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link love

link love

Make stuff

  • a paper-clip chandelier (I think I have enough time & clips at work for this) from dollar store crafts;
  • simple paper lanterns (but I live with pyromaniacs!) from dollar store crafts;
  • free-style sewing (I think this requires innate talent, sadly) from unwakeable: the artist, Laura Haigh, is from Adelaide;
  • a hidden office liquor cabinet (which might explain what I'm doing with paper clips?) from serious eats;
  • more stuff from paper-clips: a rose ring from cute.little.disaster;
  • a jumping frog from a metro ticket from just another american in paris;
  • I've already saved one fabulous huge tin for the punched design tin can lights from 101 layer cake; who took my drill?
  • cute little gift box templates from a little hut (etsy) or free ones from don't eat the paste;
  • re-create the Mona Lisa in burger grease via serious eats;
  • give yourself skin cancer in pretty patterns, from neatorama;
  • a safer use of pretty patterns: fold your own flash table-napkins with yes but no but yes;
  • fill your house with leaves like the Aesop store in Notting Hill - via tea for joy.

Make stuff
Image: tea for joy.


I'm a sucker for crochet.
I think it's a combination of mad colours and symmetry.

Crochet-top storage stool (Rice via jeri's organising & decluttering)

I've now bought two of these cushions
from the very talented art & wool on made it



Her tea-cosies are amazing too. 
My all-time favourite crochet tea-cosy is from Wendys Woollys
the pineapple in pineapple stitch:


I need to persuade my mother to take up her hook again. 
There are bags of granny squares here somewhere.

Link Love

  • Yum... Lemon Layer Cake with Campari Frosting (from serious eats).
  • Sassoon at the Cambridge University Library (from war poetry)
  • The Old Foodie explores a scrumptious menu for the Royal Family during Ascot Week 1938. I can't decide whether Consommé Jeanne Garnier would have been divine or foul: a chicken consommé with pigeon added when the consommé is clarified, then champagne is added; then a final garnish with rice and prawns.

I'll go back & look at these properly...

1. Anthony Gottlieb on What do philosophers believe? And what do people ask them in mid-air? (from More Intelligent Life).

2. The
Journal of Ancient Fingerprints (via ancientworldonline).

Emails From Crazy People (via georgie love).

4. 'One Day I Will...' go to macaron classes at the Paris Ritz (via paris breakfasts).

Ancient Industries' on Marianna Kennedy's resin and glass works.

Elizabeth Berrier's wire sculptures (via modern cat -- below, the life-size wire portrait 'Fluffy and Mask'):

7. And let's buy some
foolish gadgets: Skunk Duster, USB surgeon drive and maybe a Benedictaphone.
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