthology
The Midnight Order (Ke) Christopher Fulbright H
The Confabulist (h2tp) Steven Galloway LF
The Big Fix Linda Grimes UF - Ciel Halligan 3
Gotrek & Felix: Slayer David Guymer F - The Doom of Gotrek Gurnisson 2
The Rise of the Horned Rat Guy Haley F - Warhammer: The End Times 4
The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz (ri) Russell Hoban F
Love Is Red (D) Sophie Jaff LF/Su/RS/H - The Nightsong Trilogy 1
Apex (D) Aer-ki Jyr SF/SO
Born of Defiance Sherrilyn Kenyon CF - The League 9
Goddess of Buttercups & Daisies Martin Millar F
Apex Ramez Naam SF - Nexus Arc 3
The Two of Swords: Part Four (e) K. J. Parker F - Two of Swords
The Bees (h2tp) Laline Paull LF
Where Kit Reed SF
Archangel (D) Marguerite Reed SF
The Undying: Shades: An Apocalyptic Thriller (e) Ethan Reid Ap/Th/Z - Undying Series
Retribution (e) Katie Reus PNR
Starbase Human (Ke) Kristine Kathryn Rusch SF - Retrieval Artist Universe: Anniversary Day Saga 7
The Guild of Saint Cooper Shya Scanlon LF/Ap/AH
Boo Neil Smith LF/CoA/Gh
The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume Nine Jonathan Strahan (ed) SF - Anthology
Defiant Karina Sumner-Smith F/P - Towers Trilogy 2
Post-Exoticism in Ten Lessons, Lesson Eleven Antoine Volodine LF/PA
Highlander Redeemed Laurin Wittig HistR - Guardians of the Targe 3
Points of Departure: Liavek Stories Patricia C. Wrede
Pamela Dean
SF - Short Stories

May 13, 2015
Firestorm Forever (e) Deborah Cooke PNR - Dragonfire 11
Elephants and Corpses: A Tor.Com Original (e) Kameron Hurley F

May 14, 2015
Equilibrium: Episode 3 CS Sealey F

May 15, 2015
Giallo Fantastique Ross E. Lockhart (ed) Cr/H/Su
Expiration Date Nancy Kilpatrick (ed) F - Anthology

May 16, 2015
The Star Trek Universe: Franchising the Final Frontier Douglas Brode (ed)
Shea T. Brode (ed)
HC/SF - Anthology
Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: The Original Cast Adventures Douglas Brode (ed)
Shea T. Brode (ed)
HC/SF - Anthology

D - Debut
e - eBook
ed - Editor
h2mm - Hardcover to Mass Market Paperback
h2tp - Hardcover to Trade Paperback
Ke - Kindle eBook only
ri - reissue or reprint
tp2mm - Trade to Mass Market Paperback

AH - Alternate History
Ap - Apocalyptic
CF - Contemporary Fantasy
CoA - Coming of Age
Cr - Crime
F - Fantasy
Gh - Ghost
GN - Graphic Novel
H - Horror
HC - History and Criticism
HistR - Historical Romance
LF - Literary Fiction
P - Paranormal
PA - Post Apocalyptic
PNR - Paranormal Romance
RS - Romantic Suspense
SF - Science Fiction
SO - Space Opera
SpecFic - Speculative Fiction
Su - Supernatural
UF - Urban Fantasy
Z - Zombies

2013 Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars - October 2013 Winner

And the winner of the October Debut Author Challenge Cover wars is.....  Nightlife by Matthew Quinn Martin with 38% of the votes.

2013 Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars - October 2013 Winner

The Final Results

2013 Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars - October 2013 Winner

The October Debut Covers

2013 Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars - October 2013 Winner

Thank you to everyone who voted, Tweeted, and participated. The 2013 Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars will continue soon with voting on the November 2013 Debut covers.

The View From Monday - October 21, 2013

Happy Monday! Only 10 days until Halloween. It's finally become chilly here. There is frost on the lawns and a distinct nip in the air. I'm reading The Garden of Stone by Mark T. Barnes. This is the first novel in the Echoes of Empire series. The 2nd novel, The Obsidian Heart, was out last week. I'm really enjoying the lush world building. More on this when I'm done reading.

I did finish Prodigal Son (Truthseers 1) by Debra Mullins. I really enjoyed how Mullins is using the myth of Atlantis. The female lead, Cara McGaffigan, didn't do much for me. She became a stronger character as the novel went on, but I believe that she was not fully developed and was a bit one dimensional for me. The male lead, Rafe Montana, and his family were much more interesting. All in all it was a good story and I will continue reading this series. More on this in a longer review soon.

The View From Monday - October 21, 2013

It's a very light release week with 2 debuts:

Nightlife by Matthew Quinn Martin;


Poe by J. Lincoln Fenn.

October 21, 2013
Hunter's Moon (e) Lisa Kessler PNR - Moon 2
Nightlife (D) (e) Matthew Quinn Martin H
Death Bringer (e) Kate Pearce PNR - Soul Justice 2

October 22, 2013
Esrever Doom Piers Anthony F - Xanth 37
Spirit of the Century Presents: King Khan Harry Connolly F - Spirit of the Century
Knights Templar: A Secret History Graeme Davis F - Dark
Poe (D) J. Lincoln Fenn H
Ink Mage (Kindle serial) Victor Gischler F
Midnight's Promise: Part 3 (e) Donna Grant PNR - Dark Warriors
If Only In My Dreams (ri) Wendy Markham TTR
The Quorum (ri) Kim Newman H
A Bloodsmoor Romance (ri) Joyce Carol Oates Go/R
Captive A. D. Robertson FR -  The Forbidden Side of Nightshade
Waking Up Dead Emma Shortt Z/R - An End of Days Love Novel
Black and Blue Gena Showalter PNR - Otherworld Assassin 2
The Abominable: A Novel Dan Simmons Th/H
Doctor Who: Summer Falls and Other Stories Amelia Williams SF - Doctor Who

D - Debut
e - eBook
ri - reissue or reprint

F - Fantasy
FR - Fantasy Romance
Go - Gothic
H - Horror
PNR - Paranormal Romance
R - Romance
SF - Science Fiction
Th - Thriller
TTR - Time Travel Romance
Z - Zombies

2013 Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars - October 2013

It's time for the 2013 Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars for October 2013!

Since Cover Wars was so much fun as part of the 2012 Debut Author Challenge, we're doing it again for the 2013 Debut Author Challenge. Each month you will be able to vote for your favorite cover from each month's debut novels. At the end of the year the 12 monthly winners will be pitted against each other to choose the 2013 Debut Novel Cover of the Year. Please note that a debut novel cover is eligible in the month in which the novel is released in the US. Cover artist/illustrator information is provided when I have it.

I'm using Blogger's poll widget because it's easier for everyone. I'll keep an eye on the poll for anomalies.

Cover art by John Harris.

2013 Debut Author Challenge - October Debuts

2013 Debut Author Challenge - October Debuts

There are  debuts 8 debuts for October. Please note that I use the publisher's publication date in the United States, not copyright dates or non-US publication dates.

The October debut authors and their novels are listed in alphabetical order by author (not book title or publication date). Pick one or more and let us know in the comments which one(s) you'll be reading. If I've missed any, let me know in the comments.

Take a good look at the covers. Voting for your favorite October cover for the 2013 Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars will take place later this month.

Please note that this may not be the definitive list. I'm still working on the full October Release List and I may (or may not) discover more debuts.

Emma Chapman

How to be a Good Wife
Publisher:  St. Martin's Press, October 15, 2013
Format:  Hardcover and eBook, 288 pages
List Price:  $24.99 (print)
ISBN:  9781250018199 (print)

2013 Debut Author Challenge - October Debuts
In the tradition of Emma Donoghue's Room and S.J. Watson’s Before I Go to Sleep, How To Be a Good Wife by Emma Chapman is a haunting literary debut about a woman who begins having visions that make her question everything she knows

Marta and Hector have been married for a long time. Through the good and bad; through raising a son and sending him off to life after university. So long, in fact, that Marta finds it difficult to remember her life before Hector. He has always taken care of her, and she has always done everything she can to be a good wife—as advised by a dog-eared manual given to her by Hector’s aloof mother on their wedding day.

But now, something is changing. Small things seem off. A flash of movement in the corner of her eye, elapsed moments that she can’t recall. Visions of a blonde girl in the darkness that only Marta can see. Perhaps she is starting to remember—or perhaps her mind is playing tricks on her. As Marta’s visions persist and her reality grows more disjointed, it’s unclear if the danger lies in the world around her, or in Marta herself. The girl is growing more real every day, and she wants something.

J. Lincoln Fenn

Publisher: 47North, October 22, 2013
Format:  Trade Paperback and Kindle eBook, 328 pages
List Price:  $14.95 (print)
ISBN:  978-1477848166

2013 Debut Author Challenge - October Debuts
2013 Winner — Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award — Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

It’s Halloween, and life is grim for twenty-three-year-old Dimitri Petrov. It’s the one-year anniversary of his parents’ deaths, he’s stuck on page one thousand of his Rasputin zombie novel, and he makes his living writing obituaries.

But things turn from bleak to terrifying when Dimitri gets a last-minute assignment to cover a séance at the reputedly haunted Aspinwall Mansion.

There, Dimitri meets Lisa, a punk-rock drummer he falls hard for. But just as he’s about to ask her out, he unwittingly unleashes malevolent forces, throwing him into a deadly mystery. When Dimitri wakes up, he is in the morgue—icy cold and haunted by a cryptic warning given by a tantalizing female spirit.

As town residents begin to turn up gruesomely murdered, Dimitri must play detective in his own story and unravel the connections among his family, the Aspinwall Mansion, the female spirit, and the secrets held in a pair of crumbling antiquarian books. If he doesn’t, it’s quite possible Lisa will be the next victim.

Ann Leckie

Ancillary Justice
Series:  Imperial Radch 1
Publisher:  Orbit, October 1, 2013
Format:  Trade Paperback and eBook, 416 pages
List Price:  $15.00 (print)
ISBN:  9780316246620 (print)

2013 Debut Author Challenge - October Debuts
On a remote, icy planet, the soldier known as Breq is drawing closer to completing her quest.

Breq is both more than she seems and less than she was. Years ago, she was the Justice of Toren--a colossal starship with an artificial intelligence linking thousands of corpse soldiers in the service of the Radch, the empire that conquered the galaxy.

An act of treachery has ripped it all away, leaving her with only one fragile human body. And only one purpose--to revenge herself on Anaander Mianaai, many-bodied, near-immortal Lord of the Radch.

Matthew Quinn Martin

Publisher:  Pocket Star,  October 21, 2013
Format:  eBook, 384 pages,
List Price:  $1.99
ISBN:  9781476746890

2013 Debut Author Challenge - October Debuts
For centuries an ancient evil has slept beneath the streets of New Harbor. This Halloween, it wakes up.

An action-packed debut horror novel from talented new writer Matthew Quinn Martin, Nightlife pits a feisty bartender and a mysterious loner against bloodthirsty terrors as alluring as they are deadly.

Nightclub bartender and serial heartbreaker Beth Becker might be a cynic. But when her best friend goes missing Halloween night, Beth knows it’s up to her to find out what happened.

Her quest will take her on an odyssey through the crumbling city of New Harbor, Connecticut. Along the way she meets a homeless prophet warning of something he calls the “Night Angel”—a bloodthirsty creature that feeds on the forgotten. And she will form an unlikely bond with a hunted stranger who knows all too well what stalks the streets at night.

The strange man tells Beth the hideous truth about the nightmare creatures that have haunted mankind’s imagination for eons—creatures the world calls vampires. Together they are the only hope for New Harbor, but to defeat what lurks in the shadows they’ll have to conquer something far stronger than fear—their own desires.

Fiona McFarlane

The Night Guest
Publisher:  Faber and Faber Inc., October 1, 2013
Format:  Hardcover and eBook, 256 pages
List Price:  $26.00 (print)
ISBN:  9780865477735 (print)

2013 Debut Author Challenge - October Debuts
A mesmerizing first novel about trust, dependence, and fear, from a major new writer

Ruth is widowed, her sons are grown, and she lives in an isolated beach house outside of town. Her routines are few and small. One day a stranger arrives at her door, looking as if she has been blown in from the sea. This woman—Frida—claims to be a care worker sent by the government. Ruth lets her in.

Now that Frida is in her house, is Ruth right to fear the tiger she hears on the prowl at night, far from its jungle habitat? Why do memories of childhood in Fiji press upon her with increasing urgency? How far can she trust this mysterious woman, Frida, who seems to carry with her own troubled past? And how far can Ruth trust herself?

The Night Guest, Fiona McFarlane’s hypnotic first novel, is no simple tale of a crime committed and a mystery solved. This is a tale that soars above its own suspense to tell us, with exceptional grace and beauty, about ageing, love, trust, dependence, and fear; about processes of colonization; and about things (and people) in places they shouldn’t be. Here is a new writer who comes to us fully formed, working wonders with language, renewing our faith in the power of fiction to describe the mysterious workings of our minds.

Libby McGugan

The Eidolon
Publisher:  Solaris, October 29, 2013 (US/Canada)
Format:  Mass Market Paperback and eBook, 336 pages
List Price: $7.99 (print)
ISBN:   9781781081570

2013 Debut Author Challenge - October Debuts
A contemporary SF thriller. The divide between science and the human spirit is the setting for a battle for the future.

When physicist Robert Strong loses his job at the Dark Matter research lab and his relationship falls apart, he returns home to Scotland. Then the dead start appearing to him, and Robert begins to question his own sanity. Victor Amos, an enigmatic businessman, arrives and recruits Robert to sabotage CERN’S Large Hadron Collider, convincing him the next step in the collider’s research will bring about disaster. Everything Robert once understood about reality, and the boundaries between life and death, is about to change forever. And the biggest change will be to Robert himself... Mixing science, philosophy and espionage, Libby McGugan’s stunning debut is a thriller like no other.

Mark Onspaugh

The Faceless One
Publisher:  Hydra (Random House), October 28, 2013
Format:  eBook, 410 pages
List Price:  $2.99
ISBN:  978-0-345-54918-1

2013 Debut Author Challenge - October Debuts
From a brilliant new voice in horror comes a riveting nightmare of ancient evil unleashed—and the bravery and sacrifice of those called to combat it.

In 1948, when he was just a boy, Jimmy Kalmaku trained with his uncle to be the shaman of his Tlingit village in Alaska. There he learned the old legends, the old myths, the old secrets. Chief among them was that of a mask locked in a prison of ice, and of the faceless god imprisoned within: a cruel and vengeful god called T'Nathluk, dedicated to the infliction of pain and suffering.

Now all but forgotten in a Seattle retirement home, Jimmy finds his life turned upside down. For when an unwitting archaeologist pries the mask free of its icy tomb, he frees T’Nathluk as well. Stuck in spirit form, the Faceless One seeks a human to serve as a portal through which he can enter our reality. The Faceless One can control—and mercilessly torture—anyone who touches the mask, which means there is no shortage of slaves to ferry it across the country to its chosen host.

Yet the Faceless One has foes as well: Stan Roberts, a tough New York cop whose pursuit of justice will lead him into a dark abyss of the soul; Steven, Liz, and Bobby, the family of the doomed archaeologist; and Jimmy Kalmaku, who must at last become the shaman of his boyhood dreams.

Patrick Weekes

The Palace Job
Publisher:  47North, October 8, 2013
Format:  Trade Paperback and Kindle eBook, 438 pages
ISBN:  9781477848203 (print)
List Price:  $14.95 (print)
(first in own world)

2013 Debut Author Challenge - October Debuts
Loch is seeking revenge.

It would help if she wasn’t in jail.

The plan: to steal a priceless elven manuscript that once belonged to her family, but now is in the hands of the most powerful man in the Republic. To do so Loch—former soldier, former prisoner, current fugitive—must assemble a crack team of magical misfits that includes a cynical illusionist, a shapeshifting unicorn, a repentant death priestess, a talking magical warhammer, and a lad with seemingly no skills to help her break into the floating fortress of Heaven’s Spire and the vault that holds her family’s treasure—all while eluding the unrelenting pursuit of Justicar Pyvic, whose only mission is to see the law upheld.

What could possibly go wrong?

The Palace Job is a funny, action-packed, high-fantasy heist caper in the tradition of Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastards series, from debut author Patrick Weekes.

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