Mr. Jones Face Timers

Artist Limited Editions - Only Twenty Watches Made!

We're very excited to reveal a new project from Mr. Jones Watches: 'Face Timers' a collection of five watches, each designed by a different artist and produced in an edition of just 20 pieces.
The watches were all hand-made in their London workshop. The artists were given the brief of designing a watch based on the enormously popular The Last Laugh, although with complete freedom to interpret this in whatever way they wanted to.
Mr Jones Watches is the cult watch brand from London. They (and we) believe that a watch should do more than just tell the time: it should make you think, start a conversation or simply make you smile.
Get one before they're gone (and they will be sold out quickly!)

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British Tattoo artist Adrian Willard created this sister design to The Last Laugh Tattoo Edition. The time is displayed on the skull’s teeth - the upper jaw shows the hours and the lower jaw the minutes
The time on this watch is displayed on the skull's teeth - the upper jaw showing the hour and the lower jaw the minute. The skull is based on the sugar skulls that are given as gifts to the living and the dead during the Mexican Day of the Dead Festival.
Moonhead shows an Apollo Orbiter and astronaut in passage around Moonhead. The astronaut's position marks the minutes and the orbiter indicates hours. The moon is ever watchful, his eyes swivel to follow the orbit of the man and the spaceship.
The watch is based on Joey Moonhead, the central character from Andrew Rae’s debut graphic novel “Moonhead and the Music Machine”.
New York artist and illustrator Kirsten Ulve has produced this unique take on the kitsch Jesus-watch genre: The time is read on Jesus’ teeth - the upper jaw indicates the hours and the lower jaw the minutes.
She took on the challenge of working with the most recognized face on earth, a face which is both inspiration and expletive. The watch anticipates the cry of all those running late, "Jesus have you seen the time!"
Jesus has the most recognizable face on earth, so I thought he'd make a great design challenge. How often do you look at your watch? Here's a handy devotional image for the modern multi-tasker with no time for church. Both inspiration and expletive, his face also begs the question "When Would Jesus Do It?"
In this age of the smart-watch and digital everything, Analogon provides an antidote. Lucy Vigrass who created this genial time-piece explains, “I wanted to create a more friendly, analogue companion to carry with you, my imagined vision of the future”. The robot's upper row of teeth show the hours and the lower jaw shows the minutes.
This watch is a more companionable vision for the future: a friendly robot who shows you the time. The name of the watch derives from the Greek word for proportionate, a suggestion, perhaps for how we should manage the technology in our lives.
Psychedelic Sunsets springs from the imagination of Edward Carvalho-Monaghan the face of this watch shows a surreal, multi-colored landscape with the time contained in a mini-vortex beneath the setting sun.
The watch represents, “a surreal combination of clouds as landscapes and mystical doors drifting together in a multitude of contrasting time sequences. Each Sun sets from a different dimension and plane, though the images combine together to open another vortex for a more recognizable Earthly time reading.”
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