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Any sweet which has its own hymn is a good sweet: "Venite ad Calicem", sung to commemorate salvation from the plague in Provence = "Come to the chalice", which managed to transfer itself in the Provençal tongue, into "Come to the calissons": this is just a dodgy google search which everyone seems to be plagiarizing from each other).

Christmas Projects (for next year...)

Christmas Projects (for next year...)Attempt the minimalist Christmas tree bookshelf. Variations from apartment therapy and (too 'designed' for me) modern design.

Christmas Projects (for next year...)Apart from the whole meltingly hot aspect of an Australian Christmas, I love the idea of this candy wreath from skip to my lou. Tho' why cut the sweets/lollies/candy off? Eating by unwrapping one end would leave a fluffy silver-papery wreath.

Christmas Projects (for next year...)Make your own paper Hermes Kelly gift bag with downloadable patterns (from the Hermes site).

Christmas Projects (for next year...)Recycled gift tags made from glossy catalogues and magazines by peapods.

Christmas Projects (for next year...)I confess that I was inspired by these crocheted candy chains (from dollar stores crafts) to finger-stitch some chains with bells and buttons instead of lollies... for the cats.
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