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Hautlence Watches

Hautlence, an anagram of the Swiss town Neuchatel, home base for the new watch brand by young entrepreneurs, Renaud De Retz, Guillaume Tetu and François Quentin. Not traditional watchmakers themselves, they designed the first Hautlence out of frustration with the lack of innovation in the high-end watch industry.

The 'HL' utilizes a variety of digit-revealing & obscuring jump hour discs and retrograde minutes within a highly three-dimensional display. All watches with hand-winding Peseux 7001 caliber movements and cases made of 18k yellow, pink and grey gold, built to the 16:9 ratio of a television screen and only in series of 88 models of each six styles.


Jacob Jensen Beowatch for Bang & Olufsen

Top designer of Danish Hi-Fi at Bang & Olufsen since the late sixties, Jacob Jensen created the Beowatch (wristwatch & remote controller) for the Beocenter stereo system. Incredibly scarce today as it appears to have been produced for a very short time.
His sleek geometro-futuristic designs for B&O and his own company Jacob Jensen Design are part of the MOMA permanent collection in addition to his own solo exhibition.

The Beowatch has angular curvexing that reminds me of the Sinclair Radio Watch.

1974 Beogram 4000 turntable
Excerpt from 1999 MOMA article;

"The appearance of most audio equipment is seldom given thoughtful attention, and its impact on the domestic interior is frequently ignored. For this turntable, Jensen applied strict aesthetic criteria, emphasizing a horizontal profile and the clarity of basic geometric forms. Jensen, who has designed products for Bang & Olufsen since the late 1960s, dislikes conventional dials and knobs, and frequently reinvents the way in which controls appear and are used. His turntables are distinguished by an innovative use of a tone arm that moves tangentially, rather than diagonally, over the plane of the record."

Jacob Jensen's 1984 Concept Automobile, the "Logicar"

Relic of the Future - Vianney Halter's Steampunk Antiqua Watch

'20,000 Leagues Under Switzerland' starring Vianney Halter's Antiqua. A Nautilus-ish time machine complete with riveted portholes, perpetual calendar, 100-year accuracy and 900 hours of watchmaker sweat into each watch.

Like the receding ocean before a tsunami, this was the predecessor to a wave of innovative Swiss watchmakers to follow. Or if H.G. Wells scripted it -- Swiss Steampunk watchmakers of the future's past.

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Gerald Genta's Arena Chrono Quattro Retro Watch

Gerald Genta creates amazing 'Wristboards' (dashboards for the wrist). This multiplex of a watch is the Arena Chrono Quattro Retro, featuring four retrograde dials and a jump hour display. Priced around $25,000 (Genta price ranges from 5k - 250k), you might like to add the vintage Chevy featured below with similarly situated dash.

Sport Bi Retro

Pierre Balmain's Anomalies of 1971-73

Pierre Balmain, a traditionally conservative French fashion designer, created an unconventional line of watches during 1971-73 -- most similar to the newfangled Pierre Cardin models of the same years. Minimalist domes, asymmetric wedges, chunky cubes, and panelled plates make up this unorthodox vintage series.

Since Memphis - Ettore Sottsass for Seiko Watches

Ettore Sottsass, Italian mid-century modern designer for Olivieti (typewriters), Alessi, Artemide, Knoll, and founder of the eighties Memphis Group. He was also an occasional watch designer for Tissot, Seiko, and the current Alessi line. Shown here is a series of watches for the 'Seiko Sottsass Collection' featuring these rare colorful chronographs.

Internal Art - Richard Mille Tubular Tourbillon '012'

Well, it's 'Tube Week' at The Watchismo Times. Featuring everything cylindrical, rolling, and tubular including this Rube Goldberg-esque mechanical masterpiece by Richard Mille. The '012' Tourbillon wristwatch is one of only 30 Platinum models made and features an architecturally engineered movement worthy of exhibition.

"Aluminium Alloy winding barrel, going train and tourbillon cage
The aluminum alloy Anticorodal 100 (AlMgSi1) is normally used in industrial engineering applications such as skyscrapers, ships and sports cars and is composed of aluminum, magnesium and silicium. This particular alloy was selected for its combined qualities of low mass inertia, endurance and dynamic strength, the special ability to absorb vibrations and a high resistance to corrosion and wear."

Rolling Out The Jacob & Co. 'Quenttin' Watch

Jacob & Co.'s unexpected offering named the Quenttin - from their über 'Bling' watch line. A 56mm vertical barreled wristwatch - competing aesthetically with the Cabestan, both with such limited production, there should be room for more roller wheel display watches and hopefully one that doesn't cost hundreds of thousands of dollars like these. The Jaz Derby first created this style with their Swissonic in 1974.Built from either Magnesium, Rose Gold, White Gold or Platinum, fit with vertical mechanical movement wound by key, anchor mounted in Tourbillon cage & 31-day power reserve.

Rolling Cylinders of Jean Dunand's 2007 'Shabaka'

Ever since I found the very rare 1970's Jaz Derby Swissonic, a watch built of cylinders instead of dials, I've wondered when I'd see another roller style feature in a watch...

Four years in the making, new Swiss Watch company Jean Dunand has announced the 'Shabaka' release for 2007. A minute repeater (chiming gongs), moonphase, leap year cycle, and best of all,
instantaneous perpetual calendar with rollers for month, day of week and double-barreled day of month. Named after a Egyptian Pharaoh and modeled in an Art Deco Egyptian revival style, only twenty models a year are planned for production.

Named for Swiss Art Deco artist, Jean Dunand - by entrepreneur Thierry Oulevay (Tourbillon Orbital) and haute watchmaker Christophe Claret (Harry Winston Opus IV).

Nixie Tube Clock by Klok Modern

Vintage Nixie Tubes from the USSR are reclaimed after 30-60 years in Russian warehouses by Industrial Designer, Mike Mayberry and his company, Klok Modern. Exquisitely displayed in his custom fabricated, limited edition, aircraft aluminum housing and sold as a kit for home assembly. The beauty of the ten layered electrodes glowing orange with overlapping dimension can only be appreciated when it's right in front of you.

Klok K7 Model

1950's Nixie Advertisement

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