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Meet The XERISCOPE Watch from XERIC Watches on Kickstarter

XERISCOPE: The Orbiting Mechanical Automatic Watch by XERIC

XERIC Watches: Stop strangers in their tracks with an unusual mechanical time machine beating on your wrist. Meet the XERISCOPE.

Xeriscope Campaign on Kickstarter

Xeriscope at Xeric Watches Website

Xeric Watches at Watchismo

For years, my brother and I combed the globe to bring the world’s most interesting watches to our customers at  Our work identified a glaring gap in the watch market – the need for a very cool & affordable mechanical watch – at a time when we were eager to act on our longstanding dream to create something that had not been done by anyone else. Together with our team, we designed the first collection of
XERIC timepieces.

Take a look and you’ll see why XERISCOPE watches by XERIC will stop strangers in their tracks for a glance at your wrist:

The Fully-exposed, mechanical movement that is the display: Enjoy viewing the machine on BOTH sides of the watch and reading the time via the movement itself.

Unique double-sided minute hand lives nearby, alongside a second timezone display and a power reserve meter that lets you know it’s time to keep moving.

Five colorways in a timeless-yet-modern design to suit any style and proudly pass along to the next generation.

A limited edition of 100 individually numbered watches per style for the early backers of our Kickstarter campaign.

Automatically recharges itself with the motion of your daily life: No batteries needed. Ever.

How did we finally make Mechanical an affordable reality?  We are a slim company, and don’t have a lot of red tape and added costs. Yet we do have a great deal of experience with watches that informed the design of a piece that would look as exceptional today as it will in a hundred years. Finally, we found a way to produce our creation at an artisanal scale… and we hope to keep it that way because our customers care to have the most unusual watch in the room.

We value Kickstarter as a way to reach those who share our dream of making Mechanical affordable now to the visionary and stylish people who care about them.

Know anyone who plans to leave their smart watch to their kids? Neither do we. Let’s not plan for obsolescence. Let’s be a part of something that was perfect to begin with, and only gets better with time. Join us by making XERISCOPE watches a timeless reality.

ABOUT WATCHISMO is carefully curated watch collection by brothers Mitch & Andrew Greenblatt, modern horological enthusiasts with a passion for unique timepieces. Purveyors of wrist-borne time machines since 1999, Watchismo is a singular source for unusual modern watches from around the world.

Mitch and Andrew founded XERIC Watches to bring complex, mechanical timepieces like the XERISCOPE collection to a broad cross-section of watch enthusiasts who dream of an affordable Mechanical. Together, the brothers have carefully curated the exceptional collection at Watchismo, which since 1999 has been a singular source for unique modern watches from around the world. XERIC Watches represents a natural progression of the business: from Curators to Creators of designs that reflect their experience, knowledge and passion for the truly unusual.


2009: While living in Switzerland four years ago, Mitch began doodling rough concepts for very unusual watch designs and discussing an action plan with Andrew. The brothers agreed that the watch market was riddled with extravagant watches but held a gaping hole that they could attempt to fill, if only there were a way to make an excellent mechanical watch for an accessible price.

2010: They began connecting with watchmakers in Switzerland while attending the annual Baselworld watch expo. Mitch moved home to Brooklyn, NY, and then to the San Francisco Bay area, so that the brothers at last could work side by side.

2011-2012: With feedback from their discussions with manufacturers, Mitch and Andy refined their designs and decided to name their creations after Xeric Court, the street they grew up on. Their field research continued to highlight the enthusiasm for mechanical watches among a stylish, tech-appreciative crowd that was priced out of the typical high-end Mechanicals.  All they needed to complete the XERIC team was a visionary, in-house watch designer with extensive experience in every aspect of the production gauntlet.

2013: The brothers hired Danny to help finalize the XERISCOPE design and navigate the production process, knowing he’s succeeded with similar projects for other watchmakers. The team knew they had the right movement for the XERSISCOPE and a design that would celebrate every detail of mechanical timekeeping: the watch case would need to be open on both sides and the hour hand would be a direct extension of the mechanism. Andrew, Mitch and Danny developed five distinct colorways, packaging elements and a fulfillment timeline, applying their years of experience as watch authorities, designers, distributors and retailers.

The team identified a manufacturing partner with 30 years in the watch industry, with whom they created and tweaked several waves of prototypes before finalizing the fully-viable XERISCOPE prototype.  Upon full funding, production will immediately begin for 100 first-edition pieces in each of the five colorways.

All they needed to bring the XERSISCOPE to life was involvement from fellow enthusiasts for timeless thinking, in order to attract those with the same appetite for an affordable Mechanical. The team then cultivated a plan to connect with relevant audiences via Kickstarter, where original thinking is directly rewarded by those who share a dream.

XERIC Watches embody the art of timekeeping by fusing mechanical function with timeless form in a singular machine. Designed in California, XERIC watches are produced on an artisanal scale, making high-end mechanical features accessible to a broad cross-section of horological enthusiasts.


For a company that has had worldwide retail fulfillment experience since 1999, meeting customer needs for a new product was no mind-blowing task; however, the XERISCOPE product line represents a new realm for an established business already catering to the desires of a global customer base.

Both internal and external factors are balanced by having a manufacturer with 30+ years of watch-specific manufacturing experience and a brand presence by an established authority in vintage and contemporary milestones in the world of watchmaking.

All next steps in production depend on expressed interest by consumers in the presence of an affordable Mechanical timepiece. The same manufacturers who meticulously developed the prototype through the finalization process stand ready to produce this series within two months, given notice to activate production procedures once funding goals are met.

Each Limited Edition XERISCOPE watch takes its place in individually numbered series featuring a surgical grade stainless steel case; a fully-exposed, orbiting 12-hour mechanical movement with dual timezone display; retrograde power reserve meter; and case-back window for observing the oscillating rotor. No batteries required -- ever -- as XERIC watches generate power by the daily action of your wrist.

Mitch Greenblatt’s career path as a visual artist spans the film, television, music and advertising industries. After receiving his first watch (ever!) in 1998, Mitch began collecting and selling unusual vintage watches via, with special attention to mid-century modern design. Just a few years later, he established himself as an influential watch blogger and authority on the subject of modern horology, and to this day maintains friendships spanning the horological universe. Mitch brings his deep knowledge of historical watches and innate sense of style to XERIC Watches, where he guides overall creative direction.

Andrew Greenblatt is a born entrepreneur, with a lifelong track record of success growing seedling businesses to bountiful fruition. His experience launching a profitable personal computing company at the dawn of the PC industry is a testament to his instinct for finding a viable niche and for taking the right risks at the right time. In 2008, Andrew merged retail forces with his brother Mitch to focus on truly special contemporary watches, following his heart to drive insanely deep beyond avocation into a full-fledged vocation. Andrew is in touch with the customer base and keeps a creative and critical eye on retail market objectives for XERIC.  A passionate watch collector himself, Andrew knows how to translate an abstract concept to a concrete reality.

Daniel Hunsaker joined the XERIC team earlier this year to help make the XERISCOPE dream a reality. Danny is a watch world “insider” whose career has focused squarely on designing watches and managing product development from concept-to-market. Far from “square” though, Danny applies his sharp eye for detail and boundless creativity to create unique XERISCOPE designs and usher them through the production process. Danny brings an acute awareness of design implications for other aspects of the development trajectory.

Jaquet Droz Automaton 'La Machine à Ecrire le Temps' (The Machine that Writes the Time)

video link

Jaquet Droz 'La Machine à Ecrire le Temps' (The Machine that Writes the Time)
by Maximilian Büsser via MB&F's Parallel World

"Baselworld 2009 has just finished and, amongst the flurry of new horological creations, the timepiece that really impressed and amazed me wasn't a wristwatch at all, but an incredible horological machine in its own right.

Jaquet Droz's 'La Machine à Ecrire le Temps' - The Machine that Writes the Time.

Manuel Emch, president and head of artistic creation at Montres Jaquet Droz, has done a superb job in reinventing the brand over the last 8 years.

18th century automates from Jaquet Droz: the Draftsman, the Musician and the Writer

Jaquet Droz was one of the most celebrated creators of automatons in the past and in developing this modern time writing machine, they have created one of the most amazing "horological sculptures" to date, as well as added to the brand's rich heritage.

The project was the brainchild of Manuel Emch who had, amongst other objectives, the idea to create an automaton that relates to the 21st century. The result is as impressive as it is poetic. La Machine à Ecrire le Temps is an incredible blend of tradition, kinetic art, high-tech horology . . . and magic.

The development and construction of La Machine à Ecrire le Temps took the best part of a decade. It contains more than 1,200 components, including 84 ball bearings, 50 cams and 9 belts, and took thousands of hours to construct and regulate.

The masterpiece is housed in an unusual cage, whose aluminium frame is fitted with a liquid crystal glass, allowing the owner to mask or unveil the whole movement at will. A light touch activates the mechanism and a stylus writes the time in hours and minutes."

Some antique Jaquet Droz Automaton videos "The Writer" & "The Artist";

video link

video link

Watches Schmatches... Strandbeasts!

Ok, after 20 months straight of blogging about the high and low underworld of timepiecery, I ran out of steam. Frankly, there just hasn't been anything particularly interesting lately to inspire a post.

But all that will soon change and I'll be back bigger and better than ever. Just give me some

For now, check out this fascinating story about the Dutch mechanical life inventor Theo Jansen and his wind-powered Strandbeasts (via the MB&F Our World blog-->Link)



For the full interview please click-->here.

Theo Jansen's Stranbeast website-->HERE

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Meet The XERISCOPE Watch from XERIC Watches on Kickstarter

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