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Rowland Art Engineering Giant LED Clock Table

Rowland Art Engineering Giant LED Clock TableFormer aircraft toolmaker and art engineer Lee J Rowland of London has created this giant size LED wristwatch clock table with fully functioning programable touch button display (£18,500). Part of his Deja Vu series of tables seen from his website here-->Link

Rowland Art Engineering Giant LED Clock Table
via Gizmodo

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Eero Aarnio Proto Watch - by Sarpaneva

Eero Aarnio, most famous for creating the era-defining Ball Chair of the sixties along with Stepan Sarpaneva, a talented Finnish watchmaker created this one-of-a-kind 2001 'Proto' based upon Eero's original designs (pictured below). And today, they are teaming up to continue a more classic watch as well as further developing variations of this original Prototype for limited production. Will report more about that in 2007!

The case, handmade from brass, rhodium plated and curved to the wrist measuring 55mm long. A partially sheathed dial cylinder is asymmetrically placed off the case and tilted towards the viewer - powered by an automatic ETA 2892 movement.

Eero Aarnio's original designs

1966 'Ball' Chair

Eero himself in 1968 'Bubble' Chair

Stepan Sarpaneva's own 'Oiva' Design
(upcoming feature)

Rowland Art Engineering Giant LED Clock Table

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