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Watches Schmatches... Strandbeasts!

Ok, after 20 months straight of blogging about the high and low underworld of timepiecery, I ran out of steam. Frankly, there just hasn't been anything particularly interesting lately to inspire a post.

But all that will soon change and I'll be back bigger and better than ever. Just give me some

For now, check out this fascinating story about the Dutch mechanical life inventor Theo Jansen and his wind-powered Strandbeasts (via the MB&F Our World blog-->Link)



For the full interview please click-->here.

Theo Jansen's Stranbeast website-->HERE

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Interesting New Brand - Cornelius & Cie

Interesting New Brand - Cornelius & CieCornelius & Cie is a new high-end watch brand based in Geneva, Switzerland. The company was founded in the summer of 2007 and was initiated by two Dutchman, world-famous watch engraver Kees Engelbarts (1967) and jeweller Paul Pertijs (1968), crowning a friendship started while both were students at the renowned Dutch Gold- and Silversmith Academy.

Interesting New Brand - Cornelius & CieThe company will produce extremely exclusive watches, using vintage watch movements in proprietary cases of classic but innovative design. Every single part of the movements is embellished by hand, skeletonized and/or engraved by Kees Engelbarts. Customers are offered extensive possibilities to have the watch and the movements personalized with specific engravings.

Interesting New Brand - Cornelius & CieThe
Chronosome 46XY is the first labor of passion coming to the public eye from the Cornelius & Cie studio. The heart of the Chronosome 46XY watch is an Calibre AS 690, developed and produced by the A. Schild company in Grenchen, Switzerland, in 1935, beating at steady 18.000 b.p.h. (beats per hour)

When the strong main spring is fully wound (by hand) the movement has a power reserve of 8 days. The position of the eccentrically barrel is immediately evident by the shape of the case.
The first collection presented (in April) will consist of 12 Chronosome 46XY watches. Total production capacity of the Geneva-based workshop is expected to grow to 300 watches per year.

Interesting New Brand - Cornelius & Cie
Cornelius & Cie website-->Link

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Interesting New Brand - Cornelius & Cie

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