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THE WATCHISMO TIMES WATCH BLOG A reliquary of obscure timepieces from bygone eras as well as the cutting-edge watch designs of today.

Famous for little over an hour - Andy Warhol Times/5 Movado

Famous for little over an hour - Andy Warhol Times/5 Movado15 Minutes up? You got four more quarter hours with this rare Movado by Andy Warhol. Just sold at the Antiquorum - Important Collectors’ Wristwatches, Pocket Watches, Clocks & Horological Tools Auction - for $6000 (US). Only a fraction of the 11.5 million value of the entire auction and 1/3 of it's original 1988 price of $18,500. Timing is everything. Yeah, I know, it's hard not to pun when talking about watches...Give me a break.

The "Times/5" watch, only 250 made, featuring five separate black stainless steel watch cases/dials linked together for world time. Dials showcasing five different photographs of New York City. Quartz movements.

Mecha-lomaniacal - Azimuth Gauge Mecha Concept Watch 2006

Mecha-lomaniacal - Azimuth Gauge Mecha Concept Watch 2006Azimuth's offering a Watchismo worthy concept watch for 2006, their self described "Man Toy" or more officially named "Gauge Mecha 1 BMF" retailing for around $2500 with only 300 produced.

Features - Torx drive cheese head tamper resistant screws
- Automatic ETA 2836-2
- Hours displayed on disc with arrow (upper right)
- Minutes on retrograde bar (left side)
- Day/Night 24 hour indicator (bottom right)
- 50 mm 316L stainless steel case

Fun quotes from their website;

the case is forged out of hardy 316L solid steel blocks, CNC cut into signature tonneau shapes in no less than 80 arduous steps."

It is a tribute to all men with a thirst for all things fast and furious."

Mecha-lomaniacal - Azimuth Gauge Mecha Concept Watch 2006Gauge Mecha 1 BMF

Mecha-lomaniacal - Azimuth Gauge Mecha Concept Watch 2006

THE CABESTAN - Polygraph Watch? Richter Scale Watch? Please tell me this does more than tell the time...

THE CABESTAN - Polygraph Watch?  Richter Scale Watch?  Please tell me this does more than tell the time...This is just sickening. When something is so damn cool it makes you sick to your stomach, you should pay attention. Is it admiration? Jealousy? Bad Mexican food? Hell, it's all of the above.

Thanks to CoolHunting for first bringing my attention to this Sexy Beast!

The Cabestan is a collaboration between two of horology's bad boys, Vianney Halter and Jean-François Ruchonnet's DMC Group (who also designed the Heuer Monaco V4).

Inspired by old Curta calculators, this watchmaking marvel has a vertical tourbillon and an unusual fusée-and-chain movement. Time is shown on the barrels; no dial and no hands. You wind the watch by attaching a "wrench" to the two top cabestans (the knobs on the side).

135 of these beauties will be made in gold or platinum. Oh, and start saving now. They cost around $220,000 and are available from Vianney Halter.

Yeah, but a Richter scale-polygraph detector watch will come out for Basel 2007, you mark my word.

Europastar article

THE CABESTAN - Polygraph Watch?  Richter Scale Watch?  Please tell me this does more than tell the time...

Vianney Halter for GoldPfeil

Vianney Halter for GoldPfeilThis will be the first of many features on Vianney Halter's "haute horologie".

The Goldpfeil Seven Masters jumping hour moonphase by Halter is an unconventional timepiece with three displays. One rectangle for digital jump hour, a square for minutes/seconds and the upper subdial with geometric moonphase. Carved from a block of solid 18k white gold, fitted with automatic movement entirely developed by Halter.

Again, part of an elite wave of Swiss watchmakers that are designing, in my opinion, "Wristwatch Porn." Designs so stimulating, I find myself physically attracted to them...I want to hold them, caress them, buy flowers for them on Valentines Day.

Good thing my wife understands.

(Detailed Photos Here - thanks to

Another one of the "If you have to ask..." prices.

Vianney Halter for GoldPfeil

Putting the whore back in horology! Urwerk 103.05

Putting the whore back in horology! Urwerk 103.05Finally! The past few years have been an interesting time in watchmaking, granted only on the Haute end of the stick, but nevertheless, people like Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner are breathing inspired fire with their 103 series (103.05 shown) and the Opus 5.

This watch has rotating/orbiting satellites that pass the arc of minutes lining up the time. See & read more about it's cutting edge complications at

Aesthetically, modern watches have stagnated (nice way of saying stunk) since the eighties and only now are younger independent visionaries like the fellas at Urwerk creating remarkable timepieces that both molest the past and fist themselves into the future.

Putting the whore back in horology! Urwerk 103.05

Patek Philippe Cobra!

Patek Philippe Cobra!
The year was 1958 and in a fresh spark of innovation one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious watch companies Patek Philippe designed the Cobra watch, unique for its unusual time display and aggressive profile. Time is displayed through two graduated linear openings showing the hour and minute marks which are printed in a spiral on rollers, thus eliminating the traditional dial and hands.

The Cobra, like many other Patek watches, was designed by the renowned watchmaker Louis Cottier, who is perhaps best known for inventing the practical World Time system (a dual dial watch with two crowns that permits the wearer to set each dial to a different time zone).

The Cobra's high production cost prevented it from being produced, and this functioning prototype was the only one known to have been made. The fact that this watch never quite had its moment in the sun makes it an obscure but inspirational model of futuristic design.

More Cobra images at original Coolhunting article here.

By Watchismo, CoolHunting and Todd Thomas

Patek Philippe Cobra!

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